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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support

Daedalus, with its headquarters in Tilburg, was established in 1993 and has been continuously involved in the F-16 MRO sector worldwide. The company is primarily focused on the delivery of on-site support by technical field teams for F-16 operational, intermediate and depot level maintenance, modifications and upgrade programs. Its flexible workforce is fully qualified and certified to work on the F-16 weapon platform and has all the required security clearances. The office is fully controlled and certified by the Intelligence Industrial Branch of the Dutch Ministry of Defense and ISO 9001:2008 (plus AQAP 2120) qualified. Currently Daedalus has a workforce of approximately 100 specialists in various trades, such as sheet metal, avionics, systems and engines. A large percentage of its workforce has more than 20 years experience in the F-16 MRO business.

Daedalus track record includes involvement in almost all maintenance & modification programs of the RNLAF, such as FALCON UP / PACER SLIP, MLU,  FALCON STAR / PACER AMSTEL, as well as Line maintenance and Phase inspections (200/300 hours). In addition Daedalus has performed the FALCON UP program for the Indonesian Air Force (in-country) and is currently performing the FALCON STAR / PACER AMSTEL modifications for the Chilean Air Force. Furthermore Daedalus is providing line- and phase maintenance support for the Norwegian Air force on their F-16 bases.

Through its joint venture with IEI Inc., an Elbit Systems of America subsidiary, Daedalus can deliver intermediate and depot level support for F-16 Avionics and other electronic- and electrical components. Specifically for the repair of the F-16 Fatigue Analysis & Combat Evaluation (FACE) system and the Color Multi Function Displays (CMFDs) Daedalus has its own repair shop in Tilburg. Through its strategic relationship with the RNLAF depot maintenance organization in Woensdrecht (LCW) all other depot level support can be delivered.

One-Stop Shop Concept

Daedalus offers its customers a so-called "one-stop shop" concept. Through this approach the customer can choose from a wide (almost complete) variety of aviation support services, ranging from assistance with technical personnel and provision of on-the-job training to full execution of projects or outsourcing of work packages. All related activities, personnel and equipment, including program management and work planning, will be fully integrated and coordinated by Daedalus and its involved partners.

For the customer this does not only mean that they will have just one point of contact, but also that Daedalus will take care of the integrationprocess and all involved communication saving the customer time and energy. Futhermore, this synergy will save money since the cost of a fully integrated support package will be lower than the sum of all individual elements.

Office Locations

The Netherlands

  • Tilburg: Daedalus Main Office
  • Tilburg: Daedalus Avionics office (joint venture with IEI)
  • Tilburg: Avionics Repair Shop
  • Woensdrecht Air Base: Support office for Chilean Air Force

United States

  • Clearfield Utah (just outside Hill AFB): US Administration Office


  • Santiago, FACh Logistic Command: F-16 support Program Office
  • Antofagasta, Cerro Moreno Air Base: Pacer Amstel (Falcon STAR) Program Office

Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Upgrades

Daedalus delivers support solutions for the whole range of aircraft maintenance acitivities ranging from work planning, preventive and corrective maintenance to more complex work like overhauls and modifications.

Daedalus is very flexible in the way it can provide MRO&U support. Customers can select for project based, temporary support, structural outsourcing of a select part of the business or they can just hire our experienced technical personnel.

Daedalus Avionics Repair
Furthermore Daedalus offers "in-house" component repair for Avionics. In Tilburg Daedalus has an avionics shop that specializes in repairs of F-16 FACE (Fatigue Analysis and Combat Evaluation) and CMFD (Color Multi Function Display) units. All other avionics repairs will be performed by our partner IEI with whom we have a joint venture.

The primary weapon system for which Daedalus offers support is the Lockheed Martin F-16. Besides this platform Daedalus offers its support for other fixed wing and helicopter platforms. Daedalus currently supports the following platforms.

Lockheed Martin F-16:

  • Flightline support (crewchiefs, armament)
  • 1st and 2nd line maintenance (preventive and corrective)
  • Phase inspections
  • Modifications
  • Preventive and corrective engine maintenance (PW F-100)

Chinook CH-47D:

  • 1st and 2nd line maintenance (preventive and corrective)
  • Phase inspections
  • Post desert inspecties

Cougar AS-532:

  • 1st and 2nd line maintenance (preventive and corrective)
  • Phase inspections
  • Post desert inspecties

Furthermore Daedalus has proven in the past to have the ability to also perform MRO&U work on the following platforms:

  • Apache AH-64D
  • Hercules C-130
  • McDonald Douglas (K)DC-10

Logistic Support

Besides all direct aircraft related acitivities Daedalus also provides support for activities that play a more facilitating role. These services range from consultancy to support with Aerospace Ground Equipment, IT Systems, Publication Management and Supply Chain Management.

Consultancy support

  • Weapon System Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Engineering Support
  • Second opinion on FMS / Long Lead items

Ground Support Equipment

  • Procurement of all types of GSE (teststand, power generator, cooling unit, etc.)
  • Training (on-the-job) for users
  • Training (classroom and on-the-job) for maintainers
  • Service Level Agreement option
     - Maintenance Support only
     - Full Support: Daedalus takes care of all GSE, you just tell us what you need
IT Support
  • Configuration Management System
     - Maintenance
     - Utilization
     - Status accounting
     - Supply
  • Procurement
     - Management support system
     - Management cockpit / Portal
     - Performance Indicators
     - Automated Reports
     - Risk Management
     - Process Management
Publication Management
  • Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)
Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs
  • ITAR

Personnel Support

Daedalus Aviation Personnel services include recruiting, hiring and employing technical specialists in order to provide their customers with on-site expertise, to fill (short-term) manning gaps in areas such as flight line operations, O-level, I-level and back-shop maintenance. Furthermore Daedalus can provide experienced programmanagers, planners and maintenance managers to ensure swift execution of customers' activities.

By hiring Daedalus technicians, our customers experience a rapid on-site manpower additions to meet operational needs which is cost effective considering the fact that our people are already trained and experienced.

With well over 100 qualified, fully screened, technicians, engineers and logisticians Daedalus can offer customers flexible solutions, short term and long term, to optimize the performance of their organization.

Daedalus provides experienced multilingual specialists for a large variety of trades. Among the nationalities that work for us are technicians from the USA, Turkey, France and The Netherlands. Most of them with an extensive military background.

The most common trades in whcih we support are the following:

  • Avionics
  • Mechanics
  • Armament
  • Engines
  • Sheetmetal
  • NDI (up to level 3)
  • Crewchief
  • Egress
  • Engineering
  • Program Managers
  • Work planning

Daedalus competitive rates include all required arrangements like transportation, housing, insurance, work permits, etc. Besides their standard work force our database contains well over 2000 specialists that have worked for the company in the past or sent in their CVs and passed our criteria.

Daedalus predominantly works with field teams, that work on-site at the various worldwide customer locations.

On-The-Job Training

Next to actually executing maintenance, Daedalus can also provide specific on-the-job training (OJT) for (type) trained personnel in order to enable organizations to perform big modification projects or other types of more complex maintenance activities. In most cases these OJTs will be combined with actual execution of the projects themselves.

Within the various trades of aircraft maintenance in which Daedalus deploys personnel, Daedalus can also provide highly experienced technicians that can operate as trainers or instructors in order to transfer knowledge to a customer that has no or only limited knowledge of the specific work that is to be performed.

This concept of knowledge transfer has already successfully been applied in Chile (see "Our Customers"), where personnel of the aircraft maintenance company ENAER has been trained on-the-job during the execution of a complex structural modifcation program. During this project Daedalus gradually turns over the work to ENAER, in this case, by performing the work on the first aircraft themselves while ENAER looks over the shoulder, perform the work together with ENAER on the second aircraft and have ENEAR do the third aircraft by themselves while Daedalus watches over their shoulder.

Besides OJT within the aircraft maintenance sector, Daedalus can also provide training (classroom and OJT) for support elements like Groud Support Equipment (end-user, maintainer), management and use of supporting IT systems, close coordination with its partners.

Furthermore Daedalus can offer solutions that include classroom based maintenance training (including type training) through our partner network. Daedalus is working on integrating innovative solutions based on Virtual Maintenance Trainers which eventually can also be purchased by the customer in support of their future contingency.

Spare Parts Provisioning

Over the years Daedalus has built up a large network of sources of repair (SORs) and suppliers with the aviation market. Daedalus supports customers in obtaining the best quality repairs for competitive pricing and the shortest turn times.

The services we provide regarding Spare Parts management are the following:

  • Quote competitive prices on spare parts, test equipment, consumables and tooling
     - Factory New
     - Refurbished
     - Repair
  • Provide a second opinion on FMS
  • Provide advice on long lead items
  • Repair and test facility for Avionics (see MRO&U)

Sales Support

When Air Forces decide to sell their surplus equipment, this usually involves a lot of work besides just making the sale, especially when this pertains aircraft. Daedalus has an extensive knowledge of the military aviation market and is able to provide a solution for those Air Forces that are not equipped to support the sales effort.

Daedalus offers the following sales support:

  • Assist in finding the right customer
  • Provide full program management
  • Prepare aircraft or other equipment for transfer
     - (de)modification
     - perform any open or deferred maintenance
  • Assist in putting together a spare part support package
  • Assist in the setup and management of Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs)
  • Assist in transferring knowledge to the new customer
  • Provide training for new customers
  • Provide (long term) engineering support
  • Act as a liaison between seller and buyer as part of a support package

Daedalus' goal is to relieve the "selling Air Force" from as much excessive burden as possible in order for them to maintain focussed on their primary tasks.

Royal Netherlands Air Force

  • F-16 MLU modification
  • F-16 Falcon STAR modification
  • F-16 Sales Support
  • Depot level maintenance on F-16, Chinook, Cougar and Apache
  • On-site O-level and I-level support (F-16, Chinook, Cougar, Apache)
  • On-site phase inspection support (F-16, Chinook, Cougar, Apache)
  • On-site component maintenance (F-16)

Fuerza Aerea de Chile – Chilean Air Force (FACh)

  • F-16 weapon system management setup
  • Logistic support
  • Spare parts provisioning
  • F-16 Falcon STAR modification

Indonesian Air Force

  • F-16 Falcon UP modification

Norwegian Air Force

  • On-site O-level and I-level support (F-16)
  • On-site phase inspection support (F-16)
  • On-site component maintenance (F-16)

Daedalus Aviation Group

  • Ericssonstraat 2, 5121 ML Rijen, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • +31 13 467 83 95
  • +31 13 463 58 87
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