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The NCIM Group, specializes in seconding highly educated professionals to manage projects, consult, develop software, and manage systems in technical environments. The Group was established in 1988 and has offices in the Netherlands in Leidschendam and Eindhoven, as well as in Brussels (Belgium), Camberly (UK) and Fort Worth (U.S.A). The company's headquarters is in Leidschendam.

More than 200 skilled professionals with a passion for technology work on IT solutions for customers in the defense and security, energy and utilities, telecommunications, transportation and media, and technical automation sectors.


Defence & Security
The worldwide focus on security issues gives rise to interesting IT challenges, for example, in the area of encryption, data mining, and command and control systems. NCIM is heavily involved in these developments and works closely with its customers.

Because NCIM is specializes in this market, its employees are able to build up a lot of expertise. All of the employees working in this sector have a valid security clearance – Verklaring van Geen Bezwaar – for the organization at which they are currently working. In general, it takes only a few days to issue a security clearance document for another organization because the full security check doesn't have to be repeated.

Over the years, the company has built up extensive knowledge about the defense and security sector and has gained a lot of experience, among other things, with C2 systems, data links, and simulation.

The NCIM Group is a longtime member of organizations such as AFCEA and NIDV.

Energy & Utilities
The energy and utilities market is teeming with challenging IT projects. Energy suppliers differentiate themselves from their competitors by using technology. This creates interesting process control and SCADA assignments.

The NCIM Group applies these technologies in the area of energy storage and distribution. The company is also working on the development of a fully automated trading platform for electricity.

Telecommunications, Transportations & Media
NCIM develops software (Java, Microsoft, Oracle), manages systems and projects, and provides consulting services in these sectors.

Examples of activities in the telecommunications sector include the development of rich Internet applications, Web-based applications, change management, release management, team management, lead development and consulting.

In the transportation sector, the company is working on guaranteeing the quality of the OV-chipkaart system (public transportation smart card similar to Oyster and SmarTrip), managing the roll-out of the OV-chipkaart, and developing the test scripts and acceptance tests. In addition to designing architectures and implementing and administrating ERP systems, it also administrates the system and server for an international transportation system, develop software for cash transportation systems, and provides release management and consulting services.

NCIM is also involved in the ongoing development of the ten largest Web sites in the Netherlands.

Technical Automation
The technical automation sector is characterized by its diversity and complexity. There is hardly a system today that doesn't use software for its operation, controls, monitoring and often very complex information processes. Technically complex and demanding software is used in a variety of devices: from coffee machines and televisions through to autonomous robots and medical scanning equipment.

Since its beginning as a technical automation company, NCIM has firmly established itself in this broad and diverse market. From the start, NCIM has supported its customers with specialized knowledge and expertise in the areas of real-time and embedded software development, system architecture and development, consulting, and project management.

NCIM is successful in a number of markets including:

  • Semiconductor
  • Medical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Traffic monitoring and control
  • Audio/video streaming and digital broadcasting

The company activities cover the entire workflow from designing hardware and software solutions for special subsystems to the development and delivery of entire products.

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Software Development

Our software development department specializes in developing applications based on Microsoft, JAVA, Oracle and Technical automation.

NCIM is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We were awarded the highest level of partnership because our customers are very satisfied with the Microsoft services we provide and because we have a large number of certified professionals.

NCIM specializes in the following three Microsoft areas:

  1. NET solutions: NCIM develops a variety of Web and Windows systems that are based on VB.NET and C# and frequently use underlying Microsoft technologies such as MapPoint, Software factories, WSS, and Security.
  2. Integration solutions: SQL Server, BizTalk and Sharepoint are used to connect different underlying applications that are based on Web Services and MSMQ.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server solutions: NCIM not only develops, configures, and uses databases that run on Microsoft SQL Server, it also uses Microsoft SQL Server's other features, such as the analysis and reporting services.

At NCIM, employee certification is important. That's why we give our employees every opportunity to become Microsoft certified professionals or to extend their certification. Each employee's professional training plan (PTP) is reviewed every six months.

All NCIM employees who work in the Microsoft segment are part of a program that enables them to become an MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and finally MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer)in a specialization of their choice.

NCIM also encourages its employees to learn about beta products (software packages that are in the last phase of testing before they are released to the market) that NCIM has access to as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

A Java developer will feel right at home at NCIM. Most of our Java assignments are complex challenges you can really sink your teeth in to. From plain Web-enabled or Swing-interface Java applications, enriched with, for example, Spring or direct J2EE solutions, through to distributed and real-time embedded Java programs. There is something for every taste.

NCIM's professionals have developed different Java applications for their customers, such as back ends for large to very large Web sites, complex command and control systems and simulations for radars, and embedded Java applications for cell phones and medical applications.

Our Java developers are highly educated (at the least, they have a degree from a school for higher vocational education) and have a background in technology or computer science. This enables them to quickly acquaint themselves with the customer's field of business, suggest well-founded solutions, and provide clear added value.

NCIM's Java professionals go through the whole certification program from Java Associate and Java Programmer through to Java Developer and Java Certified Enterprise Architect.
NCIM has an active Java community and hence a strong focus on Java. The community is a Java competence center that focuses on securing and expanding NCIM's Java knowledge and skills. The Java community was created by colleagues for colleagues and assists professionals in the field.

Our Oracle professionals work on a wide range of assignments that generally consist of carrying out specialized DBA tasks, such as installing or upgrading the newest version of Oracle systems such as Database Server and Application Server, configuring clustered systems with Oracle RAC, creating and configuring backup and recovery procedures, and optimizing the performance of the different systems.

For the government, NCIM has designed and implemented a Web-based information system that uses the INK model to display performance indicators. This application gives the government insight into their own performance. The application is based on a data warehouse that is implemented with Oracle databases and Oracle tools such as Warehouse Builder, Application Server, and TopLink.
The replication of a major oil company's databases was configured in such a way that a distributed application could continue to run even if the data network failed. The system is configured to ensure that all of the databases are automatically synchronized as soon as the network is back up.

All our colleagues in the steel industry are working on the complete redesign and implementation of existing process automation programs. This project consists of migrating all of the systems to modern platforms and transferring the data processing to Oracle databases.

We have two types of Oracle professionals at NCIM: Database administrators, who know everything about the installation and administration of Oracle databases and application servers, and people who focus more on the development of Web-enabled and other applications that are based on Oracle software, such as Oracle Forms and Reports. All of our Oracle professionals are Oracle certified at the OCA or OCP level, or are working on their certification.

Technical Automation
One of the most multifaceted and demanding services that the NCIM Group offers is technical automation. At NCIM, technical automation encompasses a variety of projects that require our professionals to have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies.
The depth of the knowledge often reaches down to the bit level, for example, for systems with specific characteristics, such as hard/soft real-time, embedding and multitasking, or to algorithmic systems, network protocols and distributed Web-enabled and other solutions. Products that use these technologies include video streaming and audio applications, set-top boxes, measurement and control technology applications, digital imaging and editing.

The technical automation professionals have knowledge of:

  • C/C++, Java and embedded Java – an emerging trend.
  • One or more embedded real-time operating systems, such as VxWorks, OS9 or real-time Linux.
  • In addition to their technical knowledge and skills, they are curious and inquisitive.
  • They want to know everything down to the last bit.

Because knowledge is important to NCIM, we compiled a number of programs for the different competence centers with the goal of training each professional in a specific area. Training programs such as embedded Linux or J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) are usually completed with a certification exam.


Project Management

Means, skills, technology, and ideas come together in projects to implement a specific business case. Project management methodologies and technologies help define and control the risks and help ensure the project is completed on time, within budget, and according to the quality defined.

NCIM has a project management network that ensures that our project managers are always aware of the latest technological developments. NCIM's project management network regularly organizes knowledge sharing sessions during which project teams discuss the experience they gained from their projects and business cases.

The NCIM Group works with the following project management methodologies and programs:

  • Prince2
  • IPMA
  • PMI

More than 25 Prince2 practitioners and/or IPMA-C certified professionals are ready to answer any question you may have about project management.


Our experienced IT consultants help our customers make decisions by assisting them with the analysis of their business sector within their company's context. The result: meaningful and detailed advice.

Our consultants help our customers:

  • Make strategic choices relating to their hardware and software policy.
  • Choose packages.
  • Streamline IT projects.
  • Create quotations (for example, for large European tenders).
  • Coach and support professionals.
  • Carry out quality improvement processes.
  • Carry out or support project, process, and program management.
  • Provide interim and change management.
  • Provide purchase programs for hardware and software.

System Management

In addition to developing systems, we also look after the technical administration of operational systems. Technical management not only consists of managing customer applications, it also consists of solving technical problems in the applications, the operating system, the hardware and/or the infrastructure.

There's more to system management than system administration. Because NCIM's system engineers are not only trained in their main area of expertise (for example, Windows administration), but also in other technologies, such as Unix/Linux or network administration, they are versatile and add value to our customers' business.

System management focuses on

  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Infrastructure
  • Storage
  • Hosting
  • Helpdesk services

NCIM can also take on its customers' entire helpdesk and host their applications at an external location.

NCIM Group

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