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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

Joint stock company Policske Strojirny A.S., develops, manufactures, sells and maintains the products in the field of:

 - Pneumatically controlled door systems for transport means (MPS™)
 - Pneumatic systems for control and automation applications (PneuS™)
 - Liquid measuring and pumping equipment (HEFA™)

  • Its section ORDERS ensures the supply of engineering products, parts and assemblies, in particular for automotive industry
  • Its plant Ammunition and Blasting Equipment (MTT) develops, manufactures, sells, delaborates and environmentally friendly liquidates weapons, ammunition and explosives
  • Its Special Technology Institute (OIST) ensures the training of persons involved in the manufacturing and processing of explosives, explosives experts, firework firers, blasters and fire protection personnel
  • In all activities it implements the integrated management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and COS 051622 (AQAP 2110)
  • For automotive components, it applies the elements of ISO/TS 16949


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Contact info #1

Vaclav Mach
+42 0 461 751 418
Ammunition & Explosives Dept.
+42 0 466 971 261
572 12 Policka, Czech Republic


Pneumatic elements and accessories for the control and drive of door systems of mass transport means - buses, trolleybuses and rail vehicles.

  • Wide assortment of pneumatic elements for the manufacturers of the above mentioned vehicles
  • Development and manufacture of new pneumatic elements according to the customer's requirements
  • Spare parts for transport operators and for the companies performing general overhauls
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service of all products

Combined function valve panels controlling the pneumatic cylinders on door leafs. They allow separate control of several pneumatic cylinders, air flow setting, measurement of air pressure in the pneumatic circuit, etc.

Single door control panels


Double door control panels


Used for opening of door leafs (e.g. in case of mains failure)

Pneumatic cylinders are operation elements for door opening and closing by compressed air. Pneumatic cylinders are divided into three basic groups: linear cylinders, rotary cylinders, and rotary cylinders fitted with the lifting to the door wedges.

TR - pneumatic linear cylinders 
WH - pneumatic linear cylinders  
OK  - rotary pneumatic cylinders  
OD - rotary pneumatic cylinders with the lifting

KDU - ball valve  
B9356 - control valve  

Locks the door leaf locking in closed position.

ZAM - door locks are used for linear cylinders and OK cylinder blocking  
K - wedges are used for OD cylinder blocking

For door leaf fastening to the vehicle frame.

Arms, bars, tension system of OD cylinder, covers

PneuS™ - Standard Pneumatic Elements

Pneumatic elements are products using compressed air for its function. They are used in almost all industrial segments, in particular in automation and robotization of manufacturing processes, in engineering, wood processing and food industry, transport, mining, agriculture etc.

They are developed by the design department which utilizes latest knowledge combined with a forty-years experience in their manufacture.

Pneumatic cylinders and drives

  • Single-acting and double-acting cylinders RD diameter from 12 to 25 mm (ISO 6432)
  • Pneumatic cylinders RD with blocking devices
  • Fastening accessories of RD cylinders
  • Single-acting and double-acting compact cylinders PB diameter from 32 to 100 mm
  • Double-acting cylinders KVV diameter from 32 to 100 mm
  • Double-acting cylinders PS diameter from 32 to 250 mm (ISO 6431)
  • Pneumatic cylinders PS with blocking device
  • Pneumatic rotary cylinders diameter from 32 to 125 mm
  • PS cylinder guide
  • Fastening accessories of PS and PB cylinders
  • Position sensors of RD, PS and PB cylinders
  • Mounting of valve B9 to cylinder PS
  • Non-piston rod cylinders
  • Stainless steel cylinders
  • Bellows cylinders
  • Special custom-made cylinders

Compressed Air Control Valves & Distributors

  • Series B9 and BP – control valves 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 with connection threads G 1/8”, mechanically, manually, pneumatically and electrically controlled + connecting plate for valves B9 1/8”
  • Series B9 – control valves 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 with connection threads G 1/4”, mechanically, manually, pneumatically and electrically controlled + connecting plate for valves B9 1/4"
  • Series S9 – control valves 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 with connection threads G 1/2", manually, pneumatically and electrically controlled.
  • ISO Series, size of valves: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Series M – mechanically controlled valves 3/2 with connection threads M5 or with outlet for hose diameter 4 mm
  • Series SR – manually and foot controlled valves 4/2 and 4/3 with connection threads G 3/8”
  • Series PR – manually controlled valves 4/3 with connection threads G 1/2”
  • Series M, PED – foot controlled valves 3/2, 5/2 with connection threads M5, G 1/4”
  • Throttle valves, closing valves, logic members, return valves, quick-venting valves, noise silencers, valves for two-handed control, check valves and special valves
  • Diaphragm pressure switches
  • Valve boards
  • Special custom-made control blocks

Air treatment units

  • Series ASISTENT – air cleaners, pressure controllers and air lubricators and air treatment units with connection threads G 1/8”–G 3/8”
  • Series KLASIK – air cleaners, pressure controllers and air lubricators and air treatment units with connection threads G 3/8" - G 1/2"
  • Series D –new air treatment units 1/8" - 1"
  • Air cleaners DF, CF, submicrofilters DFM
  • Pressure controllers DRM, DR, CR
  • Air lubricators DL, CL
  • Air treatment unit DK, CK
  • Air treatment unit DKL, CKL
  • Air treatment unit DFRL, CFRL
  • Start valve DVP and stop valve DV
  • Shut-off valve DVU
  • Fastening and connecting accessories, spare parts and pressure gauges
  • Central air lubricator EL
  • Groups of devices for treatment of pressure air with connection threads G 1"- G 2"
  • Other special equipment

Screw Joints & Accessories

  • Metallic push-in fittings
  • Metallic fitting with cap nut
  • Plastic fitting with quick-coupling system
  • Fittings with cutting ring according to DIN 3862
  • Reductions, reducers
  • Ball valves
  • Quick couplers
  • Hoses and spiral hoses
  • Hose accessories
  • Pipes and fittings for pressure air distribution

HEFA™ - Liquid Measuring & Pumping Equipment

These products are designed for the fuel/mineral oil/LPG storage, handling and distribution systems. They are used for filtration, measurement and precise delivery of liquid fuels including exhaust of petrol vapours. These products are widely used as equipment of fuel storages, rail tank car and truck tank filling and emptying stations, fuelling of locomotives, aircraft, passenger cars and trucks, and also as truck tank equipment. They are also used by special forces.

Capital expenditure units

PoS ensures deliveries, possibly intermediation of supplies of technological units, unitary equipment, fittings, pipeline parts and distribution systems. With regard to the company’s own background facilities and extensive contacts with renowned domestic as well as foreign companies we ensure advisory and engineering activities as well. In the field of petrochemical industry we offer turnkey deliveries.

Our offer includes:

  • Design documentation
  • Coordination of related designing work
  • Planning and management of construction
  • Construction cost and time schedule management
  • Coordination and supervision for the tests to be carried out
  • Acceptance of the completed works

Package Pump Station  -  NEW

  • Compact pumping set

Fuel nozzles and hoses

  • Nozzles without vapour recovery DN 20 - type V 197.20
  • Nozzle accessories V 197.20
  • Nozzles without vapour recovery DN 32 - type V 195.32
  • High-capacity nozzles without vapour recovery DN 40 - type V 187.40
  • Standard hoses with couplings - type HV, DN 16, DN 20, DN 25 and DN 32
  • LPG nozzles with accessories - type VPP 02

Filters & Air Separators

  • Screen filters with nominal diameters DN 25 to 100 mm, filtering capacity 200, 355 and 800 µm
    – type F 104 and F 114
  • Large surface /fine/ filters with nominal diameters DN 25 to 100 mm, filtering capacity 5, 31.5 and 40 µm – type F 105  F254
  • Separators of air and vapours from fuel to provide precise volume measurement with nominal diameters DN 50 to 100 mm – type N 169, N 178
  • Compact air separator with filter – type FN 501.80
  • Two-chamber filtering systems
  • Piping filter

Precise fuel through-flow meters

  • Basic nominal inside diameters DN 50, 65, 80 and 100 mm
  • Flow rates measured from 50 to 2500 litres per minute

Module identification: series 9

  • Meters with mechanical register - type 9501, 9503, 9511and 9513
  • Meters with mechanical register and printer - type 9403, 9405, 9413 & 9415
  • Meters with volume preset - type 9606, 9616, - type 9706, 9716

Module identification: series M000

  •   Impulse sensors

Module identification: series M - type M403, M405, M606, M616

  • Meters with an electronic register - type M403, M405
  • Meters with an electronic register with a possibility of presetting the volume to be dispensed - type M606, M616
  • Example of installation of meters with an electronic register – on a terminal – on a road tanker

Volumetric groups

  • Meters with an air separator DN 50, 65 and 80 - type 9501.80 and 9405.80 + FN 501
  • Volumetric gravity group with a mechanical register - type GMS 80
  • Volumetric gravity group with an electronic register - type GMS 80 + EMR3

Two-level hydraulic valves

Pipe unions, Quick Couplers, hose reels & hoses for fuels

  • Screw unions - type A 200, A 202
  • Full flow quick couplers, of a lock type, according to DIN 28450 and screw couplers
  • Dry quick couplers (with shut-off valves) DN 40, DN 50 and DN 80 - type A 502, A 552
  • Pressure terminals - type A 510.63
  • Pressure hoses and connecting hoses with terminals - type H, DN 40, DN 50, DN 80, DN 100 mm
  • Hose reel - type Z 800

Loading arms                

  • loading arms – description
  • top loading arms dn50
  • top loading arms dn80
  • top loading arms dn100
  • specification data for top loading arms
  • bottom loading arms
  • bottom loading arms data sheet
  • bottom loading and unloading arms
  • specification data for bottom loading and unloading arms
  • parking equipment
  • automatic air inlet valve with a lug

Valves and other accessories

  • Two-level hydraulic valves - type V 270
  • Clack valves - type V 317
  • Pipe sight-glasses DN 25


Manufacture according to the customer's drawings, with the use of modern hardware and software for the development of technological procedures, large fleet of machines and highly motivated personnel.

We are able to:


  • Drill chucks with key
  • Self-tightening drill chucks
  • Pneumatic two-jaw clamping chucks 
  • Pneumatic three-jaw clamping chucks 
  • Pneumatic rotary cylinders
  • Pneumatic rotary tandem cylinders
  • Instrument for precise adjustment of machine tool spindles
  • Recommended engagement of pneumatic circuit


  • Common steels, except high-alloy ones
  • Grey cast iron, malleable cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals, aluminium, brass, bronze


  • Machine parts
  • Complete assemblies including installation
  • Jigs and tools
  • Clamping fixtures
  • Pressing tools
  • Measuring equipment
  • Gauges
  • Pressure tanks up to ø 500 mm x 1500 mm

Current conventional as well as NC and CNC machines, lathes, automatic lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines and machining centres, automatic presses and presses up to 1600 kN as well as various cutting machines are available.

Further we offer

  • Welding of both common materials as well as high-grade steel   and aluminium
  • Heat treatment such as quenching and annealing
  • Galvanizing



Artillery projectiles

  • High-explosive tank projectile calibre 125 mm

Engineer work charges and special charges

  • Elongated shaped charge - UTN 11
  • Standardized priming charges

Field mining and demining equipment

  • Universal antitank mine - PT Mi-U
  • Cluster - KS/PT Mi D1M
  • Weapon system - MV-3 (mine thrower)


Delaboration and environmentally friendly liquidation of ammunition

  • Ammunition of calibre 7,62 over 12,7 - 14,5 - 23 - 30 mm
  • Ammunition of calibre 57, 82, 85, 100, 120, 122, 125, 130, 152, 203 and 240 mm
  • Antipersonnel mines
  • Antitank mines
  • Charges and shells of various types
  • Guided and not guided missiles
  • Aircraft bombs

Ammunition delaboration facilities

Smooth  delaboration is carried out in a complex of buildings and facilities which support the delaboration process.

  • Ammunition storage buildings
  • Ammunition disassembly buildings
  • Buildings for the removal of explosives from ammunition
  • Explosive and non-explosive component sorting and reprocessing buildings
  • Facilities for the liquidation of nondelaborable ammunition and primers
  • Explosive stores
  • General maintenance buildings
  • Employees facilities
  • Administrative buildings

Ammunition delaboration technology

  • Ammunition handling equipment
  • Clamping fixtures for individual ammunition types
  • Dismantling jigs
  • Melting plant
  • Catch vessels for explosives
  • Explosive reprocessing equipment
  • Exhaust units
  • Explosive component incinerator
  • Universal milling machine for explosives
  • Jetter

Policske Strojirny a.s.

  • Bořiny 1145, Horní Předměstí 572 01, Polička , Czechia
  • +420 461 751 105
  • +420 461 751 205
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