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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

SurCom International, active since 1992 in the European defense and security market, specializes in providing products and turn-key systems for communication and surveillance applications.

In the area of communication and information systems, we offer effective and affordable solutions in tactical voice and data communications, covering highly specialized applications such as UHF/DAMA TACSAT, military ground-air-ground communications, CSAR radio, intelligent voice interconnect, tactical mobile network routing, man-portable and mobile SIGINT/DF systems, etc. Being independent enables us to tailor systems to the customer’s particular concept of operations and technical requirements.

In the area of surveillance, our product range covers a variety of electro-optical devices for limited visibility operations. These include infrared thermal imaging and image intensifier-based observation, surveillance and target acquisition systems. 
Through Service Level Agreements and investing in advanced test equipment, we ensure life-of-type support of delivered products and systems. Amongst others we maintain the RNLAF’s MIDS Link-16 terminal equipment, the RNLA’s light-weight electronic warfare assets. 

SurCom International BV is a member of the Netherlands C2 Platform and Marine Technology Platform, Corporate Sponsor of the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) and TRACE Intermediary member. 

SurCom International BV has been accredited to ISO9001:2008 and AQAP-2110:2009 and operates from a modern and well equipped NATO secure facility in the city of Rhenen with ample space for vehicle and shelter integration.

Radio Communication

SurCom provides radio communication solutions for demanding tactical and (survival) situations. Among those are cross band/cross modulation and broadband networking products, ensuring maximum communication availability, reliability, interoperability and rapid response.

• MF-HF-VHF-UHF frequency bands
• Fixed site, mobile, man-pack and handheld
• Multiple functionalities
• Emergency Equipment (Survival and Rescue Communications)

Satellite Communications

SurCom range of satellite communication systems covers the UHF, C, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands, well suited for a host of  military and non-military satcom applications, be it fixed site, mobile (SOTM, SOTP), or man portable.

Electronic Warfare

SurCom offers standalone as well as turnkey solutions for mobile and man-portable EW. The company has many years of experience in integrating complex SIGINT/DF systems in space confined land mobile vehicles. Besides passive intercept equipment, SurCom carries a range of active systems for RF spectrum denial.

Tactical DataLinks

On the field of Tactical DataLinks, SurCom has a vast experience in testing, maintaining and integrating Link-16 Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems of  the Low Volume Terminal (LVT) family.

A newcomer in this area is the Small Tactical Terminal (STT), the STT brings mobile network connectivity to tactical warfighters and disadvantaged platforms such as ground vehicles, helicopters, UAVs, small boats, and Network Enabled Weapons (NEW).

The STT is ruggedized to meet or exceed the demanding environmental requirements of those disadvantaged platforms. This two-channel Link 16 and VHF/UHF radio is packaged in an industry-standard compact form factor and is available at an affordable cost.

Surveillance and Imaging Systems

Situational awareness is a key element of effective command and control in both military and security related operations. By working closely with world-class sensor manufacturers SurCom can offer a solution for almost any reconnaissance, surveillance, detection, or targeting scenario. Sensor products include high-resolution thermal cameras for fixed site, high mobility and handheld applications, ground based surveillance radar and laser ranging and north finding.

SurCom also carries a range of CBRN-E (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives) detection and analysis products and systems that can seamlessly be integrated with command and control systems.

Extensive use of armor protection on combat vehicles has greatly reduced driver vision. SurCom offers a number of (retrofit) systems that enhance driver vision and situational awareness in both mobile and static situations during night, smoke, or fog conditions.

The use of rapidly deployable unmanned and unattended sensor platforms has greatly improved survivability of military and law enforcement forces personnel in combating insurgents, safeguarding high value assets and countering terrorism around the world. UAVs  are now an indispensable instrument in a vast majority of mission scenarios.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are rapidly gaining acceptance in perimeter and border patrolling, logistics, road clearing and counter-IED missions and can be fitted with remote weapon stations for offensive and defensive purposes. Most vehicle types already in the customer inventory can be modified locally to perform unmanned military and public safety missions.

SurCom offers a micro UAV that can be manually  or autonomously flown in pre-programmed  reconnaissance and surveillance patterns. UGVs come in all shapes and sizes and are usually custom tailored to the mission requirements.

Night Combat Solutions

SurCom international has over 15 years of experience in supplying infantry night vision goggles, laser aiming and ranging devices, thermal weapon scopes and thermal imaging cameras, etc.

Military & Rugged Data Terminals

While the durability of commercial notebook and tablet computers has greatly improved over the past five years, many military and law enforcement missions are best served by rugged data terminals that withstand the harshest operating and environmental conditions.

In addition to ruggedness, features such as sunlight readability, power management, covert night viewing can be key to mission success. SurCom can provide customers with  the right equipment and support  for their missions.

Military Power Systems

SurCom is a major supplier of batteries and battery packs for almost any fielded manpack or handportable device. The newest power management and power generating technologies being developed for the dismounted soldier, e.g. foldable solar blankets, fuel cells and even wind driven solutions are available at SurCom today.

In the area of high power products SurCom  offers uninterruptable power supplies, AC-DC and DC-AC inverters, frequency converters, etc. that meet either military, or high level industrial specifications.

Safety Market

As Law Enforcement and the Military are having to increasingly collaborate in public safety related areas, such as counter terrorism, drug intervention, explosive ordnance disposal, riot control, calamity control, etc., we see a large degree of cross fertilization in terms of mission doctrine, training and the use of communications and sensor assets.

Examples can be found in interoperable networking radio communications, radio monitoring and intercept, night fighting equipment, thermal imaging cameras and (non-lethal) offensive weapons and tools, i.e. long range acoustic devices, laser dazzlers, etc.

SurCom latest addition is a laser reconnaissance system that will covertly compile a 3D target image for training and rehearsing complex urban operations.

Soldier System Modules

The modern warfighter has to carry a heavy load of fighting and survival equipment. Electronic and electro-optical soldier system components have to be light-weight, small-size, power efficient and be able to network via a soldier bus system.

SurCom can provide a number of these items like hand-held MESH radio, laser range finder, night vision goggle, active hearing protection, tablet PC, GPS tracker, fuel cell, etc.

Weapon Systems and Solutions

SurCom carries in its portfolio a wide array of weapon systems, such as medium caliber rapid-fire cannons and related ammunition and a range of artillery, rocket and bomb fuzes. Precision guided ammunition using GPS-based course correction techniques are available for mortar and long range artillery applications.

Acoustical Hailing Devices
For applications in harbor entry control, perimeter security, anti-piracy and even crowd control, SurCom offers a family of long-range (up to 2000 meter) acoustic devices, known as  LRAD, emitting directive audio sound of choice.  LRAD devices can be remotely controlled, fitted with HR-CCD camera, laser and high power narrow beam light source. SurCom has ample experience installing, commissioning and servicing LRAD systems around the world.

System Integration

SurCom has an impressive track record in system integration and customization  for urgent customer requirements. Short communication lines with their business partners enable the company to respond quickly with cost effective and often innovative solutions, some of which are listed below:

• Supply the Netherlands Marines with an interim VHF/FM Combat Net Radio (CNR) system, including design and manufacture of a full function vehicular remote control unit and provision of user training and system documentation.
• Supply a VHF/FM CNR suite and custom interfaces for the RNLN HrMs Rotterdam Landing Platform Dock.
• Design and supply VHF/FM CNR system and custom ICS interfaces for eight Spanish Navy MCM vessels of the Segura class.
• Supply and install 1kW HF/SSB systems on board three cutters of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba Coast Guard.
• HrMs Johan de Witt; for this amphibious troop carrier  of the RNLN SurCom designed and installed integrated UHF satellite communication system.
• HrMs. Pelikaan; for this RNLMC support vessel SurCom engineered, manufactured and installed a complete secure radio communication and message handling system.
• NATO-ISAF; in response to a very urgent requirement SurCom designed, manufactured and installed a remotely operated  air command and control network for air operations ISAF in a matter of just a few months. Numerous follow-on operational improvements and expansions  have been realized at short notice and short time.
• NATO C3; design and manufacture of Theater Liaison Kits to provide NATO monitoring teams with portable hi-level secure broadband satellite and terrestrial landline communication capabilities.

Business Partners

SurCom provides both stand-alone and integrated communications and sensor solutions for defense and law enforcement markets in predominantly NATO Europe. The company’s success is largely due to their close and long lasting relationships with several of the world’s best and largest defense contractors and manufacturers. Factory training programs offered by partners, both technically and commercially, enable SurCom to provide application and technology related advice and a consistently high level of technical pre- and aftersales support.

Platforms, Thermal Sights, Image Intensified sights, Compound security, Perimeter security, radar, CBRN detection equipment.

The partners are listed below, they are organized by category. 

Radio and Satellite Communications and EW Products
• General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc.
• L-3 Com Services Inc. Linkabit
• L-3 Microwave Group
• Datron World Communications Inc.
• Raytheon - JPS Communications Inc.
• Elbit - Mobat Communications Ltd.
• ViaSat Inc.
• Honeywell Inc. (formerly Nacre A/S)
• Roda GmbH
• Trivec Avant Corporation
• SecForSecurity and Defence Technology SA

Tactical Datalink Terminals
• ViaSat Inc. TDL

Surveillance and Imaging Products and Systems
• Datron World Communications Inc.
• ITL Optronics Ltd.
• FLIR Systems Inc.
• G-NIUS Ltd.

Military and Rugged Data Terminals
• General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc.

Military Power Systems, Batteries and Chargers
• Bren-Tronics Inc.
• Nova Electric Corp.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement Market
• SecFor
• GD

Soldier Systems Modules
• Honeywell (formerly Nacre A/S)
• Kearfott / Astronautics
• General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc.

Weapon Systems and Solutions
• Alliant TechSystems Inc.
• LRAD Corp.

SurCom International B.V.

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  • +31 318 47 70 50
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