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Comrod Communication AS, is a Norwegian public limited company with its headquarters at Tau in south-western Norway and offices elsewhere in Norway and in France. The company was founded in 1948, and is today one of the leading producers and distributors of antennas and antenna systems for both marine and defence use.

For more than 50 years, Comrod has combined service, know-how and experience to achieve optimal development and production of antennas and antenna systems. All activities take place in-house, from the design and development phases to the final product. Comrod antennas are synonymous with good and reliable communication at any latitude.

Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

The power division of Comrod AS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of power supplies and battery chargers for demanding military applications. The Company has a range of standard military power supplies and battery chargers, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, and also provides bespoken products, products that are made according to specifications from its customers. The products are very often used for C4 applications in mobile platforms, and its AC/DC converters are power factor corrected, PFC, for optimum adaptation to weak power sources such as portable generators.

The Company utilises the very latest technology, but at the same time bases its designs on components that have proven their reliability in actual operation, and have performed a considerable number of demanding projects.


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Contact info #1

Arne R. Syversen
+47 51 74 05 00
Vice-President Power division
+47 51 74 05 01
Fiskaavegen 1, 4120 Tau, Norway


Comrod delivers antennas for tactical applications, consisting of handheld, manpack, vehicle, base station and shipboard antennas. The line includes combined antennas for VHF/GPS, VHF/DECT,   VHF/W-LAN, UHF/GPS, UHF/DECT and UHF/W-LAN. All antennas have been through full military testing for different programmes around the globe.

Comrod also delivers antenna systems for both vehicle and boat installations. The system is primarily designed to reduce the number of antennas on a single installation, and allows the simultaneous use of several radios to one transmit antenna, or to individual directional antennas. A receiver distribution amplifier is included to allow simultaneous reception on all receivers.


The selection of a marine antenna must be made with great care, because even the best radio or radio system is worthless with a defective antenna.

Vessels, from the deep sea fleet to fishing boats, workboats and pleasure craft benefit from our high quality products.

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Comrod designs and manufactures a wide range of telescopic, sectional and sleeve masts. Heights are available from 6 to 34 metres capable of supporting headloads up to 150 kg.

Comrod has a full range of tactical masts from lightweight manpack to heavy duty motorised versions. Made of composite material, they are ideally suited for elevating the Comrod range of remote antennas including EW, Optical and Line of Site systems.

Heights are available up to 40 metres in either sectional or telescopic construction depending on the application and headload.

  • Manpack sectional masts up to 9 metres
  • Vehicle, trailer or ground mounted sleeved masts up to 40 metres
  • Manual, motorised or fully automated telescopic masts up to 30 metres
  • Tripods, vehicle or shelter mounting brackets available

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Comrod’s power division develops and manufactures power supplies and battery chargers for demanding military applications.

The product line ranges from small power supplies integrated in the customer’s system with complex systems with supervision, and battery chargers for lead acid and Li-Ion batteries. The products are designed with a focus on high EMC and EMP immunity, low noise emission, high efficiency, demanding environments and high reliability.

The standard power supplies and battery chargers have universal input voltage and power factor correction for optimum adaptation to weak power sources, such as portable generator sets.

Product description: Applications: Comments:
ComPact series   - Next generation power supplies
- Half size, double power
BC1500RM series - Vehicles, shelters and navy vessels - Combined power supply and battery charger, 28V 50A, for mounting in 19'racks
BC1500BM series - Vehicles, shelters - Combined power supply and battery charger, 28V 50A
Battery chargers and power supply for handheld radios - Vehicles and stationary, used for various types of batteries - Both vehicle and man held versions
Battery chargers and power supply for man-pack radios - Vehicles and stationary, used for various types of batteries - Both vehicles and shelters

Comrod offers engineering and manufacturing for battery chargers for lead-acid, NiCad and Li-Ion batteries with advanced applications and tailormade solutions to meet customer needs.

Comrod AS

  • Fiskaavegen 1, 4120, Tau, Norway
  • +47 51 74 05 00
  • +47 51 74 05 01
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