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GYLLING TEKNIKK A.S., makes batteries and chargers for military applications. The company's product line consists of standard batteries for communications and weapons systems, including improvements/upgrades for battery packs currently on the market and entirely new systems comprising proprietary battery systems and chargers.

Gylling Teknikk develops and manufactures plastic tools, moulds housings and fits batteries appropriate for the application in question.


Contact info #1

Einar Tolpinrud
+47 67 15 1400
+47 67 15 1401
Rudssletta 71 1351 Rud Akershus, Norway

BB 10N (6TL)

An outstanding starter battery with a 50% higher cranking current than gel batteries, 2 year’s shelf life and excellent vibration resistance.

2x12V maintenance charger

to be installed in the vehicle; To prevent imbalance between the batteries the charger has two separate outputs. It also has a method of charging that assures a fully charged battery without any loss of electrolyte at all times.

Battery housing

Battery housing - designed for the TOW Missile System. It can easily be fitted with lithium, lead acid or Nick el-Cadmium batteries.


BA-5052 is the Lithium SO2 battery for the SEM radio.

BA 5800

The BA 5800 is a well-known battery mainly used in the GPS systems. The battery’s design is now improved, to better resist the force from the spring at the battery’s rear end. We have also been selected as the supplier of both Lithium and NiCd batteries to the new Multi Role Radio MRR to the Norwegian army.

We can deliver a wide range of lead acid batteries from the Hawker Group, including pure lead technology from the SBS, Cyclon and Genesis batteries, and lead-calcium batteries from 36 to 550ah for battery back-up in general.

Battery Pack (Eryx)

The new battery has more than 25% higher capacity than the original battery, and is made with the safe LiSO2 chemistry which has a non-flammable electrolyte. The operating temperature is from -40 to + 70C. We also have a special jacket for 5 batteries that fits the bag.

Protection module

Protection module for 4 cells LiFePO4 with current, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection The pcb will take care of safety on all cells with LiFePO4 technology in order to have a transportation approval. The leads is to connect the balancing function between the cells to obtain maximum lifetime. The battery management systems is designed to work with A123 Lithium nanophosphate but works also perfect with other Lithium iron phosphate technologies.

Gylling Teknikk A.S.

  • Rudssletta 71, 1351, Rud Akershus, Norway
  • +47 6 715 14 00
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