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ALUMAN S.A., has been in the aluminium business since 1965. That was the year when the company installed its first production line for collapsible tubes. In the years that followed, ALUMAN developed its manufacturing capabilities by successively installing production lines for aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium monobloc bottles.

In 1974, the Company began the production of aluminium slugs, discs and strips in coils, mostly for its own needs at a production facility, which is situated at Inofita Viotias, 50 kms north of Athens. The company quickly expanded its capacity in this area, which steadily became its core business. By the end of 2009, mainly due to the company's unwillingness to compete its clients -even indirectly-, it decided to concentrate solely on the production of aluminium slugs and discs, thus, closing down its aluminium collapsible tube, aluminium aerosol can and aluminium monobloc bottle production facility. Nowadays, the company exports 100% of its slug & disc capacity to countries all over the world.

ALUMAN's combined efforts gave rise to a fully functional, keenly competitive manufacturing facility that satisfies not only European (EU) but also international standards.

  • In 1997 the company was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate,
  • In 2006 the Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001, and
  • In 2009 was awarded the Certificate of Occupational Health & Safety Management System BS OHSAS 18001.

The dynamism of the Company's export activity has also been recognized by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), which awarded ALUMAN S.A. with the National Export Award twice, in 1980 and in 1997.

Since 1996, ALUMAN is the major shareholder of  EPALME S.A., which is a modern facility, producing aluminium billets of several alloys through the utilization of pure aluminium ingots and recyclable scrap. Its premises are located in the same area as those of ALUMAN.

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Aluman S.A.

  • 3, Merlin st., 10671, Athens, Greece
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