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  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
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  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
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Magam Safety Ltd., originally established in 1934, under the name of Franz Levi later changed to Magam Betihut and is now known as Magam Safety. Magam Safety was a pioneer in the development of the modern safety products and rubber industries.

 Utilizing unique technologies, the company designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of rubber, extile and inflatable safety and rescue products - primarily for the defense industry, but also for civilian applications. Magam Safety is the sole supplier to the Israel Defense Forces.

The company's three principal production divisions are:

Rubber Division

  • Flexibele rubber fuel tank
  • Protective rubber lining
  • Rubber profiles

Textile Division

  • Parachutes
  • Textile Air and Sea Rescue equipment

Inflatable Division 

  • Inflatable Air and Sea Rescue equipment
  • A wide range of diverse inflatable products

Magam Safety Ltd. also has the only recognized service station in Israel for life raft.

Research and development is constantly enhanced via Knowledge Sharing Agreements with other world leaders in the Safety Product industry, and many of the products are designed in close cooperation with technical experts of the Israel Defense Forces. This enables Magam Safety Ltd. to achieve ultimate results in the implementation of textile technology for military and airborne applications.

The company stringently adheres to all local and international safety standards, and is ISO 9001 qualified. Utilizing state-of-the-art quality control and assurance equipment, every product is individually inspected. The company has been officially certified by external bodies -a guarantee of trustworthy and superior quality products.


Rubber Division

Magam Safety produces varies kinds of rubber fuel tanks, specializing in protective rubber lining for various tanks, tankers and pipe systems of all kind, according to customer's request.

Magam Safety produces unique rubber profiles for both civilian and military requirements. Products are developed either in accordance to specific customer specifications, or from specialized materials that are developed in our own laboratories.

In recent years, Magam Safety was selected as the designated subcontractor by Senior Engineering Co. in the USA to produce rubber coatings for the water condenser and accompanying pipe lines for three power stations of the Israeli Electricity Company.

Rubber coatings are also produced for metal containers and piping systems for the Chemical and Electrical industries, Water Desalination plants, and the Defense industry - all customized to required specifications.

Product Lines include:

  • Flexible fuel tanks for the "Merkava" tanks of the Armored Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces have been produced since 1974 on the basis of specialized "know-how" developed by Magam Safety.
  • Flexible fuel tanks and self-sealers are produced for fighter aircraft, civil aircraft and MRPVs - which requires very specialized knowledge and the ability to meet the strict and rigid high quality standards of the aircraft industry.
  • Flexible containers for cargo handling and lifting equipment for many different kinds of extraction and rescue operations for both the military and civilian markets.
  • Renovations of diverse categories of Flexible fuel tanks for fighter aircraft and helicopters, both for Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and the Israeli Air Force. Magam Safety is F.A.A. authorized in conjunction with a number of leading American companies.
  • Flexible fuel tanks for ships.
  • Waterproof bags for various uses.
  • Maintenance and repair all kinds of fuel tanks under F.A.A. authorization.

Textile Division

A large number of Magam Safety's textile product lines were developed through close cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), therefore achieving the ultimate in implementation of textile technology to meet both military and aeronautical requirements.

All products are inspected individually by the company's state-of-the-art quality control and assurance equipment, and Magam Safety has been officially certified by external bodies - a guarantee of trustworthy and superior quality products.

Product Lines include:

  • Personal parachutes for paratroopers - models "Zabar", T10, MC11C and French models
  • Pilot parachutes
  • Cargo parachutes
  • Braking parachutes for fighter aircraft
  • Arresting nets for aircraft
  • Special equipment for air freight shipments (straps and nets)
  • Special life Jackets for pilots, air crews and accompanying passengers
  • Anti-G-Suit UT TO 9.5 G
  • Harnesses and belts for save and rescue operations
  • Sophisticated stitching for flight safety
  • Static and hot air balloons and similar devices
  • Aircraft and helicopter light helmet

Inflatable Division

The Inflatable Division develops and manufactures inflatable air and sea rescue equipment.

Products include:

  • Inflatable Life Jackets of various types for both air and sea passengers and crews
  • Inflatable equipment for Research & Development in progressive technologies
  • Pneumatic equipment implemented in advanced technologies
  • Life rafts for planes and ships - 1 seat to 26 seats RBA and RBM models
  • Life boats for pilots on fighter aircraft (14A / 14M)
  • Inflatble tunnel for hiding V.I.P.

Magam Safety operates the only International service station in Israel for life rafts, and is authorized to service rafts manufactured by the following companies:

  • VIKING Life Saving Equipment A/S
  • DSB Deutsche Schlaochboot Gmbh & C.
  • (KG member of the Sorvitec Group)
  • AUTOFLUG Gmbh & Co.
  • SEETEX Gmbh ( T.V.B)

The service station was officially certified by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation over 25 years ago, and since then has been providing services to the air force, the navy yacht and merchant fleets.


Magam Safety Ltd. have a many clients in different fields:

Israeli Military, Defance Industries and the Airforce:

  • Israel Defense Forces.
  • Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.
  • Israel Military Industries Ltd.
  • Rafael Armament Development Authority
  • Elbit System Ltd.

Rubber coating and materials:

  • The Israel Electric Corp.
  • Oil Refineries Ltd.
  • Electrochemical Industries (1952) Ltd.
  • Tambour Ecology Ltd.
  • I.D.E. Technologies Ltd.
  • Amiad Filtration Systems
  • Haifa Chemicals Ltd.  

Service Station main clients:

  • Israeli Navy
  • Viking Life Saving Equipment A/S
  • DSB Deutsche Schlaochboot Gmbh & C. (KG member of the Sorvitec Group)
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Nova Callegari & Ghigi S.P.A.
  • Autoflug Gmbh & Co.
  • Seetex Gmbh ( T.V.B) 

Inflatable Division:

  • Technion Research & Development Institute Ltd.
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Israel Sea & Lake Research Ltd.

Magam Safety Ltd.

  • 6 Hasadna St.,1789020, Nazareth Illit, Israel
  • +972 73 2556800
  • +972 4 6412118 
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