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EPE - Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. specializes in management of hazardous and non hazardous waste, Environmental sanitation and rehabilitation, Execution of complex projects for decontamination of industrial and other sites from special, hazardous and radioactive waste, Mobile units for the treatment of hazardous and non hazardous waste.

Established in 1977 at Piraeus, is one of the major companies in the field of environmental protection. Its main activity is the research, development and application of new technologies in the protection of the environment in Greece and in the wider region of Eastern Mediterranean.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ENGINEERING SA is the largest private company in the Eastern Mediterranean, which offers complete services regarding the protection and the clean-up of the marine environment, as well as the combating of chemical and oil-spills.

E.P.E.'s emergency and remedial services cover the entire Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East areas. E.P.E. is also offering worldwide preparedness and response services and equipment including our highly efficient skimmer-vessel AKTEA.

In accordance with OPRC, E.P.E. is offering complete packages for oil pollution response to all kind of oil handling facilities, including oil terminals, refineries, shipyards, scrapyards, pipelines, power stations, factories, sea ports and marinas. Client List  already includes large private oil companies (e.g. BP, MOBIL, SHELL, PETROLA, EL PETROL, ETEKA), as well as public companies (P.P.C., Public Power Corporation of Greece), which are offered contingency planning and permanent protection for their marine facilities.


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EPE - Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.

  • 24, Dervenakion Str., Piraeus, Greece
  • +30 210 4060000
  • +30 210 4617423
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