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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

MTC Industries & Research Ltd., designs, develops, customizes and manufactures a wide-range of electro-mechanical products for Aerospace, Defense and UAV Industries. MTC has gained unique technical expertise in the past 34 years through working in close collaboration with Israeli Aerospace and Defense industries.

MTC’s products include Gyroscopes (Free, Rate, Vertical and MEMS), Servo Actuators, Electric Motors, Position Sensors (LVDT, RVDT and Resolvers), Solenoids, Slip Rings, Canard Fin Control Actuation Systems, Gas Actuators, Fuel System Control Manifolds and Gimbal Units. These products have been successfully integrated into land, sea and airborne systems worldwide. MTC also offers Thermal Coating Solutions, using HVOF, Plasma, Arc or Flame Spray technologies for the overhaul of engine parts and the enhancement of mechanical components in a range of industries.

MTC has full production facilities in Israel and Dallas, Texas.

MTC’s products conform, where applicable, to MIL-STD.

NCAGE Code: S9852

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Contact info #1

Nir Eldar
+972 4 998 7772
Int’l Marketing and Business Development
+972 4 998 1189
1 Hamagal Street, PO Box 232, Karmiel 21611, Israel

Contact info #2

Yair Avni
+972 4 998 7772
Vice President
+972 4 998 1189
1 Hamagal Street, PO Box 232, Karmiel 21611, Israel

R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing

MTC's services include Build to Print and Build to Spec projects which utilize its highly-experienced R&D and Engineering divisions. With complete solutions under one roof, MTC is able to undertake a great variety of specifications and production files, including design reviews and qualification tests.

MTC has gained unique technical expertise in the past 34 years through working in close collaboration with Israeli Aerospace and Defense industries.

Production capabilities comprise of CNC Machine Shops, Clean Rooms, a Dimension Control Lab, Laser Cutting Shop, Metallurgical Lab and Assembly Rooms.

Thermal Coating Solutions

MTC develops and customizes Thermal Spray Coatings for the overhaul and enhancement of assemblies and mechanical components. HVOF, Plasma and Arc Spray technologies are applied during an environmentally-friendly process performed by a multi-functional, computer-controlled robot. The result of the application is a guaranteed strong bong and highly resistant coating.

Hard chrome replacement coatings by HVOF technology.


MTC’s market-leading Free, Rate and Vertical Gyroscopes, which provide guidance, control and stabilization, have a range of applications in land, sea and airborne systems. These components have been popular among Aerospace and Defense manufacturers, particularly, but not exclusively weapon systems and UAV.

Vertical Gyroscopes

MTC's Vertical Gyroscope MVG-1806-1 provides accurate pitch and roll position data. It was developed to meet specific requirements of the UAV Industry and remains a preferred product of many UAV programs worldwide.

Electric Motors

MTC's brush or brushless DC, Torque and Hysteresis Electric Motors with or without redundancy are unique due their size, performance and durability. These motors have proven reliability in advanced Aerospace and Defense systems worldwide.

Servo Actuators

MTC's electric Servo Actuators are in growing demand through their proven success with UAV manufacturers in Israel and Worldwide. They are equipped with either digital or analog control options, redundancy and contain an MTC brushless DC electric motor.

Position Sensors

MTC's Angular, Linear and Rotary Position Sensors are used for precision motion control and measuring systems. The product range includes LVDT, RVDT, Resolvers, Microsyn and Tachogenerators.


MTC's Solenoid Valves control the flow of fluids and gases, can act as a remote trigger and allow for action for a distance. They can be used on land, sea or air and are resistant under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Slip Rings

MTC's Slip Rings are capable 360° rotation and transmit up to 100 channels and high definition video signals. They are reliable in harsh environmental conditions and have a wide operating temperature. Typical application include tanks, payloads, missiles, radars, cameras, satellites and many other applications requiring rotation. Slip rings can be developed with or without a case.

Canard Fin Control Actuation Systems

MTC’s Canard Fin Control Actuation System converts unguided rockets into precision-guided munitions. The subsystem controls the position of 4 independent fins (each with an MTC brushless DC motor) in response to steering commands from a flight computer. The device consists of 4 actuators, fin position measurement sensors and a fin opening and closing system. An MTC gyroscope can be incorporated for roll measurement.

Gas Actuators

MTC's Gas Actuators, including High Pressure Vessels, Pneumatic Servos and Cool Gas Generators are integrated into airborne systems to assist with motion, steering, expulsion and cooling. Working pressure is in excess of 10,000 psi and they are guaranteed against leakage for over 10 years. These products contain a pyrotechnic device and pressure regulator. Models with redundancy and manifolds are also available.

Fuel System Control Manifolds

MTC's Fuel System Control Manifold is used in airborne systems. The device measures the flow of fuel to the engine and regulates the quantity of fuel between multiple tanks to ensure a balanced load. It is also able to measure the pressure and temperature of the fuel.

Gimbal Units

MTC's Gimbal Units for a range of applications in the field of missiles and other weapon systems. Can also be incorporated into payloads.

CNC Machine Shop

• Milling
• Turning
• Grinding

Clean Rooms

• ISO 8

Dimensional Control Lab

• CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines
• Computerized Profile Projectors
• Surface Roughness Testers

Laser Cutting Shop

• Industrial 5 Axes Laser Cutting
• Welding

Metallurgical Lab

• Tensile Testing
• Hardness Testing
• Heat Treatment
• Stress Relief
• Passivation
• Electropolishing
• Failure Analysis

MTC Industries & Research Ltd.

  • 1 Hamagal Street, P.O. Box 232, 21611, Karmiel, Israel
  • +972 4 9987772
  • +972 4 9981189
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