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METRONOR A.S., is a high technology company headquartered outside Oslo, Norway, with subsidiaries in Seattle and Beijing, supporting partners and customers on a global basis. Based on in-house innovation and research, Metronor has since 1989 developed a range of electro-optical portable coordinate measuring systems that have become very popular among leading manufacturers worldwide. In the recent years the company has expanded its product range from not only industrial metrology systems, but also offering products and solutions for boresighting applications in the military business area.

Moreover, as a joint initiative with the Boeing Company, Metronor provides state-of-the-art Dimensional Management Solutions for complex assembly programs. The company has developed its core photogrammetric technology into a variety of product versions addressing the moderate to highest degree of accuracy requirements. A vast number of applications in various industries can be accurately and efficiently documented, providing the customer with excellent ROI from his investment.

Metronor’s Business Units

Metronor’s Industrial Systems Business Unit – develops and markets a range of portable coordinate measuring machines for large measurement volumes that combine an ever-improving range of functionalities with high accuracy at an affordable price.

The AIMS Business Unit markets the AIMS software solutions developed jointly by The Boeing Company and Metronor. The software enables seamless sharing of CAD geometry, dimensioning and tolerance specifications, inspection plans and measurement results back and forth between dissimilar hardware and software platforms. Metronor’s Military Systems Business Unit develops and markets custom boresighting applications.

The product line includes equipment kits for both 3  and 6 degrees of freedom boresighting of various systems on multiple airborne and ground based weapon system platforms. The product line also includes “Drill-Off” kits for production line establishment of aircraft coordinate reference systems.

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Gunnar Oyen
+47 90 01 4509
Regional Director Europe
+47 6 698 3800
Fejkan 13, Nesbru Asker 1379, Norway


Based on a patented principle allowing accurate 3D measurement with just one single camera and a hand-held probe, SOLO is a uniquely portable and affordable coordinate measurement system offering full CMM capability including comparison of just about any geometry to CAD data or blueprint.

Ideally suited where fast setup, ease of use and high portability is critical, SOLO offers a superior working volume and can be operated through a wireless connection – without cumbersome arms to balance or cables to untangle.

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Metronor’s top-of-the-range DUO system combines large volume and high accuracy with the widest range of applications.

Extremely portable – the complete system comes in a single, roll-away transport case weighing only 30 kilos – DUO provides high-end coordinate measuring capability anywhere in your production process. Using two cameras and a hand-held, wireless probe, DUO provides the capability to study any geometry-related issue in detail – compare tools, parts and assemblies to CAD or blue-print, use the LED application kit option to efficiently study stability, deformation and process repeatability, or take the system to your supplier or customer to investigate problems with interfacing parts.

DUO provides probing capability as well as accuracy, versatility and portability to address all your geometry-related issues.

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Metronor’s Boresight system is based on advanced spatial direction characterization methods of CCD cameras developed over a period of more than 15 years and initially introduced in Metronor’s Portable CMM systems. By combining such spatial directions with known geometry of light sources (LEDs) which are embedded into boresight pads, 6 degrees of freedom of the pads and hence of LRU trays/mountings, can be determined with unique accuracy and speed.

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AIMS Dimensional Management product suite

AIMS is a software solution developed jointly by The Boeing Company and Metronor Group. The software enables seamless sharing of CAD geometry, inspection plans and measurement results back and forth between dissimilar hardware and software platforms. AIMS therefore enables tightly coordinated development and manufacturing programs involving a multitude of international participants without the need to invest in new hardware or software.

The first companies to harness the advantages of AIMS include the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter program and Boeing. AIMS software suite completes the Dimensional Management process for defining inspection, measurement and assembly plans, measuring the quality of manufactured parts per defined requirements, storing the measurement results and generating process capability charts and graphs from the stored data.

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Metronor A.S.

  • P.O. Box 238 N-1379, Nesbru, Norway
  • +47 6 698 38 00
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