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ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s., is the continuator of the traditional production of world reputable sport and aerobatic ZLIN aeroplanes. More than 50 types of ZLIN have been produced since 1934 and over 5600 of them supplied to more than 60 countries around the world.

Aerobatic and sport aeroplanes have a reputation for their very high safety standards and unique flight characteristics which enable full control of the aircraft during aerobatic manoeuvres. The current production of ZLIN focuses on the latest modification of the all-steel series ZLIN Z40 with a piston engine, the ZLIN Z 242 L and the ZLIN Z 143LSi.

The training and fully aerobatic two-seater aeroplane ZLIN Z 242 L is capable of aerobatic flips with multiples +6/-3.5g. Its well balanced control system and IFR instrumentation position it ahead of other training aeroplanes. Manoeuvrability of this type is attractive for all flying enthusiasts.

The flexibility of the four-seater ZLIN Z 143 LSi enables its practical use for the training of pilots and aerial work as well as for business and other service flights. Besides its VFR instrumentation, the aircraft can also be supplied with instruments including an autopilot for flights in a variety of meteorological conditions. The aircraft is used for training young pilots as well as for patrolling over land or nautical targets with the use of a camera system, glider towing, banner towing and simulation flights. An easy interior change from four to two seats turns it in minutes into the useful “light cargo” version.

ZLIN aeroplanes are fully certified for the EU and many countries in the world, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Israel, Australia and Hong Kong.

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. also provides training for pilots. Our pilots are all very experienced, especially in aerobatic flying, and together with other expert training personnel, they are ready and waiting to pass on their skills and experience to trainees in order for them to gain a feeling of safety and to appreciate the beauty of flying ZLIN aeroplanes during their training.

Our support of ZLIN aeroplanes' operations includes the training of mechanics and engineers for all levels of maintenance of both types produced.

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. also manufactures flight components for other aircraft manufacturers – in particular wheels, brakes and individual ensembles of aircraft fuselage.


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