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MAXAM-FANEXA, was initially established in Santibáñez in the year 1972. Since 1999, it basically reflects the union of two trusted partners, and more specifically, the technology and know-how of the Spanish company MAXAM and the high safety and quality of the Bolivian COFADENA (Corporación De Las Fuerzas Armadas para El Desarrollo Nacional).

MAXAM-FANEXA is the leader in Bolivia in terms of manufacturing explosive products and providing blasting services, to address both domestic demand, as well as that of the American continent as a whole.

The main production facility of MAXAM-FANEXA is in Santiváñez, where the company began the production of blasting products (civil explosives and initiation systems), over 30 years ago and where it has more than 300 employees. Overall, MAXAM-FANEXA has 9 production plants in Cochabamba and Oruro, as well as 5 storage sites throughout the country. The company's specialises in the production of explosives for mining, quarrying, public works and oil exploration. In addition, it produces safety fuses, detonating cords, cylindrical and conical boosters, fine or granulated black powder, initiators and detonators, blasting caps, smoke grenades, dynamite, ammonium nitrate and others.

Since the start of the collaboration between MAXAM and COFADENA, the company has increased it sales volume by 18 times, and its number of workers by 6. In addition, MAXAM-FANEXA exports 30% of its production (mostly to the United States, Chile, Peru and Ecuador) and is the leading Bolivian company in the sector. Its leadership has been recognized with the award for "Exporter Merit" awarded by Cadexco (the Chamber of Commerce of Cochabamba).
The company further has agreements with the Military School of Engineering and the Technical University of Oruro, as far as research and development work in the field of Mining Engineering, and offers the opportunity for professional development of qualifying Bolivian students, through the company's dedicated programmes. Furthermore, MAXAM-FANEXA offers the opportunity to Bolivian students to join the YESS Program of MAXAM, via which the selected students can conclude their engineering studies at the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Mines and Energy, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Thereafter, MAXAM's scholarship extents to cover the students' practical training and subsequent employment in projects the company runs, all around the world.
The company is certified as conforming to the international standards ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001.
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