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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

HTP High Tech Plastics Gmbh specializes in the production of injection molded construction sets, machined parts of aluminium steel and titan, production of prototypes, assembly of components serving the aerospace and defense industry.

Company's capabilities include:

  • High precision molds for small parts
  • Multi-cavity molds for micro-components
  • Mesh molds for loudspeaker covers
  • Tandem molds
  • High performance molds for the packaging industry
  • Molds for metal insert and wire insert technology (injection-molding around inserts)
  • Molds for thin-wall technology
  • PIM-molds (Powder Injection Molding)
  • Back injection molds
  • 2- and multi-component molds
  • 2- and multi-colour molds for e.g. aprons, taillights, headlight covers
  • Molds for internal gas pressure technology
  • Slide gate technology
  • Prototype and low volume molds
  • Development and production of control gauges and jigs and fixtures

Company develops and produces plastic products and components, which combine plastics with other materials such as metal. Most of the highest precision molds are developed, engineered and produced internally.

High Tech Plastics (HTP) Fohnsdorf GmbH is one of the company of group called HTP High Tech Plastics GmbH.

HTP High Tech Plastics Gmbh

  • Eumigstrasse 6, 8753, Fohnsdorf , Austria
  • +43 (0) 3573 3106 - 0
  • +43 3573 3106 5581
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