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GMV, founded in 1984, is a Spanish private capital business group with an international presence and more than 3000 professionals. In its early days, it focused on providing solutions for the space and defense sectors, being the contract for the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) the beginning of its growth. Over the years it has diversified its operations and expanded into other fields becoming today's technology group, which comprises 11 areas of specialization: Space, Aeronautics, Defense and Security, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Automotive, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Digital Public Services, Industry, Financial sector, and Services.

Nowadays it provides high-tech products, services and solutions that keep sustainable development in mind and are designed to serve society. The company's growth strategy is based on continuous innovation

GMV has offices in 12 countries and clients on five continents. It has CMMI level 5, the highest level of this maturity model for improving the capacity of software development processes.


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Jose Neves
+35 121 382 9366
Head of DepartmentAerospace, Security & Defense
+35 121 386 6493
GMV-SKYSOFTTorre Fernao de MagalhaesAv. D. Joao II Lote 1.17.02, 7? Andar1998 - 025, Lisboa, Portugal


SIMA (Simulated Integrated Modular Avionics) is a simulation environment for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) based on the ARINC 653 standard. SIMA provides robust partitioning, including time partitioning, on top of the Linux operating system.

By strict and proven conformance to the ARINC 653 specification, SIMA guarantees equal behavior of applications on the development host and the target platform. In a context of growing complexity and cost of avionic systems, SIMA is a non expensive alternative for debugging, testing, simulation and training of IMA systems.

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AIS (Automatic Identification System) products of GMV offer a wide range of benefits to the Maritime Administrations, Port Authorities and Logistics Operators placed in the ports. The AIS system is a continuous and autonomous communication system that works in the VHF band of the mobile maritime sector; it is capable of exchanging information about identification, position, course, speed, and other data amongst vessels and coastal stations.

It has capacity to manage multiple reports and to update frequency and is based on the SOTDMA (Self-Organising Time Division Multiple Access) technology.


SIGMA (Generic Advanced Command and Control System) includes the following components:

  • Data Management Module as per MDC2ET, ATCCIS, …
  • Interface module with COE tools and interoperability with other systems
  • Communications management module (PR4G, RBA, LAN)
  • Sensor management module (GPS, range finder, radars, etc)
  • GIS presentation and overlapping management module
  • Operation and mission planning and plan generation module
  • Operations conduct and replanning module
  • Mission analysis module
  • Integrated logistics support module


GMV is involved in different simulation area activities, developing the following technical competencies:

  • Physical and mathematical modeling of complex electromechanical and electronic systems in their operating environment (such as atmosphere models, radioelectric environment models, etc.).
  • Development of simulation software for implementing the above models both for offline and real time operations.
  • Real-time operating systems.
  • Development of real-time simulation software kernels.
  • Simulation analysis tools (such as Monte-Carlo analysis techniques, simulation session storage and playback, statistics techniques, etc.).
  • 4th-Generation Simulation Tools and Languages (such as SIMMOD, SIMSCRIPT, MODSIM, MATLAB/SIMULINK).
  • Operational research techniques.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop design simulation techniques.
  • “What-if” analysis techniques


GMV has developed the following technological competencies in this field:

  • Development of data processing centers with application of data mining techniques.
  • Development of data models.
  • Development of data merging applications.
  • Development of telecommunications signal automatic analysis and evaluation systems.


GMV has developed different capabilities applicable to C3I systems, including:

  • Planning, monitoring and mission control systems, fully applicable to these systems, such as operational planning techniques, simulation techniques for decision-aid implementation, remote-data-based alarm detection and management techniques, distributed and semi-distributed remote control system techniques, etc.
  • Design and management of civilian and military communications systems. In the military setting, GMV has experience integrating frequency-skip feature radios with its command and control systems.
  • Public network secure data communications systems that may enable the reduction of the cost of developing and implementing future C3I systems and their integration with other international systems.
  • Operator data display using state-of-the-art ergonomic techniques, synoptic generation, graphic animation, etc.
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) in which the company even has proprietary products especially adapted to command and control system development.
  • Design of complex data management models and in-depth knowledge of the most common military data models (ATCCIS, MCCIS, ASCA, Adap-3).
  • Development of critical real time software for secure applications.
  • Command and control system interoperability.

Thus, for instance, PCGACA system is level-five interoperable with the Spanish Army’s Command and Control System. PCGACA is also ASCA interoperable, as shown in JWID-2003, exchanging data with Raytheon’s AFATDS system.


GMV has the following technical competencies in this area:

  • Test sequence definition and specification software.
  • Test bench automatic control software, including equipment or test system bound stimulus generation and analysis of their responses.
  • Hardware/software interfaces for test equipment, system excitation and measurement of their responses.
  • Simulation of test equipment or system operating environment.
  • Real and deferred time test result capture and analysis software.
  • Test specification languages, including natural-language-to-test-operation language converters.
  • Data acquisition card specification, management, configuration and programming.
  • Commercial programming and development environment management: LabWindows/CVI, LabView, etc.
  • Standard bus management for data acquisition and instrumentation: VME/VXI, Compact PCI/PXI, GPIB, etc.


Using GMV's knowledge and significant role in the area of satellite navigation and its key position in major European navigation initiatives and programs, GMV has developed proprietary technology with direct application to the defense area. The most significant of these technologies include:

  • Spectrum use optimization for satellite radio-navigation signals.
  • Integrity and WADGPS signal generation, complementary to basic radio-navigation signals, for enhancing basic critical application system performance.
  • Multifrequency and multistandard receiver processing software (such as GPS + GLONASS + EGNOS).
  • Relative, and cinematic differential processing of satellite radio-navigation signals for enhancing GPS system performance enabling its use in applications such as topography, unprepared runway and mobile platform aircraft approach and landing aid (such as carrier ships), rocket launcher tube and other systems orientation determination, other radio aid system calibration, etc.
  • Localization-communication system integration for fleet management optimization.
  • GPS-UTC time base use for synchronization applications in TDMA communication schemes


GMV has experience in the development and integration of systems that allow complete management control of guest, personnel and vehicle access into buildings, as well as other types of facilities such as ports or ships. In this area, GMV provides a completely open, totally integrated solution in compliance with all the functions and needs requested by the client.

GMV Innovating Solutions S.L.

  • Isaac Newton, 11 Tres Cantos, E-28760 Madrid, Spain
  • +34 91 807 21 00
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