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Otis Elevator Co. Kuwait, is the world’s largest manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. While the company manufactures, installs, modernizes and maintains elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, the heart of its business is problem solving. Whether a customer needs a sophisticated elevator system for the tallest building in the world or a simple lift for a two-story home, the company is dedicated of providing the safest, and the most reliable solutions possible.

Otis has full technical and product support for the country's operations through its worldwide management controls. Currently, in Kuwait the company has around 4000 units under service with full supporting infrastructure through computer controlled maintenance systems, full tooling, and spare parts for all products sold. Otis trains its staff regularly on all new systems.


Otis offers a comprehensive line of elevator choices designed to meet vertical transportation needs of every type and design.

  • For Low-Rise,
  • For buildings up to 20-40 meters,
  • For Mid-Rise,
  • For Buildings up to 150 meters,
  • For High-Rise buildings,
  • For Residential purposes,
  • For Machine-Roomless Space-saving solutions.


The company takes pride in delivering prompt, professional services, as it has the experience, knowledge and uses the latest technologies in order to receive clients' assurance.

Main Services

  • Otis Maintenance Management System (OMMS),
  • Replacement parts,
  • OTISLINE® communications center,
  • eService.


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Mohamed Ismail
+965 9 980 6297
Customer Defender
+965 2 246 4862
Al Tijaria Tower, 10th Floor, Al Soor Street, Area 2A, Mergab block 3, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Otis Elevator Co. Kuwait

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