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Intermarine, is an Italian shipyard, designing and producing vessels for commercial use, for leisure and for defence. On December 2012 the Company has incorporated Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, Conam and Rodriquez Marine System trademarks. Intermarine has the capability to build vessels in the range up to 70 meters using all established shipbuilding materials, mainly aluminum and composite (or FRP, Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

A dedicated department within the shipyard, produces, since 1998, auxiliary on-board components, including monitoring and control systems, hydraulic systems, and stabilization systems, installed onboard most of the Company vessels and marketed globally as well.

The Company, in its long history, has heavily invested in technological research devoted to the best development and exploitation of the construction materials (FRP and aluminum), along with hull optimization and stability systems, so that the history of Intermarine is a succession of “technological first”:

• in 1956 Rodriquez, today Intermarine,  launched the first hydrofoil for commercial application   (“Freccia del Sole”)
• in early Eighties Intermarine  launched the “Lerici” Mine Countermeasure Vessels, the first large GRP vessel built in “monocoque single-skin structure, without reinforcement”
• in 1993 Rodriquez delivered the first and still the fastest monohull ferry for passenger and vehicles (the “Guizzo”, a 100-meter vessel capable of a service speed of 47 knots)

The continuous investment of Intermarine in the field of technological research and of innovation, has kept the Company on the leading edge of the marine technology. The Company operates three shipyards in Italy: the synergy between the specific production facilities and the research, engineering and development centres, allows for the transfer of technology and know-how to the diverse elements of the group, thereby maintaining a continuous quality improvement and an optimization of the production processes.


MCMVs - Intermarine is worldwide renowned for its sophisticated Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMVs) in composite material, supplied to many of the world leading Navies.

FPBI - ntermarine is worldwide renowned for its Fast Patrol Boats and Fast Patrol Vessels, in composite material and aluminium.

HYDRO OCEANOGRAPHIC - Intermarine has designed and built catamaran-type hydrographic Survey Vessels in composite material for the Italian Navy.


Monohull - Proven disegn Monohulls up to 70m, delivered in different versions to meet any owner specific requirements.

Hydrofoils - Wordwilde known for the production of Hydrofoils delivered in over 24 countries.

Catamarans - High technology wavepiercing catamarans and traditional catamarans to transport passangers and cars with unparalleled stability and comfort.


Stabilization Systems - RMS has developed and supplied several stabilization systems including fins and T-foils for fast ferries application. Motion Sickness Incidence Systems are also part of technical background of RMS.

Steering Systems - RMS has already developed and supplied systems for vessels ranging from 20 to 75 meters. On demand is able to provide customized system for larger ship.

Bow Thrusters - RMS production of bow thrusters is very wide and includes tunnel and retractable units. For military vessel has been also developed a shock resistant “take me home system”.

Intermarine S.p.A.

  • Via Alta 100, 19038, Sarzana (La Spezia), Italy
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