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The speciality of TSS International B.V. is: Armour Mobility. Based in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, decades of experience has helped family business TSS to a leading position in the European market of vehicle mobility products. As an official distributor of Rodgard, Hutchinson, MOV’IT, B&G Electronics, SkyDex and Téleflow, TSS supplies  mobility for countless civilian and (para)military applications.

Rodgard Runflat Systems are mainly fitted on any vehicle which cannot afford to stand still due to one or more flat tyres. Many military vehicles such as the Patria, Fennek, Bushmaster, MB G and Boxer use TSS-supplied Hutchinson VFI Runflats, which meet NATO Finabel A20A (20A5) runflat standards. These practically indestructible runflat inserts function as a Bead Lock, too. Combining Hutchinson VFIs, 2-piece rims and Téléflow Central Tyre Inflation Systems assures an uncompromised off-road mobility for the toughest of conditions.

With “civilian” armoured vehicles (CAVs) becoming heavier and heavier due to increasing threats, TSS has developed Heavy Duty Wheels in 18” and 20”, with TüV-verified payloads of 1600 and 1800kgs. MOV’IT Security Brakes are engineered specifically to allow 6-ton CAVs such as the Toyota LC200, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Suburban and many others, to stop safely and reliably.

TSS ProtecTank® is a self-sealing and/or explosion-suppressant and flame retardant protection for fuel tanks. This innovative solution can replace the heavy steel which is often used to protect the fuel tank, saving a large portion of weight. TSS ProtecTank® can be made to measure for civilian and military vehicles.

In case of an under-vehicle  IED explosion, SkyDex shock mitigation mats act as an energy absorber between the vehicle occupants’ feet and the fast-moving armoured steel floor of the vehicle. Injury risk is decreased from 100% to 10%. Battle-proven and widely (retro-)fitted in the US Army’s MRAPS.

Finally, B&G Vehicle Intercoms provide true two-way communication with the vehicle surroundings from within the confined safety of the armoured vehicle. The intercoms are customisable with sirens, grill-lights, PA-strength speakers, and an active battery monitoring system to assure your (multiple) batteries are always ready to use.




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Mr. Ronald Huijzen
+31 180 618922
Managing Director
+31 180 611326
P.O. Box 2013 - 2991 DA Barendrecht - The Netherlands

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Mr. Louis Huyzen
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New Business Development
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P.O. Box 2013 - 2991 DA Barendrecht - The Netherlands

TSS ProtecTank

The external surface of fuel tanks are coated with self sealing materials to prevent leakage, and the inside is filled with explosion suppressant materials. The final outer coating is flame retardant according to the latest UL94 Standards. Besides tests with two DM51 hand grenades, TSS's fuel tanks have also undergone and withstood ballistic tests with the following types of ammunition:
• Caliber 5.56 NATO & AP
• Caliber 7.62 NATO & AP
• Caliber .44 Magnum
• Caliber .357 Magnum
• Caliber 9 mm NATO
• Caliber 12.7 (optional)
• Caliber 14.5

Independent tests have been carried out by the TNO Laboratory in Holland and the Beschußamt in Germany. The concept of TSS ProtecTank is to enhance the existing OEM tank to be able to survive ballistic and explosive attacks. The self-sealing materials are specifically developed and are capable of sealing entrance and exit holes caused by multiple shots and/or heavy fragmentation impacts.

TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels

Due to ever increasing payloads and limited availability of suitable wheels, TSS has developed a new Heavy-Duty multi-purpose wheel, which can be fitted on various vehicles. Patent Pending ® Registered Design.

All TSS Heavy-Duty Wheels are tested and approved by TuV for bending, fatigue and impact, and even when attacked, these wheels haven't cracked!

Rodgard Runflat Systems

Security & Mobility
RODGARD Runflat Systems allow your vehicle to keep driving with one or more flat tyres. This eliminates the immediate need to change a tyre or wait for other transportation and extends the mobility of the vehicle.

Leadership & Experience
With 25 years of experience and industry leadership, Rodgard runflat systems will help you get to safety in dangerous situations.

Proven Performance
RODGARD designs Runflat devices for the U.S. Army & NATO/FINABEL specifications. RODGARD has received TüV (FPT92/1655/01/08) approval.

Advanced Material Compounds
Lightweight, polyester elastomer materials provide maximum protection from breakage following a ballistic attack. The proprietary material compound is strong enough to support the load of a fully armoured vehicle.

SecureBand Professional

SecureBand is designed to simply fit over the wheel- well to prevent the tyre bead from moving into the well.

SecureBand helps prevent the tyre from coming off the wheel during a blow-out or puncture

SecureBand assists the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle as a result of a flat or blow-out.

SecureBand helps maintain mobility and braking capacity after tyre deflation allowing driver to travel to a safe stopping place.

Experience & Proven Performance
TSS International and Rodgard, world leaders in runflat technology and mobility products collaborated to offer a cost-effective solution to keep customers moving after a flat tyre. With 25 years of industry leadership and innovation, customers can be assured the SecureBand is as robust as the other extended mobility products offered by TSS. Utilizing state of the art testing facilities and technical expertise, TSS designed the world's most advanced wheel safety system. Low Cost, High Quality With the SecureBand, Rodgard has taken the well-filler wheel safety system concept to another dimension keeping low cost and high quality as top priorities.

Hutchinson Runflat Systems

The Hutchinson VFI allows the vehicle to drive safely for tens of kilometres with deflated tyres. The system improves the mobility of all vehicles which have to drive through ground, sand, mud, snow, swamp and which are equipped with an automatic or semi-automatic central tyre inflation system. Additionally the Hutchinson VFI avoids the separation of the tyre from the rim and the airtight seals against the rim prevent foreign matter such as sand or mud entering the tyre whatever the pressure.

Heavy-Duty Security Brake Systems

Armoured vehicles are designed with the greatest care, and one priority: protecting the people inside it! However, this protection comes with a side-effect: extreme weight. To be able to safely stop the vehicle, requires an extreme brake system: MOV'IT Security Brakes

MOV'IT Security Calipers are made of an extremely stiff steel compound, designed to give the lowest deflection for the most constant pressure output and highest braking force. The pistons are arranged to distribute the friction heat evenly, optimising the brake pad wear. The open pad setting assures the maximum natural cooling, and easy access for servicing.

The special compound of the friction rings assures superior thermal conductivity, which is supported by superior venting. The Double Directional Evolvent design makes sure the friction rings are able to disperse their heat quickly and efficiently. Fading is reduced to a minimum, braking power remains at its maximum.

MOV'IT Security Braking Pads do not need to heat up to function. The friction surface is enhanced for an even heat distribution and a longer lifetime

MOV'IT Security Brake Lines give a quicker and firmer pedal response. The braided stainless steel reinforcement assure constant and firm system pressure. MOV'IT Security brake lines are tested at pressures up to 290 bar.

Vehicle Intercoms

For users of armoured vehicles, it is clear that the protection level of the vehicle is at its highest when all doors and windows are closed. A road block or checkpoint’s goal might very well be to force the driver to open a window or door to communicate with someone on the outside and to weaken the protection of the vehicle. This is a situation which can be easily prevented with B&G Vehicle Intercoms. Discretely fitted loudspeakers and microphones on the outside and inside of the vehicle allow for a clear communication from within the safety of the armoured vehicle.

Optional red/blue traffic lights in the grill can help clear the way in an emergency and a battery monitor prevents that batteries are drained when a lot of electronics operate in the vehicle. TSS has solutions for a wide range of vehicles, including but not limited to SUV’s, Limousines, Personnel Carriers, Ambulances  and Cash in Transit vehicles.

Ground Bomb Killer

SEMA World has developed and patented the Ground Bomb Killer (GBK), an innovative and effective anti-bomb solution in the fight against terrorism. The GBK is designed to neutralise the blast and the disastrous consequences of terrorist bombings. Placed over and around suspicious objects (for example bags left in public places), this device can save lives and drastically limit damage in the event of an explosion.

The GBK can be used to maximise safety in anticipation of the arrival of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

GBK (Ground Bomb Killer) ensures user safety with a ballistic belt that is placed over the suspicious object to protect the surrounding area until a specialised response team arrives.

Talos: Car-Bomb Detector

The easiest way to attach an IED to a vehicle is by using a magnet. This disrupts the magnetic field of the car’s chassis. Talos uses state of the art technology to detect these types of disruptions, making it the most advanced detection system of its type in the world. Talos is tested to assure full functionality to warn customers about any danger, even in situations where there is heavy Radio Frequency interference.

Talos uses 'state of the art' CMOS technology to provide the most advanced detection system of its type available in the world today. Using microprocessor techniques, the Talos system, carries out advanced Noise Cancellation and Ambient Magnetic Threshold measurements to ensure that the system is effective even in the most intense R.F.I. testing to ensure that its performance is not affected by even the harshest R.F. environments.

Bullet Resistant Vests

TSS bullet resistant vests and clothing are manufactured according to the highest standards using the ballistic aramide materials of Twaron® manufactured by Akzo Nobel and/or Kevlar® manufactured by DuPont. Since the European standards forballistic material requires a lower blunt-trauma effect than the NIJ Standards from the U.S.A., TSS mainly produces vests to the various European specifications.

Dutch Ministry of Defence

Runflat mobilization of military vehicles: Advise and delivery of fully assembled wheel/runflat combinations for military vehicles.

German vehicle OEM

Custom made protected fuel tank: For a large German OEM car manufacturer, TSS developed a Protected Fuel Tank to the exact specifications of their new armoured vehicle.

TSS International B.V.

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