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Top I Vision Ltd., develops and manufactures tactical high-performance surveillance systems for customers throughout the world. In an age of rapid and dynamic events where intelligence is vital, Top I Vision provides the ability to detect, gather, process, analyze and effectively react in real time.

Top I Vision's business activities includes:

•Unmanned air vehicle (UAV) systems
•C4I systems
•Electro-optic systems and products
•Technology spin-offs for commercial activities

Our objectives are to combine excellence and cost effectiveness with outstanding service and customer support, to deliver high quality turnkey solutions and to improve our Customer's technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets.


The T.A.S is an advanced aerial surveillance system, based on super-light stabilized electro-optic payloads, mounted on a small and easy to operate tethered helium Aerostats (blimps).

T.A.S is operational with the IDF, Israeli police and counter terror forces, Israeli secret service and Israeli border patrol as well as several security companies and TV broadcasters.
System's worldwide sales includes: Israel, Italy, UK, Russia, Poland, Brazil, USA, Ivory Coast, SA, Australia, Argentina, Barbados, Botswana, India, Colombia, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and more.

The T.A.S is a very cost-effective real time video sensor. It provides on line aerial data, of high quality video, for both day and night.

Among other applications T.A.S units can be used for:

  • Surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition
  • Border and coastal surveillance
  • Intelligence
  • Search and rescue
  • Fire control
  • Traffic control
  • Law enforcement
  • VIP protection and more

The units are mobile and fast deployed. The Aerostat’s trailer can be towed by a standard SUV\ Van, ready for takeoff within few minutes.
The T.A.S excels as a cost-effective solution, mainly due to its low Helium consumption, and the very small crew of only three (3) operators required for operation.

The proposed platform is a 30-feet tethered low-pressure helium Aerostat. Operated in low altitude of up to 500 feet (150m), the T.A.S comply with common air-traffic regulations worldwide.
The T.A.S is a mature, operationally proven system.


The Casper 250 Mini UAV system is specially designed to provide "over the hill" intelligence as a cost effective and simple to operate system.

It can be deployed in very short time, the system operation is simple and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is user-friendly.

Today, most of the armies and defense forces acknowledge the advantages of using small UAV's that are operated from the field and supply real time IMINT without the need to schedule and coordinate aerial surveillance or risk the lives of pilots and engineers.

We put it as our mission to design the system to be as easy to operate as possible.

The system is completely autonomous, no tools of any kind needed for assembly/ disassembly of the system.

The system can be lunched by hand or by using a bungee and its landing is completely automatic as well.

The Casper 250 Tactical UAV system is designed to perform a wide variety of surveillance, intelligence and battlefield support missions, in the tactical level such as:

  • Battlefield surveillance.
  • Target acquisition and designation.
  • Battlefield monitoring.
  • Air strike control.
  • Border patrol.
  • Coast guard surveillance.
  • Damage assessment.

The Casper 250 system can also be used for civilian or commercial application such as:

  • Pollution control at ground sea and air
  • Natural disasters monitoring
  • Forest fire monitoring and control
  • Fishery and navigation control
  • General installations security
  • Gas pipelines and Oil rigs security


The Ground Control Station (GCS) is state of the art, universal unit designed to operate variety of aerial and ground platforms and is based on advanced real time software.
The GCS primary function is to control and monitor air vehicle operation and its payload. Other functions are: mission planning, pre-flight and post-flight maintenance procedures and more.

The GCS communicate with the air vehicle through a Ground Data Terminal (GDT). It transmits commands to the air vehicle, and receives telemetry information as well as real time video images.
The Ground Control Station has 2 screens – a dedicated screen for video and another one for the mission and it is right or left hand oriented.

The GCS is an integrated part in our Casper UAV systems and our extended Aerostat system the TOP I, but can also operate as a stand alone "off the shelf" product and can easily integrate with other platform.
The GCS is very compact and user "friendly" and will provide easy operation of any platform.


Our light weight stabilized payload family includes line of 0.8 kg 2 axes stabilized payloads, through our line of 3 axes stabilized payload (patented stabilization system) and up to 7 kg dual sensor payloads.

The payloads are equipped with day or night (thermal cooled or uncooled) sensors.

Our payloads are installed today on a wide variety of platforms - UAV's, small airplanes, aerostats, masts, and observation vehicles.

Top I Vision Ltd.

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