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ZVI Inc. main focus lies on products for army and police profile customers manufacturing especially medium calibre weapons and ammunition (12,7 mm – 20 mm). The most significant product of ZVI is the PL-20 Aircraft Gun Pod “Plamen”, consisting of the 20 mm two-barrel ZPL-20 aircraft gun, the KPL-20 gun pod and the 20x102 mm aircraft ammunition. This system is certified and integrated to be used on the subsonic airplane L159 ALCA manufactured by AERO Vodochody Inc. Currently supplies for Czech Armed Forces are being fulfilled. With the support of the Czech Armed Forces is the PLAMEN is being adopted also for applications on helicopter and ground platforms. This intention is being published in expert journals and also presented on conferences dealing with this field of operation. ZVI is cooperating with the research and development centres PROTOTYPA-ZM Brno, VTUVM Slavicin, VZLU Prague, VTUL a PVO Prague, UO Brno Inc., refunrbishing companies of military technology in Nový Jicín and in Sternberk.on conventional basis.

ZVI is the operator of a shooting range in Strelna where besides testing its own products, also provides analogical services for development enterprises and manufacturing companies. ZVI is participating in the organization of international shooting competitions.

ZVI removed a part of own production of ammunition to a new reconstructed factory building in Slavicin. Thereby good presumptions are given to increase production of ammunition calibre 20 mm and 30 mm in future.


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Martin Schiffer
+420 257 328 759
Marketing & Sales Manager
+420 257 325 910
Holeckova 31, Prague 5, CZ-150 95, Czech Republic


The PL-20 package represents a set of products comprising an aircraft weapons system and its ground accessories. The 20 x 102 mm weapons system consists of the ZPL-20 aircraft gun, the KPL-20 gun pod, the MPL-20 aircraft ammunition (TP, TP-T, API-T or HEI cartridges), PYR-20 cartridges and elements of the P-20 ammunition feed belt. The ground accessories consist of the feed belt charger PLN-20, the ground control device LUN 2469, the adjustment telescope RD 20-460, the gun assembly stand, the gun pod assembly, the set of spare parts 1:1 and 1:3 and the tool set. The ZPL-20 is a high rate-of-fire, two-barrels electrically controlled automatic gun for aerial usage resting together with the ammunition box and the electronic control block in the KPL-20 gun pod. The pod may be suspended under a standard NATO pylon and is standardly linked to the board control computer of the aircraft.

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KEVIN is a small self-loading pistol designed for short-distance fire up to 15 m. Due to its small dimensions and light weight, it has been meeting demands in respect of common life, health and property protection of citizenry, or as a secondary weapon for a special police and military use. Pistol is made in range of the 9-mm Browning Court cartridge (.380 AUTO) or 9 mm Makarov and for foreign countries the range 9 mm P.A. with a rubber projectile. It has found plenty of satisfied customers since its first introduction on the international fair trade IWA 2007. The pistol has a dynamic breech, DAO trigger mechanism, and fixed sight. The pistol does not require any safety lever due do the DAO system. Its frame is made of a high strength aluminium alloy, the barrel and slide of steel. A comfortable and precise fire is secured by the use of a reverse gas withdrawal to slow down the slide (patented).

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FALCON is a modern medium-caliber 12.7 mm sniper rifle for ground and special forces designed in particular for combat destruction of light AFVs and special technical targets up to the distance of 1,600 m. The rifle may be also used for protection of strategic civil and military objects, i.e. airfields, power stations, storage facilities etc. FALCON is a single-loader, repeating rifle with a Mauser-type locked breech and shortened (bull-pup) casing. The basic rifle layout is supplied with a day-type sight (ZD10x50) or with an optional passive night sight (ZN 6x). For emergency use without optics the weapon is equipped with mechanical sights. As an option, a two-round magazine may be fixed to the weapon. An efficient muzzle brake and a spring-loaded recoil pad secure high recoil shock absorption, thus adding also to the rifleman‘s safety. The rifle consists of two detachable parts, a weapon casing with a sight and a barrel with a bipod, thus enabling its rapid disassembly and assembly without any tools.

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MPL-20 aircraft ammunition (TP, TP-T, API-T or HEI cartridges)

The ammunition is compatible with the M39 / M56 / M61A ammunition series. Technical data: Aircraft ammunition 20x102 Calibre 20x102 Cartridge weight 262 g Maximum cartridge length 168 mm Projectile weight 101 ± 1,3 g Powder charge weight 39 g Mean projectile velocity V10 (V23) 1 041 ±15 m.s-1 (1030 ±15 m.s-1) Mean hit diameter in the distance 500 m <=348 mm Types – NSN Code HEI - 1305160042374 API-T - 1305160042375 TP - 1305160042376 TP-T - 1305160000168


The production of ammunition 30 x 173 mm, at collaboration with foreign partners, intended and qualified for using together with 30 mm cannons Bushmaster II/MK44 and Mauser MK 30-2 has been started: • Cartridge 30 x 173 APFSDS-T - subcalibre, armour-piercing, stabilized on track through to use of stabilizer in which a tracer is pressed. A projectile is consisted of two main parts - a penetrator and a carrier (sabot) formed by three segments falling off after shot. • Cartridge 30 x 173 mm MP-T/SD - multifunctional - armour-piercing, fragmented, with incendiary result, with tracer and self-destructive system.


Pyrocartridge PP-3 • (M014998-100) into the pyrotechnic pistol of holder bomb or into the fire extinguishers in aircrafts and helicopters Pyrocartridge PP-9 • (M011998-100) for lock opening of aircraft cabins Pyrocartridge PP-3M • (M185998-100) into the pyrotechnic products: 1. URM (accelerate rocket engine) 2. PDR (pyrotechnical cylinder for pulling in shoulder safety belts) 3. KVK (control panel of the variations of the catapulting sequences) 4. POZ (pyrotechnical cylinder for opening lock) located in the system of ejection seat VS-2 and blow of the overlap cover of aircraft cabin L-59 Pyrocartridge VVPR • (M868998-100) • (120-4-2785) into the VVPR (ejection cylinder bond of shoulder) of pilot by catapult Pyrocartridge PP-ZU • (M186998-100) into the electro-pyromechanical generator TVM (telescopic ejection mechanism) and into the electro-pyromechanical generator VMP (catapulting mechanism of the parachute) for touch off the mechanism weight Pyrocartridge PP-GP • (M193998-100) • into the PDR (pyrotechnical cylinder for pulling in shoulder safety belts) and PDB (pyrotechnical cylinder for tightening of waist safety belt) in the system VS-2 • into the GP (gas generator) for ejection seats • into the KVK (control panel of the variations of the catapulting sequences) to fail-safe give-and-take of binding both of seats the aircraft L-59 Pyrocartridge PP-ZGP • (M183998-100) source of the pressure gases for delay system touch off TVM hea Pyrocartridge PPM-2 • (M159998-100) for function of locks PPO (fire fighting equipment) Elektro-pyro hammer EPÚ • (M015998-100) for loading of launcher tubes of signal cartridges Electric primer screw EKW-23B • (M241998-100) for ignition of black-powder cartridges


CNC machining centers: X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Table Work piece max. VMC 50 1000 mm 500 mm 500 mm 1200 x 500 mm 120 kg DMU 80T 800 mm 400 mm 500 mm Ø 800 mm 80 kg Picomax 100 2000 mm 400 mm 350 mm 2000 x 500 mm 30 kg Schaublin 33 500 mm 250 mm 400 mm 320 x 320 mm 20 kg EMCO 300 420 mm 330 mm 400 mm 850 x 325 mm 15 kg BPC 320 320 mm 250 mm 300 mm 300 x 300 mm 30 kg DMU 60 730 mm 560 mm 560 mm 1000 x 600 mm 100 kg

Czech Ministry of Defense

  • Development and deliveries of 20mm Aircraft gun pod “Plamen” including ammunition
  • Sniper rifle Falcon
  • Pyro programm

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG

Manufacturing parts of textile machineries

Step Tec AG

Manufacturing parts of machining centre

ZVI a.s.

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  • +420 257 325 910
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