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Mintra A.S., is a leading provider of training and competence services. The Company helps its clients achieve their organisational and business critical goals.


Mintra has more than 65 highly skilled employees with competence in:

  • Competence Management
  • Project Management
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
  • Pedagogical Design
  • Programming

Mintra is also highly skilled in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSE&Q).

Products & Services

  • Competence Management
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Bespoke e-learning and film productions
  • Off-the-shelf course products
  • E-learning Authoring Tool

Mintra’s vision is:  “Enriching people through knowledge.”

Contact info #1

Ivar Viktil
+47 24 15 55 00
Managing Director
+47 22 42 60 61
Storgata 1, P.O. Box 8945 Youngstorget, N-0028 Oslo, Norway

Contact info #2

Tone Wold
+47 24 15 55 00
+47 22 42 60 61
Storgata 1, P.O. Box 8945 Youngstorget, N-0028 Oslo, Norway


Mintra’s competence consultants provide valuable, goal-oriented competence management, and assist training departments, HR departments, and project organisations.


Mintra’s vision is “Enriching people through knowledge”.  Mintra’s competence consultants use this vision when we work with our customers to develop their employees, so the employees receive professional development training that is beneficial for both the organisation and themselves.


Together with training departments, HR departments, HSE departments, and project organisations, we strive to achieve your organisation’s goals.

We help our customers to:

  • Implement a Learning Management System (LMS) in the organisation
  • Strengthen the organisation’s internal transfer of competence and exploit the organisation’s collective knowledge
  • Strengthen the organisation’s internal training
  • Ensure that official competence requirements are followed
  • Develop job descriptions and competence requirements for positions and roles
  • Develop competence plans, routines, and a methodology for competence mapping
  • Establish, procure, and structure course material
  • Administrate courses and course booking for internal and external courses


Mintra delivers custom, interactive e-learning courses and film productions that will give you a measurable effect and support the learning strategy in your organisation.

Media-Rich E-learning Courses & Film Productions
Mintra is known for its engaging and motivating e-learning courses, with high levels of interactivity and multimedia effects.  Mintra also has its own sound studio and film studio, with a green screen and editing suite, enabling us to create exciting film productions to integrate with our learning solutions.

Educationally Sound
For the past 13 years, Mintra has been a leader in innovative e-learning, and our methodology is firmly rooted in recognised pedagogical principles.

For every development project, Mintra conducts pedagogical and technical analyses, which help define the project’s framework factors:

  • Object and Main Learning Objective
  • Target Group
  • Learning Situation
  • Course Content
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Evaluation

Learning Management System (LMS)

Mintra’s Learning Management System - Trainingportal is a comprehensive, web-based learning platform that will help you effectively administrate courses and competence.

Mintra AS is a central collaboration partner, when it comes to ensuring high quality and developing relevant competence through modern learning systems.  Mintra AS is responsible for Trainingportal.

User-Friendly Access to All Training Initiatives
On Trainingportal, course users can easily log in with their own username and password, and receive access to both classroom courses and e-learning courses.

As courses are completed, they are logged in the system; for e-learning courses, it happens automatically.  Course users can print out certificates of completion and maintain an overview of their courses.


Mintra Publisher is an authoring tool that will enable you and your organisation to develop high quality, interactive e-learning courses.

Develop and Maintain Your Own E-Learning Courses
Mintra Publisher is a powerful authoring tool that puts you in a position to develop and maintain interactive e-learning courses yourself.

You can easily build a library of modules and sequences, and establish an efficient production cycle from need to launch.

Power Point, Photos, Illustrations, Animations and Video
Mintra Publisher can import Power Point presentations and Word documents, so you can convert existing documents to e-learning, quickly and easily.

Uploading photos, illustrations, animations, and videos with Mintra Publisher is also a breeze, allowing you to develop e-learning courses that include a vast array of motivational factors.

Talisman Energy - Management System E-learning Program - Talisman Energy Norway AS

When Talisman Energy Norway AS (TENAS) upgraded its management system, TENAS Management System (TMS), Mintra was chosen to develop an e-learning course to ensure that all of Talisman Norway’s employees understand the functionality of the new system. Employees gain an understanding of policies, guidelines, and principles through case studies and by solving relevant exercises. After completing the course, users will also be able to find/maintain documents relevant to their areas of responsibility.

The Norwegian Armed Forces - CV90

Mintra has developed an e-learning solution for technicians in the Norwegian Armed Forces on the CV9030N tank.  The e-learning course is based on 3-D illustrations that enable visualisations of complicated systems and processes.


The Norwegian Armed Forces HR Tool ORG3/P3

Over the course of two months, approximately 200 course participants have given feedback on the course “E-learning for The Norwegian Armed Forces HR Tool” on the Norwegian Armed Forces’ training portal.  The feedback has been extremely positive, both when it comes to content and the comprehensive training solution, says Pal Andre Ramberg, consultant for the Norwegian Armed Forces’ School of Administration.



On commission from SAS, Widerøe, Norwegian, Blue1, and others, Mintra has developed an e-learning course on security.  The course is comprised of 10 modules that employees must go through once a year.



Mintra has developed an e-learning program that deals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  The course was commissioned by the Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization (LHL).


Mintra A.S.

  • Inger Bang Lunds vei 16, NO-5059 Bergen, Norway
  • +47 55 98 63 00
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