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OSKAR PEDERSEN A.S., is a specialist supplier in the health, safety and environment sector. The company supplies complete packages of personal protective and safety equipment and workwear. Oskar Pedersen sews uniforms and workwear for direct delivery to armed forces.

The company also manufactures a variety of military supplies for the defence industry, such as cleaning waste and patches for weaponry and folding cots for army camps. Its co-producers are located in a number of countries including the Netherlands, Poland, the USA and the Far East.

Products selection

  • Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs)
  • Reversible camouflage suits
  • Camouflage systems
  • Hydration systems
  • Field gear
  • Sleeping gear
  • Boots
  • Ballistic armour
  • Special operations gear
  • Quartermaster stores
  • Military unit equipment
  • Army camp supplies

Contact info #1

Tomm Pedersen
+47 4 810 1222
Managing Director
Postboks 701 Vestre Strandgate 19b 4666, Kristiansand, Norway


In collaboration with its American partners, Oskar Pedersen has developed a highly advanced, reversible Gore-Tex™ Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). The BDU is made of a double-layer infrared neutral fabric lined with Gore-Tex™.

The garment is reversible, hereby incorporating day with night use or woodland with desert in a single garment, along with a number of other options.


The Pro Comfort concealable lightweight bulletproof vest is designed for continuous use under clothing. The design is ergonomic and elastic and allows for easy mobility. A steel plate can be inserted in the front pocket to give added protection to the heart area against steel-core bullets and pointed weapons. Stab resistant panels can also be incorporated in the structure of the vest.

The protective capabilities of the Pro Comfort concealable bulletproof vest are specified and tested by independent ballistic laboratories according to international standards and special requirements set by individual clients.


Oskar Pedersen is a distributor of Eska flight gloves for jet and helicopter pilots, special forces and military gloves. The gloves are designed especially for unparalleled grip, as well as providing excellent moisture transport and resistance to chemicals. The jet pilot glove is designed for extreme demands with unique sensitivity in the fingertip area. The jet pilot glove is manufactured using Nomex® and specially prepared Pittards'® pilot leather, with or without Gore-Tex®.

The helicopter pilot glove is similar to the jet glove but provides additional protection in the knuckle area. The immersion suit glove has a latex cuff that matches the latex cuff of the immersion suit, making it 100% waterproof. The military glove for ground forces is made from hydrophobic NATO leather, Kevlar® and Gore-Tex® and acts as a reliable, 'all-rounder', adaptable and usable in almost any situation. The special forces gloves are developed from the military glove, using Nomex®, Kevlar®, waterproofed leather and Gore-Tex® with special processing to guarantee optimum protection and sensitivity.


Oskar Pedersen has, over the years, expanded its product range in collaboration with foreign partners to include consumer goods. Personal safety equipment is now one of the largest areas targeted by Oskar Pedersen through a connection between personal safety and defence gear.

As one of Norway's specialist suppliers in the health, safety and environment sector, the company can supply complete packages of personal protective gear, safety equipment and workwear.


We are marketing one of the leading producers of lifejackets and buoyancy aids in Europe. Our aptitude has been strengthened continously through new developments and inventions according to updated requirements.

A working suit with built-in buoyancy - the "Regatta Combisuit" - was made by this company already in the mid 1970's. A buoyant sweater was developed and launched by Regatta in 1991. "Regatta Thermo Cruise", the first thermal lifejacket in the world, was approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in 1996, and Thermo Cruise Baby got its approval in 2002.


Oskar Pedersen AS offers logistics and storage solutions for every purpose. Oskar Pedersen has been chosen by the Norwegian Defence as its supplier of aluminum boxes because of their high quality and prices.

All of our aluminum boxes are delivered with IP54 grade, anti-rust components, NATO and UN number. All boxes can also be delivered with special customized fittings.


Oskar Pedersen AS has accomplished the delivery of 48 20ft shipping containers for special departments of the Norwegian Defence. The containers are constructed and fitted according to the specifications from the Defence and delivered with complete documentation.


Oskar Pedersen has the logistical solutions for transport of liquids, water, fuel, or chemicals. Our manufacturer has the markets highest endurance capabilities and lifetime for its products. We can deliver from 50 to 50,000 liters.

Aluminum Containers to FLO/NDLO

A two year contract to supply multiple use storage containers to the Norwegian Defence Logistical Organization.

Terry Towels to FMV Sweden

A two year contract to provide FMV Sweden with terry bath and terry cloth towels.

20L UN Jerry Fuel Cans to FMV Sweden

Contract to supply FMV Sweden's logistical department with 30,000 units of 20L fuel cans.

Steel Vacuum Flasks to FMV Sweden

Contract awarded for a customized thermos solution for Swedish soldier equipment.

Oskar Pedersen A.S.

  • Skibåsen 35D 4636, Kristiansand, Norway
  • +47 3 810 60 00
  • +47 3 802 17 55
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