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Lane Design, is a Brazilian company specialized in Product Design and related Technical Services for the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. Founded in 1991 by the accomplished designer, aviation enthusiast and aviation artist Lauro Ney Batista, a veteran designer in the A&D industry, Lane Design's offers a complete pack of industrial design services, within the new PLM (Product Lifeclycle Management) concept, from the early sketches of the product conception, up to the customer support service, as follows:

Lane Design has almost 20 years of experience in high-quality services for the automotive, aerospace and defense industry, including:

  • Product Conception (preliminary design) for commercial proposals and presentations
  • Product Conception (advanced design) for technical specifications and engineering development
  • Product Design (engineering design) for prototype and production purposes
  • Technical Documentation – From the preliminary Specs of the product, up to the Customer Support Manuals
  • Engineering Mock-ups and Scale Models for exhibitions and airshows


About Aerolane Aviation

In 2008, we founded the Aerolane Aviation to be the industrial division of Lane Design. This division is focused on the management of our contracts within the Aerospace & Defense industry and on the development of our own products as well.

Aerolane Aviation works for most of the Brazilian aeronautical companies, like Krauss Aeronautica, Hangar-3, ACS Aviation, Flight Solutions and Neiva Aeronautica (Embraer Group), among others, performing duties of concept design, structural design, interior design, systems design and technical publications.

At present, Aerolane Aviation division is developing several own projects, including “Museum Quality” static replicas of historic aircraft and warbirds (at present, we have a Messerschmitt Me-109G2 full-size, all-metal replica under construction) and the Aerolane 200, a sport-trainer ultralight airplane.

Lane Design (Aerospace) - Pictures

Contact info #1

Lauro Ney Batista
+55 12 3931 9156
Senior Designer
+55 12 3931 9156
Avenida Iguape, 491 - Jardim Satelite, CEP 12230-720 - Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Brazil


Using to advantage the acquired experience and "know how" in more than twenty years of work in the industry of high technology, designer Lauro Ney Baptist also offers to consulting services technique, lectures and management training for some applications, including:

  • Creation and Development of the Product
  • Quality applied to Project and Design
  • Rules of Design and Assistance Technique
  • Publication development Techniques Development of CBTs (Computer Based Training)
  • Attendance to the Customer and "feedback"
  • Efficiency and work in team ("team building")
  • Propaganda and Marketing

These services are developed of personalized form, as the specific necessities of each company.


Consulting and Special Services

UIn the area of Technical Publications, Lane Design is proud of being a quality reference and efficiency, mainly in the aerospace industry and in defense, where many times it works in partnership or in parallel with companies in Brazil and, usually, presents a result equivalent or superior.

The Lane Design develops any type of Publication Technique, in civil or military norm, including:

  • Manuals of Production
  • Manuals of Assembly and Installation
  • Manuals of Operation
  • Manuals of Maintenance
  • Manuals of Training
  • Illustrated catalogue of Parts
  • Commercial and Technical brochures
  • CBT - Computer Based Training (training for computer)

The publications are elaborated in agreement to the necessities of each customer and the requirements of each product, inside of the applicable norms and with standard of international quality.

The publications can be developed and deliver in conventional graphical environment (printed matter); in electronic media (CD-ROM), for visualization in computer and posterior impression; or in interactive environment (hypertext), for applications in internal net (Intranet) or the Internet.


The equipment market of military use is the specialty of the Lane Design.

Being 25 years in this segment, designer Lauro Ney Baptist worked in practically all the projects of greatest importance developed by the national industry since the decade of 80 until the present moment. This list includes cars of combat, aircraft, rockets, missiles, radars and other systems of weapons.

With a great experience and knowledge in the sector, the Lane Design offers a complete range of accessories for the companies of the branch, since the creation of the product, until the activities of after-sales, including:

  • First draft for commercial proposals
  • Development of Product
  • Development of mock-up and archetypes for assays and analysis of engineering
  • Normalization of Structure of the Product, Documentation, Methods and Processes and Control of Configuration, comforted to MIL (military) and applications
  • Technical Publications of all the types, for internal use (company) and external (customer)
  • Development of courses of Training for Computer (CBT - Computer Based Training)
  • Illustrations for commercial presentations and of marketing
  • Analysis and logistic consultances of operational, assistance technique and after-sales

All the services offered for the Lane Design are developed inside of the most modern concepts of Management of Projects, having included system PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and series ISO 14,000, beyond the applicable norms to each product in particular.


- Krauss Aeronautica website (agricultural aircraft designed by Lane Design)


- Hangar-3 Aeronaves website (sport aircraft designed by Lane Design)


- ACS Aviation  (sport aircraft parts designed and produced by Aerolane Aviation)


- Flight Solutions  (UAV aircraft parts and systems designed and produced by Aerolane Aviation)


- Neiva Aeronautica (Embraer Group) website (technical publications produced by Lane Design)


- Mectron website (defense products and technical publications designed by Lane Design)

Lane Design (Aerospace)

  • Avenida Iguape, 491 Jardim Satelite, CEP 12230 720 Sao Jose dos Campos SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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