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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
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Inbra Aerospace, is one of the companies of the Inbrafiltro Group and produces different armored parts for aircrafts against fragmentation and weapons, cockpit doors, composite materials parts made of aramid, carbon and glass fibers. It also produces aeronautic transparencies like windows, canopies and laminated windshields. Development of special products for specific applications can also be offered.

GRUPO INBRAFILTRO - A synonym for Research, Technology and Innovation

Since 1979 and today with 5 industrial units (InbraFiltro, InbraBlindados, InbraTêxtil, InbraGlass and InbraAerospace), the INBRAFILTRO GROUP offers protection to life, producing more than 70 different products and 400 items. Moreover, it renders services in several different areas.

The group has a range of products which goes from technical fabrics for filtration to armoring of civil and military vehicles and aircrafts. As a 100% Brazilian company, the INBRAFILTRO GROUP is proud to hold several national and international certificates and NBR 15100, which guarantee the total quality of its products.

In order to establish a well-balanced relationship between man and the environment, the company properly applies the technology and demonstrates the respect to consumers and the commitment to their satisfaction.

The INBRAFILTRO GROUP search for new technologies and innovation, developing new products and constantly investing in research, in order to increase the total quality of its products.

Among several developments of the group, we can highlight the Light Armored Vehicle (VBL), aimed at special safety operations for the Armed Forces and the different Military Police Forces.

Another important issue is the armored cockpit door for the modern Embraer’s EMB 170/190 jets. The INBRAFILTRO GROUP has transferred to Brazil the technology to produce last generation ballistic laminated glasses, which follow the most severe international standards, as well as the quality of optical inspection. The major characteristic of the new raw materials composition of the transparent ballistic laminated is not to have any delamination, as well as to withstand multiple shots.

As far as safety materials are concerned, the INBRAFILTRO GROUP has the approval from important European and North American institutes, such as the H.P.White Laboratories (USA) and the Mellrichstadt Institute (Germany). In Brazil, besides the homologation by INMETRO, it holds all the necessary certifications to supply to the Armed Forces, Military and Civil Polices, as well as to the private security companies.

The company offers to its employees a proper working environment, with adequate value and training programs.


The Inbrafiltro Group has the objective to search and innovate technologies, developing new products and constantly investing in research. Integrated production chains and improvement of its own equipments have been factors which contribute for the total quality of its products (civil and military vehicles, helicopters and aircraft uparmoring; laminated plain and curved ballistic glasses for civil construction, automotive and aerospace industries; bullet-proof vests, combat helmets, ballistic shields; non-metallic and asbestos-free brake shoes and pads; industrial filters and technical fabrics).


Contact info #1

Jose Sampaio Alves
+55 11 2148 8652
Business Director
+55 11 4543 6346
Av.Papa Joao XXIII, 5153, 09370-800 MauA SP, Brazil

Contact info #2

Eduardo Rodrigues
+55 11 2148 8600
Development Director
+55 11 4543 6346
Av.Papa Joao XXIII, 5153, 09370-800 MauA SP, Brazil


Ballistic laminated glasses

  • Vehicles
  • Civil construction
  • Aerospace
  • Railway trains

Ballistic laminated glasses

  • Reinforced against shock
  • Reinforced anti-vandalism


  • Bullet-proof vests
  • Ballistic and combat helmets
  • Ballistic shields
  • Asbestros free friction materials
  • Industrial technical fabrics
  • Filtration materials


Parts in composite materials

  • Aramid fiber
  • Carbon fiber
  • Glass fiber

Transparent parts for aeronautics.
Armored cockpit doors


Special vehicles - light armored vehicle.


  • Armored vehicles for civilian use
  • Special armoring
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Helicopters
  • Aircrafts
  • Boats

Industrial Units of INBRAFILTRO


Technology & Innovation

InbraAerospace supplies aircraft parts made of composite materials, from different raw materials, which follow a rigid control of international standards. It also develops and produces all the transparent parts for civil and military aircrafts.

Always linked to technology and innovation, InbraAerospace offers the following products:

Armoring for ammunition up to .50” AP-M2:
Developed with an in-house technology, it has been applied to the Embraer’s military aircrafts ALX-314 Super Tucano since November 2006. It withstands shots according to MIL-STD-662 and it is made of silica carbide (SiC) tiles, ballistic steel, aramid and elastomeric materials.

Armored cockpit door:
InbraAerospace developed, with innovative technology, an armored door, which is lighter, more resistant and easier to operate than the others available in the market. It has been used in the whole family of Embraer’s regional jets ERJ-170/175 and ERJ-190/195 since they were launched in 2003.

Aeronautic transparencies:
InbraAerospace is the only Brazilian company which offers laminated and thermoformed transparencies technology needed to produce windshields for military aircrafts, special windows and canopies being used in military aircrafts since 2002.

Aeronautic composite parts:
Modern installations to produce aeronautic prepregs and composite parts. The plant has certifications for the norms AS-9100 and NBR 15100 and produces a wide range of parts made of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and glass fiber laminated in a clean room and cured in autoclave.


A safe and modern car armoring

InbraBlindados is the largest car armoring company in Brazil.

The company is currently active in the international market assembling armored vehicles in Mexico for Latin America and USA.

In Brazil, InbraBlindados is the partner of the major car makers. Moreover, it has homologated partners in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Recife and Fortaleza.

InbraBlindados uses high-tech raw materials and offers different levels of ballistic protection, which meet the requirements of national and international standards. It has more than 300 models of vehicles already developed and special armoring for heavy vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts and boats.

The big difference of InbraBlindados in the market is the SpaceGlass® - a product developed by InbraGlass, with 75% of transparency and the only one with a 5-year guarantee against delamination.

Modern and effective ballistic protection.

InbraFiltro produces all types of ballistic materials, for any application, from fixed or movable equipments to personal protection. These items are produced with raw materials, production processes and technology with the approval of well known ballistic laboratories (H.P.White, Mellrichstadt and Marambaia) and meet the most severe technical requirements for all norms used as a reference in protection against fire arms.

InbraFiltro is the only company in Latin America to produce ballistic protection for any needs. Another responsibility of the company is to improve the Light Armored Vehicle (VBL), developed for special safety operations. With a big operational mobility, the vehicle is equipped with several items for attrack and defense, depending on the customer’s choice. Fully projected within InbraFiltro, the VBL has been a target of high interest from the Armed Forces and the different Military Police Forces in Brazil.

Last generation armored glasses.

InbraGlass is the first and only company in Brazil to develop last generation ballistic laminated glasses, which follow several international standards.

Produced with advanced materials, SpaceGlass® is supplied with a 5-year guarantee. With this technology, delamination (air bubbles which affect the efficiency and appearance of armored glasses) disappears.

Due to its construction, the glass produced by InbraGlass does not generate fragments when hit and withstands several impacts.

It was only possible to have this new product after a high investment in the production process, which counts on high precision equipments like: computerized glass cutting machine, ovens for curving with programmable logic controller and an automated optical laboratory for analysis of distortion, which allow a differentiated control over the production of armored glasses with state-of-the-art technology.

SpaceGlass® has been tested at the H.P.White Laboratories in the USA and at the Brazilian Army.

High technology in personal protection and quality of life.

InbraTextil is responsible for the production of aramid fabrics, a nylon derivative used in armoring of cars, aircrafts and equipments. The company also produces synthetic yarns fabrics for the segment of ballistic protection, industrial filtration and technical fabrics. Besides, it produces materials for the segment of life protection, such as combat helmets, electric sticks, bullet-proof vests and anti-riot ballistic shields.

Another issue refers to friction materials. Brake linings, brake pads and brake shoes for trains and rolling bridges are manufactured with longer life and give more safety during braking. All these items are made of aramid fiber, 100% asbestos free, which guarantees respect to life and the environment. It is important to mention that these items do not generate noise and have high heat dissipation, which reduces the number of cracked surfaces.

Inbra Aerospace Ind. e Com. de Compostos Aeronauticos Ltda.

  • Av. Papa Joao XXIII, 5153, 09370 800, Maua SP, Brazil
  • +55 11 2148 8600 
  • +55 11 4543 6346 
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