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Assensys B.V., is specialised in the processing of energetic materials on industrial basis for defense, para-military as well as civil use (safety and security). Assensys is the successor of several of the former activities of Franerex B.V. in the Netherlands.

After finalising the activities of Eurometaal N.V. Zaandam and the ammunition assembly and integration activities of its subsidiary Franerex B.V. in 2003, Assensys is the only remaining industrial plant for processing larger quantities of explosive, propallents and pyrotechnical material in the Netherlands.

Assensys B.V. is allowed to use process and production know-how from earlier Eurometaal and Franerex activities. Assensys therefore can bow on a long history in proven ammunition production and quality track record.

Most of the former filling and assembly equipment is still available. Experienced personnel, in the preparation and handling of energetic materials are available.

Assensys B.V. can act as offset relation for direct and indirect offset for foreign suppliers of the Netherlands’ Ministery of Defense.

Assensys has specialisation in the production of small batches and speciality series, pilot and qualification series It supplies the offset market and OEM.


It is Assensys’ mission to be a leading Netherlands company in the development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and handling of enrgetic materials through partnership with employees and shareholders and in co-operation with (commercial) partners.

The company focuses its efforts on satisfying customers world-wide with products of the highest quality. Assensys accepts accountability for safety and the environment and will conduct its business with integrity.

It is the company’s stategy to manufacture high value-added products for Defense and safety, to grow through industrial co-operations and joint ventures and to develop (in co-operation) new products for the market.



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Processes and key technologies general

  • Processing of high explosives
  • Processing of propellants
  • Processing of pyrotechnics
  • Integration of systems containing energetic materials


  • Melting, pouring of high explosives e.g. TNT, Tetryl, RDX, HMX etc
  • Pressing of high explosives
  • Preparation of tracer, flare, incendiary ,delay compositions
  • Processing pyrotechnical compositions
  • Processing and assembly of white phosphorous filled components
  • Assembly of pyrotechnical parts, tracer elements, delays, flares
  • Assembly of cartridges
  • Assembly of fuzes, igniters, primers
  • Assembly of training and exercise ammunitions, simulators
  • Assembly of rocket systems
  • Demilitarisation and overhaul, revision, maintenance and inspection

Production capability

  • Mortar, rifle, tank and how ammunition e.g.
  • Rounds .50”, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40mm, in AP, API, APDS-T, Tracer, IR-Tracer, HE, Frangible etc. Specials in 5,56, 7,62, 9 mm and others
  • Mortar bombs 60, 81, and 120mm, HE, Ill, WP and training
  • Tank ammunition 105, 120mm
  • Artillery Ammunition 105, 155mm and extended range
  • War heads for torpedo’s, mines, rocket systems and destruction charges
  • Propelling charges
  • Demolition charges and special demolition items for special forces, for demilitarisation
  • Ill rockets hand-hold 1,5”
  • Boosters HE and flash
  • Explosive forming projectiles
  • Illuminating flares 40-155mm
  • Igniters for rockets 2,75”and 68mm
  • Igniters for base bleed 105, 155mm
  • Percussion primers
  • Tracers
  • Fuzes
  • Delays, gasless 1-25 sec and non-gasless 1-50sec
  • Simulators ( electric) for machine gun fire, for tank gun fire etc.
  • Wear and flash reducers
  • Explosive bolts for technical, safety and security purposes.
  • Initiators for civil use

Assensys B.V.

  • Heimolen 24 4625 DB, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
  • +31 164 26 30 74 
  • +31 164 26 30 55 
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