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PIEP Associacao Polo de Inovacao em Engenharia de Polimeros, is a non-profit organisation based on the Campus of the University of Minho, performing research and development in partnership with the Portuguese plastic, automotive, and medical industries.

PIEP specializes in the development on emerging technologies and materials like polymers and composites with relevance for industrial strategies within the targeted sectors, namely automotive industry, aerospace technologies and medical devices.

PIEP also contributes in the identification of research and development policies that supports innovative product development in the above mentioned industrial fields.

Some of its projects are:

  • Development of an industrial base for aerospace composite parts production
  • Aerostrucutures Competence Centre
  • Cost Reduction in Aerospace Composites
  • Life ECOVIA
  • Vulnerability analysis for near future composite and hybrid aerostrucutres hardening

Its associates are plastics converters, mould makers, other companies related with the plastics sector, associations, the University of Minho and other public institutions.

As a national reference centre for polymer engineering, its core business is focused on the development of innovative products and applications based on the use of polymers and composites, covering a wide range of engineering skills from materials, product engineering, modelling and processing.

PIEP's activity is based on the development of industrial Rand D projects, always supported by a strong technical and scientific infra-structure, with scientific experts in the different polymer fields. The development of new materials for special applications, design of innovative products and cost effective solutions from concept to production, as well as effective processing technologies.

PIEP Associacao Polo de Inovacao em Engenharia de Polimeros

  • Universidade do Minho, Campus de Azurém, 4800-058, Guimarães, Portugal
  • +351 253 510 050
  • +351 253 510 059
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