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FT SISTEMAS S.A., is a Brazilian company involved with Aircraft Control & Information System Design, Aircraft and Subsystems Dynamics Modelling, and Aircraft Flight Simulation. The Company's team includes electronic, aeronautical and computing engineers.


Company's mission is to provide innovative solutions and efficient and profitable development of aerospace systems.


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Contact info #1

Nei Salis Brasil Neto
+55 12 4009 9535
+55 12 3876 7717
Parque Tecnologico - Sao Jose dos Campos – SP – Rod Presidente Dutra, Km 138, 12247-004, Brazil

Contact info #2

Osvandre Alves Martins
+55 12 4009 9531
+55 12 3876 7717
Parque Tecnologico - Sao Jose dos Campos – SP – Rod Presidente Dutra, Km 138, 12247-004, Brazil


Flight Technologies, offers high technology solutions to support the development and operation of aerospace vehicles. The services include: flight testing planning and execution, flight vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics modelling and navigation and control system design.     

Flight Testing

Flight Technologies’ flight testing services include the flight vehicle instrumentation and the flight test campaign planning and execution. This approach provides the right way to flying qualities and performance modelling, with accessible cost for light aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles development programs. 

Flight Dynamics & Simulation

In order to develop high fidelity flight simulations and very reliable fly-by-wire and adoptive control systems, Flight Technologies relies on its system identification and parametric estimation high knowledge. It is applied during dynamic and aerodynamic modelling purposes for flight simulation developing and for control systems design 

Control & Navigation Systems

Flight Technologies also offer services for conception, development and implementation of control and navigation systems for manned and unmanned aircraft. The solutions include fly-by-wire control systems with fault detection and isolation and control reconfiguration. In addition, artificial intelligence is applied for mission planning and management, providing efficient and reliable high autonomy flight vehicle systems for on board decision making during dynamic scenery environments.

FlightTech EFIS

The FlightTech EFIS - Electronic Flight Information System is an innovative solution which brings the comfort and design of the Glass Cockpit technology to small aircraft. This is the Flight Technologies’ first step towards the developing of high technology flight information and control systems for small aircraft and represents its know how in sensing, control and embedded solutions.

FlightTech ADS

The FlightTech ADS- Air Data System provides the air data acquisition and processing to flight testing execution and control and information system design applications. This system is especially designed for unmanned aerial vehicle and small aircraft instrumentation, with a mini and very light air data boom, a robust conception and reliable operation.

FT Sistemas S.A.

  • Rod. Pres. Dutra, s/n - Rio Comprido, SP, 12240-420, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
  • +55 12 3932.6200
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