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UNIPOWER Czech s.r.o., specializes in manufacturing, distribution, marketing, selling and installing mobile power. UNIPOWER is an electric generator small in size, big in efficiency. UNIPOWER generators give 230V AC, welding current and 12/24 V DC.

Futher the company engages in the sales of the Czech manufactured MEDVED generators.

An integral part of UNIPOWER Czech s.r.o. strategic focus is that all worldwide marketing and distribution is strongly backed up by highly skilled technical and commercial products support teams, on a regional basis.


  • To offer highly effective solution whenever and wherever there is a need for electric power.
  • To expand sales of our products to Europe and around the world.

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  • UNIPOWER Atest of Ministry Of Transportation Certificate–registration No.: 2 220
  • EN ISO 9001 Certificate-registration No.:  TS 16 949
  • MEDVED Certificate–registration No.: 600 14065

Contact info #1

Miroslav Hink
+420 545 233 682
+420 545 233 988
Komarovska 17, 617 45 Brno, Czech Republic


All the power you need wherever you go. 230V power supply from a 12V or 24V vehicle system

Unipower is a special kit featuring a multipurpose alternator and microprocessor driven power control unit. Fitted to any vehicle, boat, earthmoving equipment, stationary motor or off-road vehicle it provides a safe, portable power source for farmers, tradesman, military and emergency vehicle also used for refrigerator trucks, air compressor rental equipment, leisure bus, boats, sky-lifts etc., what is more, Unipower enable to weld, grind, drill from your vehicle as well as can be used as a boost charger to another vehicle’s battery.

The Unipower Kit

  • Special wound multi-purpose alternator (can be used either in conjunction with, or as a replacement for existing alternator)
  • Control module
  • Loom, hand throttle and cable
  • Complete welding leads and Battery Booster Clamp

Features of the Unipower Kit

  • Solid state circuitry
  • 230V Alternating Current (AC)
  • Welding capacity up to 180 amps. 100% duty cycle
  • Safety protection. Over-voltage battery Protection, Overload Protection
  • Power tools protected against voltage surges
  • Design to maximize engine cooling at low RPM’S while the vehicle is stationary
  • Safe to use in vehicle with electronic instrumentation

Benefits of Unipower

Compactness: Unipower can transform practically any vehicle into a mobile power-house. It fits snugly into the engine compartment or any other convenient space. It is so compact there’s hardly a vehicle Unipower won’t fit into.

Welder: Weld from your vehicle with safe, powerful direct welding current. Weld any electrode up to 3.2mm including aluminum and stainless steal. Unipower is completely safe for the operator, the vehicle’s electrical circuitry and provides sufficient power to weld and operate lights up to 150 Watt, simultaneously. The units are also fitted with an ampere adjuster to set and weld current whilst retaining optimum striking voltage. The current is generated by an alternator; therefore the frequency is much higher (3000-7000 Hz) than a normal welding machine. This means that the penetration achieved is much higher then normal. Conventional welders require higher amperage to generate the same degree of penetration.

Another benefit of the Unipower is that the type of current produced minimizes losses through weld cables. This enables the operator to employ welding cables of up to 50m with minimal losses. As you can see the Unipower welders have many benefits for those persons requiring superior welding performance.

230V Power Supply

Unipower is portable generator wherever you go. It produces constant 230V power supply for all electric hand tools. For example:

Unipower can power commercial grinders up to 235mm
(9 ¼”) or  3,000 Watt rating.
Our units can also operate Soft Start Grinders

Unipower provides constant 230V power for filament lights and Halogen lamps. The unit will run most Sodium and Fluorescent lights as well.

Various other applications

The possibilities are endless
Power Tools i.e. such as Jack Hammers, Drills, Chain Saw, Brick cutting Saws, Radial Saws, Hedge Cutters, Auger Drills, Post hole diggers, Brick cutting Saws, Radial Saws, Hedge Cutters, Auger Drills, Post hole diggers, Borers, Compressors, Pumps, Induction motors etc.

Household equipment i.e. microwave oven, television, VCR, fridge, kettle, hairdryer, hotplate etc.

Battery Charger
Unipower can boost 12 Volt and 24 Volt with battery booster clamp up to 175 Amp. The Unipower has a tapering charge that does not overcharge the battery and therefore prevents battery plate overheat.

Unipower recommends that installation is done by a qualified or competent fitter. If in doubt consult your Unipower dealer for approved installer.

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MEDVED generators provide energy for professionals in demanding condition such as in building industry, in an emergency, etc. - wherever there is a need for a stable and reliable single-face or three face electric current.


  • High quality, reliability and safe to use
  • Very low noise level       
  • Easy to manipulate Low operating cost

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Unipower Czech s.r.o.

  • Miroslav Hink, Svatopetrská 35/7, 617 00, Brno, Czechia
  • +420 545 233 682 
  • +420 545 233 988
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