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Lankhorst Yarns produces high-quality technical yarns and tapes. Using innovative techniques and expertise that has been carefully acquired over many years, the company converts the needs of customers into innovative solutions. Their rich history and wide range of products have enabled the company to gain a leading role in the world market. Lankhorst Yarns works closely with renowned institutions and universities of applied sciences to develop new innovations. Production takes place in Maia, Portugal (near Porto). Management & Sales are based in Sneek, The Netherlands, the place where it all began in 1803.

Reliable partner, flexible manufacturer

The market sees Lankhorst Yarns as a reliable partner for technical yarns, tapes, fences, geotextile yarns, synthetic grass yarns and yarns for the horticulture and cable industries. Many of their products are custom made and are manufactured using highly advanced technology. Lankhorst Technical Yarns is a flexible manufacturer that acts as a sounding board for its customers, providing them with inspiration and delivering guaranteed high-quality products.

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Anti Ballistic

PURE® High impact can be applied in several anti ballistic and blast protection applications. The company is constantly exploring new applications and working with top test institutes.

· Blast protective panels
· Anti ballistic panels (also in combination with ceramics)
· Anti blast waste bins for public places
· Spall-liners
· Demining Masks

PURE® Blast Basket

The PURE®  Blast Basket has excellent anti ballistic and energy absorbing properties. It captures most of the metal fragments and redirects the blast waves upwards. The company can offer various solutions in containing a blast depending on customer requests. Example is a 35 kg blast basket which can handle a 1 kg TNT bare explosive charge. The dimensions of this basket are 408 mm high, 485 mm in diameter.


In upcoming new ELV directives in the automotive industry are stimulating the use of 100% recycling material. Next to that PURE® offers a high stiffness and strength which can ensure a low weight in a part compared to glass filled materials. Another important feature is the impact behaviour which even at -40°C is superior to existing materials.

Application possibilities:
· Under body shields             
· Interior panels
· Scuff plates                       
· Impact panels for minivans                                                       
· Wall panels for motorhomes and trailers

Advertising panels

PURE® advertising panels are light weighted and show very good impact behaviour. This makes PURE® panels ideal for applications like billboards (Promoflex) or advertising panels in sport accomodations (Promodur).


Standard PURE® panels show very good impact behaviour, even at low (-40°C) temperatures. This enables uses for protective purposes. PURE® is easy to transform into thick (>3mm) panels. There are no technical limits towards thickness of the panels. This also enables customers with sheet pressing facilities to produce PURE® panels themselves. Fabrics and panels can be supplied with UV protection. PURE® on PU, PVC or honeycomb is possible and available.

Applications possibilities:
· Architectural Panels                   
· Sandwich Panels


PURE® shows good compatibility with other materials PURE® and is(fabric or sheet) excellent as a reinforcing material. It adds local strength or stiffness member. Already adding one layer of fabric in for instance an injection moulding or thermoforming process will increase properties on a very economical way.

Consumer Products

In consumer applications PURE® offers a solution because properties like; lightweight, high impact, high stiffness and easy processibility.

Application possibilities:
· Suitcases                              
· Helmets
· Flight cases                           
· Sportsgear            
· Kayaks

Testing equipment

Testing equipment is available to monitor tape quality and/or other extruded products and for research purposes.

Examples of in house test possibilities:
• Tensile property testing for tapes and sheets 
• Bending property testing for sheets
• Tensile property testing for tapes and sheets
• Bending property testing for sheets
• UV testing lab machine (Xenon)  
• Creep test equipment
• Density test equipment
• Sealing test equipment
• Yarn abrasion resistance device
• Raw material check (DSC) 
• Impact test equipment
• Moisture analyser

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