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Carmel Forge was founded in 1961 and is a self-contained modern and comprehensive forging house producing a wide range of both Titanium and Nickel Alloy parts for the Aero Engine and Power Generation Industries. Our up-to-date equipment includes two 12,000 Ton computer controlled Screw Presses, a powerful fully automated Ring Rolling Facility, additional presses for pre-forming, computer controlled electrical Heat Treatment Furnaces, Etching Lines, fully automated Ultra Sonic Immersion Tanks, a modern cellular built Machine Shop, extanded Laboratories and a wide range of Robot Manipulators.

Carmel Forge’s Mission is to fully support its valued customers, leading Power Plant manufacturers around the globe, by:

• Providing high level quality products
• Increasing safety performance levels
• Decreasing operational costs
• Shortening the lead time between receipt of specifications and final delivery of products
• Concurrent Engineering capabilities on new programs
• Pull system capabilities
• Real-Time Logistic visibility through the Internet on a 24/7 basis

Carmel Forge guarantee its products to not only meet customer’s expected standards, but surpass them.

All departments - Engineering, Metallurgy Quality Assurance and Production are fully dedicated to the stated goals of this mission. To ensure it is constantly fulfilled Carmel Forge have established innovative R&D; highly efficient operating & management methods; state-of-the-art forging technologies; and the most stringent criteria of quality control.

The introduction of a unique Forging Simulation System supports Carmel Forge’s engineers in calculating improved processes to lower production costs and significantly shortening the lead time between order placement and delivery of products. 


Design Capabilities:
Experienced and strong Aerospace Engineering and Metallurgical teams assisting customers from the development to the production stages including concurrent engineering using the following tools:
• State- of-the- art CAD/CAM systems (Unigraphics®)
• Simulation System (modeling), including grain evaluations
• PDM System (TeamCenter®)

Production Capabilities:
• High premium rotating critical closed die forgings & seamless rolled rings (Forging& Rolling modern computerized control)
• Discs Impellers, Hubs and Stub-shafts: up to 450mmØ (Nickel Base) to 650 mmØ (Titaium Base)and a weight of 400Kg (880lb)
• Cases, Seals (Seamless Rings) up to2000 mm OD and a weight of 400 Kg (880 lb)
• Tool design and Production in house
• Heat Treatment per AMS 2750
• Solution Aging, Tempering, Quenching (oil, water and forced air)

Testing Capabilities:
• Dimensional: In-Process CMM inspection
• NDT: Penetrant, MPI, Ultrasonic-Immersion, Visual Inspection
• Material Testing
• ISO 17025 & NADCAP accreditation
• Tensile (Room & Elevated Temperature)
• Stress Rupture
• Impact
• Metallographic Inspection
• Specimen Preparation using CNC 6-axis Water- Jet cutting
• Hardness: Brinell & Rockwell


Carmel Forge offers a large variety of Disks and other rotating and critical parts such as:
• Low Pressure Compressor Disks
• High Pressure Compressor Disks
• Low Pressure Turbine Disks
• High Pressure Turbine Disks
• Fan Disks
• Blisks
• Impellers
• Hubs 
• Critical Air Frame Parts

Pre-forming on the Ring Roller and finish forge on the Presses extends diameters and weights to:
• Titanium Alloys: up to 26" diameter and 770lbs,
• Nickel Alloys: up to 16" diameter and 350lbs


Forging the future with a state-of-the-art Ring Roller Facility for the Aerospace and Power Generation Industry
A unique, fully computerized Ring Roller for Seamless Rings and Disks In keeping with its well known tradition for continuously striving to improve its services, Carmel Forge is offering the production of seamless rolled Rings, Cases and Disks (Low Pressure Compressor) on its modern Ring Rolling Facility. The Ring Rolling Facility is built to manufacture of sophisticated ring shaped products of up to 2,000 mm (80") in diameter. In addition to the powerful and fully automated Ring Roller, the facility contains 2 precision Electrical Rotating Furnaces, a state-of-the-art computer controlled Robot Manipulator, hot sizing equipment, a computer controlled Etching Line, high precision CNC Turning Lathes and others.
The Rolling Mill, with its innovative design and computerized control, rolls both non-uniform and asymmetrical ring shapes, as well as Disks with excellent properties and repeatability.

Carmel Forge rolls rings for following applications:
• Seals
• Spacers
• Intermediate and Low Pressure Turbine Cases as well as Compressor Cases
• Spools for Low Pressure Compressor Disks (single segments and Drum Monoblocks)
• Ring shaped Low Pressure Turbine Disks

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Carmel Forge Ltd.

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