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Throughout the years Metalicone became a second name to a precision machined parts and systems manufacturing in various industries. Mr. Steff Wertehiemer, the founder of the ISCAR GROUP established Metalicone in 1999. The ISCAR Group is a part of the Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Organization and is a world renounce leader in the production of metal cutting tools for the last 60 years. That wealth of experience set the foundation for Metalicone intelligent metal cutting know-how and advance manufacturing technics at present.

Perfecting those technics over the years and additional advanced methods of the manufacturing process brought Metalicone to the forefront of precision metal cutting parts and systems production in a wide range of industries.

Metalicone consist of a highly capable team of 170 dedicated employees, which is operated out of a 7000 Square Meters space of two facilities located in Lavon, Israel and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Metalicone’s put special emphasis on uncompromised Quality procedures that guides our daily operation by using strict guidelines. Metalicone is certified and conforming to the AS9100 aerospace standards, ISO 14001 environment management standards, OHSAS 18001 the International Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards, and ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards.


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Manufacturing Range

Metalicone specializes in producing precision metal parts through hardened tool steel, stainless steel, Aluminum & Magnesium Alloys, Brass, Ceramic materials, composite and brittle materials.

Manufacturing envelope:
• Cylindrical parts – Ø20 to Ø 620mm X 2,200 mm
• Polygon / Cube parts - 800mm.
• Plates – 1000 mm.

Aviation Parts

Metalicone's products for the aviation industry include the landing gear system for Elbit Systems.

Multi-profile Cylindrical Parts

Metalicone's wide variety of machinery enables the production of relatively  uncomplicated cylindrical part (parts requiring turning) to very complex multi-profile parts (parts requiring turning and milling on more than one surface).

Multi-profile parts require highly sophisticated machinery, enabling Metalicone to provide the best possible results — utilizing minimal machine time and delivering maximal accuracy.

Fixtures & Gauges

Fixtures and gauges are produced using milling, turning, grinding, and EDM technologies and may include heat and surface treatments. These systems may also include standard purchased items such as pins, screws, sliders, handles, springs, O-rings, pistons, or any other required component.

Tailor-made fixtures/assemblies are manufactured according to customer specifications, such as designated clamping devices and clamping fixtures for the machine tools industry, measuring devices for jet engine turbines, air foil blades, and special designated gauges.

Metalicone handles the purchasing, inventory documentation, part production, handling, assembly, inspection, packaging, and dispatch.

Rigid Metal Parts

Metalicone's RMP production cell utilizes four-axis high-speed milling centers, machining hard materials at up to 60HRC. This technology enables the company to mill hardened steels, getting outstanding results at relatively low cost. Metalicone manufactures accurate forging dies to service some of the most demanding industries, such as the aerospace industry.

Complex Cast Parts

Metalicone produces intricate precision parts by applying metal cutting technologies to cast and forged steel. Metal products with complex shapes and high precision demands may be produced by casting or forging and then finishing the products through metal cutting.

Metalicone’s expertise combines know-how, equipment and suppliers in order to serve customers in this field. The company uses high quality forging and casting suppliers, or the customer's own cast/forged raw materials, in order to finish the parts by using its in-house core technologies.

Printing Scope

Since 2007, Metalicone has been developing a new expertise. The company has invested in a new plant which produces highly intricate DRUMS for the commercial printing industry. It is capable of manufacturing up to 446mm diameter X 1,500mm length products, while achieving geometrical tolerances of a few microns.

Metalicone’s involvement from the early DRUMs engineering stage synchronizes between the design and the production technology, thus assuring high quality and optimizing the cost effectiveness of the manufacturing.

Supported by a skilled supply chain, assembling capabilities and a dedicated quality control for this activity, the company delivers a wide range of complete assembled  drum units.

Mechanical Systems

Metalicone’s new mechanical systems integration plant adds value to customers by providing comprehensive mechanical systems integration solutions under one roof. The plant’s solutions are based on Metalicone's in-house high-precision manufacturing and logistics capabilities, including sub-contracting and procurement.

Metalicone’s extensive experience in the production of complex sub–assemblies includes sub-assemblies with more than 300 components. Today, Metalicone supplies sub-systems to vendors in the areas of commercial printing machines, semiconductors and machine tools.

Metalicone is currently expanding its one stop shop solution to other customers and prospects who are interested in outsourcing their subsystem assemblies.

Milling Centers

• DECKEL MAHO DMU 70 evolution Linear 5 Axis     
• DECKEL MAHO  DMC75V  Linear  5 Axis     
• Haas VM-3 – (3 axis CNC)      
• Mori-Seiki NH6300 DCG (4-axis CNC)     
• Makino A51 (4-axis CNC)     
• Deckel Maho DMU 50 5-axis (19.7 ” x16.5 ” x15 “ )
• Deckel Maho DMU 70 5-axis (29.5 ” x23.6 ” x19.7 ” ) 
• Matsura MAM 600 HG (4-axis CNC)
• Matsura RA3f (3-axis CNC)
• Makino A55 (4-axis CNC)
• Makino Asia A33 (3-axis CNC)
• Makino MC98 (4-axis CNC) (35.8 ” x31.9 ” x29.5 ” )
• Haas VF-0 (3-axis CNC)
• Bridgeport
• Kondia Powermil

Lathe Centers

• TRENS SN500X1500 CE Execution     
• Okuma LT-200 (CNC)      
• (1) Okuma TWIN STAR LT300-M     
• (1) Mazak int300-III-ST Multitasking Machine Center    
• (1) Okuma TWIN STAR LT300-M
• (1) Mazak int300-III-ST Multitasking Machine Center
• (2) Mazak int300-IISY-U1000 Multitasking Machine Center
• (1) Mazak int300Y Machine Center
• (1) Mazak int200 III ST Machine Center
• (1) Okuma LB15II-M (CNC)
• (1) Okuma LB15II (CNC)
• (1) Victor (CNC)
• (1) Harrison M450
• (1) Schaublin 125
• ** - (1) Mazak int200 III ST Machine Center    
• ** - (1) Mazak int300-2SY-U1000 Multitasking Machine Center
• ** - (1) Mazak Nexus
• ** - (1) GEMA LZ 170

** - Machines located in Germany

Surface Grinders

• (2) ESG-1228ASD
• (1) Jones & Shipman 1400X
• **- (1) Jones & Shipman Tec Master 844X

** - Machines located in Germany

Cylindrical Grinders

• (1) Kellenberger: Kel-Varia UR 1-2-3 225/1000 (CNC)  
• (1) Kellenberger: Kel-Vera UR 1-2-3 175/400 (CNC)  
• (1) Studer S-40 (CNC)     
• (1) Kellenberger: Kel-Varia UR 175/1000 (CNC)
• (2) Kellenberger: Kel-Varia UR 250/1500 (CNC)
• (1) Kellenberger: Kel-Universal U 1000
• (1) Studer S-20
• (1) Studer S-30
• ** - (1) Studer S-30
• ** - (1) Studer S-33 (CNC)

** - Machines located in Germany


• (1) PETER WOLTERS 3R 1200 RPL    
• (1) STAHLI FLP-900 (Ø14.37”)
• ** - (1) PETER WOLTERS-3R 900GR

** - Machines located in Germany


• (1) Agie 100D
• (1) Makino U-53


• (1) Makino EDNC 65
• (1) Sodick A65R

Measuring Equipment

• (3) CMM DEA XYZ Global Performance    
• (1) CMM – DEA Global     
• (1) CMM Euro-C 7106
• (1) CMM - Mitutuoyo Euro C-A544 (60”x15”)
• ** (1) CMM - Mitutuoyo Euro C-A544 (60”x15”)
• (1) CMM - Mitutoyo Strato 710 (20”x20”)
• (1) Profile Projector - Sigma HB400
• (1) Profile Projector - Nicon V- 12B
• (1) Height measurement system; Trimos TVA 600 
• (1) Height measurement system; Mauser 2000
(1) Height gauge; Tesa Hite 350 PLUS E
• ** (1) Height gauge; Mahr EGEMAR DX1
• (1) Surface Analyzer; Mitutoyo
• (1) Lab grade surface plates (up to 100” x 38”)
• (2) Roundness and form Measurement MAHR MMQ44 CNC (up to Ø11.8”x21.25”) 
• ** (1) Roundness and form Measurement MAHR MMQ44 CNC (up to Ø11.8”x21.25”)

** - Machines located in Germany

Laser Marking

• LASIT Flexymark+ X + Y    
• (1) Lasit – Laser marking machine

Metalicone Technologies Ltd.

  • Lavon Industrial Park, M.P. Bikat Beit Hakerem, 25127, Jerusalem, Israel
  • +972 4 908 9860 
  • +972 4 958 9255 
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