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Chemring Nobel AS, High Energy Materials is a major supplier of high explosives such as HMX, RDX, explosive compositions based on those and also energetic plasticizers such as Butyl-NENA as well as other more sophisticated explosives.

The Company's products are applied in main and precursor charges, boosters, demolition charges, gun and rocket propellants, shock-tubes, detonating cords and perforator charges for both commercial and defence markets. All explosives are exported as bulk materials from Norway.

Chemring Nobel is a qualified supplier for a wide range of weapon systems, ammunition as well as for commercial systems in the oil and gas industry. US, German and NATO military specification requirements are used as reference for most of the products offered.


Contact info #1

Jerry Hurum
+47 32 27 85 76
Sales & Marketing Manager
+47 32 27 86 10
Engeneveien 7, 3475 Saetre, Norway

Contact info #2

Erlend Skjold
+47 32 27 86 00
Managing Director
+47 32 27 86 10
Engeneveien 7, 3475 Saetre, Norway

Contact info #3

Hanne Barreth
+47 32 27 86 00
Sales Assistant
+47 32 27 86 10
Engeneveien 7, 3475 Saetre, Norway


HMX is produced to meet customer requirements and military specification standards. Particle size distributions from <10µm to >1,000µm are available. Three different levels of quality are offered.

  • HMX Grade B (RDX-content <2%) is our baseline quality
  • HMX High Purity (RDX-content <0.2%) can be supplied on special request
  • RS-HMX Reduced Sensitivity HMX can be supplied on request for potential use in IM


Energetic Plasticizers ALKYL-NENAS

Bu-NENA as well as Ethyl and Methyl-NENA (MEN-42) are energetic plasticizers produced in industrial quantities based on a Chemring Nobel patented process. Energetic plasticizers are used as ingredients in gun and rocket propellants and high explosive compositions.



Chemring Nobel also manufactures special products such as HNS and NTO. Modern pilot plant facilities are available for development of new products and special production programmes.

Chemring Nobel AS

  • Engeneveien 7, 3475, Saetre, Norway
  • +47 32 27 86 00
  • +47 32 27 86 10
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