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  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

APPLICA CONSULTING AS, has worked with system, software and hardware development since the company was founded in 1979. The company consist of consultants with solid background and long experience. Applica Consulting offers consultancy services within the ICT, electronics and EMC areas, and carries out projects for its contractors.

The company’s core areas:

• Software development
• Communication technology
• Data security
• Embedded systems

The company’s customers include many important suppliers and users of information and communication technologies (ICT) for civil and military usage. Applica Consulting has since the start developed advanced solutions and products for several markets.

Below are some customer and project examples

Oil, Gas and Marine

  • Aker Kværner Maritime Hydraulics is an important customer on development of software for crane control. Applica Consulting has been part of the implementation of integrated operations in national and international oil companies.
  • Kongsberg Maritime use Applica Consulting for development of advanced process management systems. 

Information & Communications Technology

  • Applica Consulting has provided communications system development services to Thales and Ericsson.
  • Applica Consulting have been used by ABB Robotics on several embedded SW projects.
  • In cooperation with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation Applica Consulting is developing an advanced portable aid for children and adults with reading disabilities. 

Defence & Aviation

  • Applica Consulting has developed test equipment for the US Department of Defence’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
  • Applica Consulting have carried demanding system responsibilities for the development of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s new secure voice com. system, and are now engaged a related project for NATO.

Contact info #1

Lill Hege Hals
+47 38 25 8735
+47 38 25 8778
P.B. 113 4524 Sor-Audnedal, Norway

Contact info #2

Kjell Knutsen
+47 905 45 273
Board member
+47 38 25 8778
P.B. 113 4524 Sor-Audnedal, Norway

Software development

Applica Consulting offers software development for civilian and military communication solutions (applications and protocols), web-applications, distributed applications, administrative software, etc.

Services informational files

System Engineering

Applica Consulting offers consultancy services within communications technology, both within system, software and hardware development.

Services informational files

Data security

Applica Consulting offers expertise within development of secure and reliable data and communication solutions.

Embedded systems

Applica Consulting offers development of embedded systems (firmware and hardware) both for military and civilian use.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Applica Consulting offers services within the EMC-related areas: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) management and testing, Top deck design, TEMPEST protection and Magnetic signature.

Project management

Applica Consulting offers project management services throughout the whole process, from the idea phase, through design and development, till the final product has been completed and delivered.


Applica Consulting has participated in both national and international research projects. The company in the projects has worked with issues like ad-hoc networks, network management, XML, WEB-services, user facilities and user terminals for emergency services.

The research projects were partly funded by the Research Council of Norway, SkatteFUNN and the Competence Development Fund of Southern Norway.

2005 - 2008: QUAD - Quality of service in ad-hoc networks
2005 - 2008: DeHiGate - Deployable high capacity gateway for emergency services
2003 - 2005: Ad-hoc technology in emergency operation
2002 - 2003: MUNIN - Robust networks for mobile multimedia

Domestic & international companies

Applica Consulting has assisted the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation, Umoe Mandal, and a number of other shipyards with EMC management and technical solutions. EMC testing is done for domestic and international companies as:

  • Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace,
  • Kongsberg Protech,
  • Vinghøg,
  • Corrocean,
  • Otrum,
  • MTU,
  • Armaris.

Applica Consulting AS

  • Rådhusveien 5, 4524 , Lindesnes, Norway
  • +47 38 25 87 77
  • +47 38 25 70 03
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