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KEYTOUCH TECHNOLOGY A.S., designs, manufactures and markets Control and Display Systems combining Membrane Technology with Electronic and Mechanical solutions to provide customized turnkey products to domestic and international OEM customers.

Founded in the Norwegian town of Horten, Keytouch has quickly become one of Norway’s leading producers of membrane technologies. Since its inception in 1988 Keytouch has enjoyed significant growth and success, achieving ISO 9001 certification in 1994 and building up an international clientele that includes such industry leaders as SAAB, General Electric, L-3 Communications, and Norway’s leading defense manufacturer, the Kongsberg Group.

Keytouch strives to provide the best possible service for its customers and also to maintain a healthy and secure work environment. The comprehensive training ensures that our employees and management personnel are provided with abundant personal development opportunities and rewards. The company promotes a culture of personal development that enables each employee to grow professionally within the company and challenge all of the employees to ensure that Keytouch is operating to the best of its abilities.

Contact info #1

Sven-Ingve Rasmussen
+47 9 777 6055
Technology Director
+ 47 3 304 7244
P.O. Box 54 NO-3195, Skoppum, Norway


Keytouch designs and develops control and display panels tailored to customer requirements. The highly experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure that all aspects of a project are completed in a thorough and timely manner and that technology and quality are built into every aspect of the project.

Combining its core competencies, the company can provide its customers with solutions in:

  • Polymer thick film
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanics/wiring
  • Software
  • Environmental standards/testing

Keytouch Engineering Services:

    • Graphical Design
    • Mechanical Design
          • 2D design
          • 3D design 
    • Electronic design
          • Schematic design
          • PCB design 
    • Software
    • Product Design
    • Test and Qualification
    • Classification approvals


In an evolving market where product complexity increases while development time decreases, the need for modeling ahead of production is vital. Keytouch uses 3D modeling when constructing complete panel solutions that contain mechanics, printed circuit boards, and electromechanical parts.


In products containing printed circuit board we use the CAD software Cadstar, a program that enables the design of anything from two-layer circuit boards to complex multi-layer boards.

Keytouch uses Cadstar for drawing circuit diagrams, placing components, and for tracing. Following these steps, PCB documentation and production descriptions for printed circuit boards are generated. Cadstar can also be used to transfer printed circuit board outlays to 3D in order to maintain an exact three dimensional model. This is highly useful for adapting printed circuit board, mechanics, wiring, and other necessary components.


Keytouch uses the 3D Autodesk Inventor, a tool utilized for the construction and development of mechanical components and for collocation of the different parts of the product. With this tool, drawings are easily extractable and modifications to these drawings can easily be done. Autodesk Inventor can handle files of various formats, including Cadstar, as well as other 3D DAK programs like Pro-Engineer, Mechanical Desk Top.


Keytouch designs and manufactures membrane switches that are tailored to customer requirements.

The membrane switch is a flexible, space-saving, very reliable, and enduring solution. It can withstand rough treatment in harsh environments. The panels are easily installed on the final product.

Technical data

  • Thickness starting at 0.6 mm
  • Number of metal dome operation > 1 million
  • Compressive force 1.5 N – 9 N.
  • Temperature area -55 to +85 ˚C
  • Maximum voltage is 50 V
  • Maximum current is 100 mA


Keytouch designs and manufactures overlays tailored to customer requirements.

Overlays which are also known as labels or mimic panels, are commonly used to cover instrument panels, to display text, and also to act as shielding on electro-mechanical switches.

Different types of material can be used in the overlay. The type of film one chooses depends on the final purpose of the overlay. The same is true when choosing which tape to use for attaching the film to a surface. When attaching the front panel, it is critical to know the underlying surface.

  • Thickness 0.1-0.5mm                                                                
  • Temperature -55 to +85 ˚C                                
  • UV-Coating                                                   
  • Scratch resistance / Hard coating                              
  • Surface texture                                             
  • Water and dust resistance                                  
  • Thickness 0.05-0.35 mm
  • Tape quality in relation to surface


Keytouch designs and manufactures complete operator panel solutions.


Keytouch has extensive experience designing controls found in operator panels, and has the ability to communicate in a wide range of interfaces.

    * PS/2
    * USB
    * LAN / Dual LAN
    * RS-232/422/485
    * Wireless communication
    * Industrial bus

Switch solutions

Membrane switches are often the preferred solution in operator panels. To provide a more positive response, acrylic, silicon rubber, or metal switches are potential solutions. Membrane switches are available with backlighting.

Electro mechanics/wiring

The interaction between operation mechanics and electronics is one of our core competencies. This interaction demands proper electro-mechanical solutions and expertly designed wiring.


When designing an operating panel, choosing the right encapsulation is important. The encapsulation covers many factors ranging from product appearance and strength, to electrostatic screen qualities. The company adapts its solutions to meet requirements in:

    * Appearance
    * Fitting
    * Weight/strength
    * Environmental standards

HMI components

When designing a quality operator panel, deciding which HMI components to use and where to place them is vital. The company integrates the following components:

    * Display
    * Joystick
    * Trackball
    * Pointer
    * Touchpad
    * Scaler/Pot meter


Keytouch designs and manufactures silicone rubber keypads tailored to customer requirements. These keypads can be integrated into membrane switches or operator panels.

Silicone rubber keypads enable a high degree of freedom in the design of customized operator panels. The rubber, symbols, and text can be produced in any color. The keys can be produced in a range of movement characteristics and pressure resistances.

Electric solution

The silicone rubber keypads can be delivered with carbon or gold contacts that are vulcanized on the underside of the keys, enabling direct contact with the printed circuit board. Alternatively, the silicone rubber keypads can be used to cover membrane switches containing metal domes.


The backlite series is built on transparent keypads with a color coating where symbols and text are made visible by either laser etching or chemical erosion. Lighting at the back of the keypad will make all symbols and text visible in the dark. Various colors are possible and the backlight series is always combined with Duracoating.


Liquid polymer is applied to the keypad, which provides a clear, rigid, simulated plastic finish on rubber key tops that protects the key top printing and highlights the buttons. Encap is available in gloss and matte finish.

Plastic key top

Silicone rubber keypads are also available with molded plastic key tops. Plastic key tops combine all advantages of silicone rubber and plastic keypads together.


The Keytouch keyboard series has been developed to meet the specific needs and demands of the maritime market. The QWERTY keyboard is designed for maximum flexibility to allow the user to adapt a standard keypad to their specific need with very little additional development, time and cost.

The individual parts of the keyboard series can be stand alone units or utilized with the other units. Each key on the keyboards can be individually labeled and can generate the user’s required keycodes. Sequenced key codes can also be generated on a single key. The Keytouch keyboard is backlit and provides a distinct tactile feel.

The Keytouch keyboard series can be adapted to meet individual OEM customer color, logo and design requirements.

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Keytouch Technology A.S.

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