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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies

KeyTec is a global operating company with (production) subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and China. The privately owned family company has a project oriented approach with short communication lines responding fast to customer questions.

KeyTec Netherlands, the basis of the KeyTec Group, produces plastic moulded parts, metal stamped parts, combinations and subassemblies. Our one roof concept ensures customers to have the right quality with short lead times in a project oriented approach.

With focus on Design for Manufacturing and short lead times and close cooperation with selected European and Asian toolmakers as well as partners for automation equipment, the best of both worlds is combined to serve our customer in terms of time to market, costs (TCO) and quality.

The pragmatic solution oriented, creative and experienced technical staff is available for all challenges our customers will give us to industrialize products and assemblies. IATF 16949 as well as ISO 13485 certified, with an international orientation customerbase who are served from prototypes up to mass production.

Automatic Pressing & Bending

KeyTec has an extensive range of automatic pressing & -bending machines. High volume products for various industries such as telecom, lighting and automotive are produced on these machines. Typical set-ups for automatic presses producing in this case products for the automotive industry. Automatic ‘Bihler’ bending machines for producing high volume, complex, folded metal parts. Dedicated machinery for the production of 700 million battery pins per year.

Stamping & Deepdrawing

For the manufacturing of small series of deep drawn and stamped products, the company has a wide variety of machines available. Up to 30 machines are available for manufacturing small stamped products. Capacities ranging from 5 to 32 tons. Hydraulic deep drawing is done on machines up to 250 tons capacity. Larger sized products can be stamped on 10 machines with capacities from 63 up to 125 tons.


For machining (semi-) finished products, KeyTec has a fully equipped machine shop available. Lathes, milling, welding and grinding machines are staffed by experienced operators.

Injection Moulding

Low and high volumes, small- and big plastic products, it can all be produced with the available KeyTec injection moulding equipment. In total 20 injection moulding machines with capacities from 15 up to 110 tons. KeyTec in the Netherlands has available: thermoplastics, thermo set, 2 K technology, micro moulding, insert-/outsert moulding plus manual and robotized assembly cells.

In- & Outsert Moulding

KeyTec The Netherlands has a long-lasting experience in the Insert- & Outsert Moulding technology. Metal parts are automatically inserted into the mould, after which the plastic is injected and enclosing the metal part. KeyTec’s customers in this field are coming from the automotive- and lighting industry.


Based on strongly rooted skills in mechanical parts (plastic and metal), KeyTec has widened its service potential to the customer by taking over responsibility of the total sub assembly or even full end product assembly. By combining their knowledge of mechanics, decoration, metal and plastic, KeyTec provides customers with solutions that work for all their design, development and production needs. KeyTec The Netherlands can offer assembly, packaging and logistical support, thereby constructing the bridge between customers' idea and their brand.

KeyTec applied its expertise to the healthcare field by manufacturing a high precision endodental instrument combined with accessories. Another excellent example of KeyTec’s Assembly capabilities is below scanning module, to be used in handheld bar-scanners.


Advanced Materials

The company has a broad experience in the use and application of less standard materials and exotic alloys. They perform deep drawing, stamping, laser welding and turning on metals and alloys like:
Kovar or Fernico, Titanium,Oxygen free Copper, pure Nickel, Molybdenum, and Nitinol

On the plastic molding side KeyTech manufacture products, utilizing materials as Tefzel, LCP’s, PEEK, HSG (high specific gravity material), electrical and thermal conductive polymers, shielding polymers, antimicrobial polymers etc.

KeyTec Netherlands B.V.

  • Rijksweg Noord 281, 6136 AC Sittard, The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)46 4113 800
  • +31 (0)46 4113 801
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