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Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS), is a company that develops end-of-life strategies and executes the resulting solution for aircraft owners all over the world. The company is unique for its vision towards the market and the services provided.

'The development and execution of the economic best solution for the client's (old) aircraft, which is or will be withdrawn from service, minimizing any possible negative environmental impact'.

AELS has translated the mission into four basic goals. AELS

  • Maximize customers’ revenue
  • Minimize customers’ burden
  • Sustain customers’ corporate values
  • Minimize environmental impact

AELS offers a total end-of-life solution that consists of combining AELS' three main services:

  • End-of-life decision support
  • Aircraft disassembly and dismantling
  • Component management

End-of-life decision support
For many aircraft owners it is hard to determine the value of the components removed from a disassembled aircraft. This value is, however, the most important value required to make a balanced decision. AELS has the capabilities and the knowledge to determine this value and to assist customers in the decision process. The company has developed a unique End-of-Life Decision Tool that supports customers with all the required information in situations such as a fleet renewal process.

Aircraft disassembly and dismantling
AELS is an expert in the actual disassembly and dismantling process. Two activities bounded by regulations and challenges which AELS has under complete control.

Component management
Many rules apply for re-using components from disassembled aircraft in the aviation sector. AELS has the capabilities to create a turn-key solution for you with maximum revenue.

End-of-Life Decision Support

The problem
What do you do with an aircraft, which is about to be withdrawn from service? Many aircraft owners will try to find a new operator or new owner. If no new operator is found before the aircraft's last service flight, the aircraft will often be stored somewhere waiting for a new user, sometimes for years. Fact is that the value of the aircraft will decrease over these years, parking fees and maintenance costs have to be paid and the condition of the aircraft worsens. The biggest cost factor, however, is the cost of ownership.

The longer an aircraft is parked, the harder it will be to obtain a good price. Especially when more and more of that type of aircraft are withdrawn from service and are offered on the market. Storing an aircraft is expensive and will often result in selling the aircraft for a value lower than could be reached when disassembled directly after the last flight, especially when the cost of parking, until the aircraft is sold, is incorporated in the financial balance.

The solution
A, yet, not very much considered solution is to disassemble the aircraft and sell the components under the owner's supervision, directly after its last flight. It might very well be possible that the component value of the (parked) aircraft exceeds its market value as a flyer. The decision between selling and disassembling the aircraft should be primary made on economical drivers. What is the best value that can be reached? AELS brings the right knowledge to the decision makers to prevent them from unnecessary investments, like flying the aircraft to a parking location.

Next to economical drivers, AELS also considers other important elements. One should think about the air transport safety regulations and environmental aspects of the chosen option. Especially the effect of a mistake made on this field and the possible negative consequences for the identity of the company have to be taken into account.

AELS is offering support during the decision process. At the centre of this support there is a unique analysis the end-of-life decision report. This report is made with the output of the AELS' end-of-life decision tool of which the customer’s aircraft is the input.

Aircraft Disassembly and Dismantling

AELS is specialized in disassembling and dismantling in a quick and environmental friendly way.

The company offers two dismantling options:

  • Base disassembly and dismantling, the aircraft is flown to one of AELS' base locations.
  • On-site disassembly and dismantling, a custom made solution for an aircraft that can no longer fly

Base disassembly and dismantling
AELS is aware that most owners do not like an aircraft disassembled and dismantled in their backyard. Also creating a dedicated supply chain takes time and is very costly especially when this is done for a single aircraft. Therefore AELS offers the possibility to disassemble and dismantle aircraft at an environmentally sound location where the supply chain is optimized for a quick and efficient disassembly and dismantling process.

AELS currently offers base services currently at two continents. For the European market this is offered at Maastricht Aachen Airport and for the North American market at Gander International Airport. At Maastricht Aachen Airport we work in cooperation with the maintenance boulevard group.

On-site disassembly and dismantling
For some aircraft it is impossible to fly to a location where the disassembly and dismantling can take place. Therefore AELS offers the possibility to dismantle the aircraft where it is located. This can be an aircraft that:

  • had an accident and is beyond economical repair
  • is grounded due to technological shortcomings
  • is grounded due to bankruptcy of the operator or owner

An AELS project engineer will determine what needs to be done and develops a project plan. AELS will try to find local partners to lower project costs and determines every other boundary condition. The total plan will be discussed with the parties involved and every licence needed will be obtained. During the complete process you will be updated continuously and asked to reflect on the plan to make sure we will satisfy your needs.

Parts Management

After the disassembly of an aircraft several components, such as engines and avionics, can be re-used on other aircraft. Many activities, however, need to be performed before the component can be re-used on an aircraft.

Activities that are required are for example:

  • Marketing and sales of the components
  • Logistics of the removed components
  • Back-to-birth verification

AELS has the knowledge, capabilities and network to execute all activities required to re-introduce the components in the aviation sector.

Marketing and Sales
Many operators have an organisation focused on keeping the fleet operational. This particularly means that the organisation is optimised for purchasing components. AELS has a network that is specialized in selling components from end-of-life aircraft. This offers AELS the possibility to market components fast and efficient and obtain a maximum value.

Please note that AELS is not a broker but maintains an extensive network of possible buyers. This means that AELS won't stock customers’ components but will sell them even before the aircraft is disassembled. This will guarantee that clients will get their money faster.

AELS links the cost of this service to the result of the sale of components. In that way the company is pushed to acquire the highest value for customers’ components.

Components are valuable but also vulnerable. This means that they need to be dealt with in a safe way. AELS can execute all the work prior to transport. This means activities such as packaging of the components and all kinds of administrative activities. After this the components need to be transported to the (new) owner. This is not only the transportation by road but also all kinds of additional paperwork.
In some cases AELS transports complete airframes to new locations.

Back-to-birth traceability
Before components from end-of-life aircraft can be re-used, it needs to be verified that they have back-to-birth paper work. AELS can determine whether or not the components of the customers’ aircraft have this traceability, and if needed, AELS can sort the paperwork to make re-use possible.

Boeing 737-300 Germania

AELS disassembled and dismantled a Boeing 737-300 for Germania in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands. Several components were removed for Germania all remaining components are managed by AELS. The cockpit and a hull section were given an alternative home. All the remaining material was recycled.

Jetstream 31 Disassembly & Re-assembly

In 2009/2010 AELS executed a project for the University of Glamorgan. In this project AELS disassembled, transported and re-assembly a former Tulip Air Jetstream 31 from the Eindhoven airport to Pontypridd in South Wales. This aircraft with serial number 690 and was operated last under registration PH-KJG.

Ilyusin Il-18 Hotel

AELS assisted in the disassembly, transport and assembly of this old aircraft. Also assistance was provided during the rebuilding of the aircraft into a luxurious hotel suite. The project started in 2006 and was finished in 2009.

8 Fokker F27 Aircraft, Cologne Airport, Germany

A total end-of-life solution was provided for 8 Fokker F27 aircraft in one single project. This project was executed between September 2008 and February 2009.

Dismantling Fokker F27 Woensdrecht

On behalf of Fokker Services, AELS dismantled a stranded Fokker F27 aircraft at Woensdrecht Airport in the Netherlands. Before dismantling and recycling of the materials the aircraft was used for training by the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

Training aircraft Lufthansa Technical Training

AELS assisted Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) in finding a suitable aircraft for training technical personnel. The aircraft, a Boeing 737-200 aircraft, was formally operated by Aerolineas Argentinas.

DC9 nose section Schiphol

In March of 2007 AELS was approached by Schiphol to assist in the development of a new store for all kinds of aircraft souvenirs. The idea was that souvenirs such as scale models and t-shirts would be offered in this shop.

Dismantling Embraer 120

AELS dismantled an Embraer 120 aircraft at Siegerland Airport in Germany. This project was executed at the end of 2006 by AELS for Allegiance Air.

Dismantling KLM 737-400 Barcelona Airport

Between the end of April and the beginning of May 2006 AELS executed the dismantling of a Boeing KLM 737-400, with the former registration PH-BTC that was parked in a corner of Barcelona Airport.

Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) B.V.

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