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ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o., was established in 1993 as a Czech limited company. Since the beginning of the company’s existence it has involved in short arms production. The short arms range includes blank-shoot revolvers and low muzzle energy shot revolvers as well as life revolvers of .22 LR to .357 Magnum calibres. Since 2002, ALFA-PROJ has been manufacturing Combat and Defender pistols, calibres from 9 mm to .45 ACP. The company enhanced its production with air arms in 2004. Currently these include air pistols and rifles for shooting sport.

The annual capacity of the company is 25,000 arms. ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o. is the second leader in production of the short arms in Czech Republic. At the same time, the company produces handcuffs in various modifications. The handcuffs production capacity is 30,000 pieces a year.

The arms are being exported to the whole world under the marks of ALFA and HOLEK. Since its founding, ALFA - PROJ spol s.r.o. has continued in the tradition of HOLEK arms whose history dates back to the period prior to the World War One in the Czech Republic, particularly in Brno.

Along with selling its own products, the company runs retail and wholesale trade of the whole range of arms and ammunition. It has also regularly been invited to tenders in the international markets. ALFA - PROJ spol s.r.o. succeeded in recent years in a number of tenders on which basis it equipped national police corps of some countries with its arms.

Contact info #1

Jaroslav Tabery
+42 0 545 120 624
Vice Manager
+42 0 545 120 622
Zabrdovicka 11, 61500 Brno, Czech Republic

Revolvers ALFA steel 357 Magnum

The revolvers of cal. 357 Magnum have been designed to comply requirements of demanding users from among the law enforcing corps, private security agencies and citizens who take their safety seriously. The design of cartridge cylinder mounting in tilting console and shock transition control from the console to the frame considers as much as possible maintaining the minimum limits for a long time. Cylinder rotation design takes no compromise in forcing the cylinder turn by exact spacing distance to safely adjust to the barrel leaving no reckon on inertia of the cylinder to finish its turning movement. The user obtains thus a guarantee of safe action disabled when the cartridge is off the barrel axis even if the cylinder is braked, e.g. with impurities. The combination of 357 Magnum cartridge high output and our revolver makes up a reliable arms system for any crisis situation. Drop safety and all-steel design guarantee a high level of safety when carried under any condition. The accuracy and power of the six-inch version is a challenge for hunters using short guns.


The proven concept of the self-loading service and defence pistol in modern design with a polymer material frame. The breech locks in vertical movement of the barrel and the action cycle drive is controlled with short recoil of the back blow assembly. This pistol uses Browning-type breech locking system distinguished with simplicity, reliability and dirt-resistance. The trigger and striker mechanisms are designed with the minimum number of parts to allow also field disassembly for emergency cleaning. It works in both the single- and double-action modes being equipped with quick response manual safety lock. The arm is equipped with a striker lock designed to allow permanent carrying of a cartridge loaded in the cartridge chamber having the gun always ready-for-use. Low weight, high magazine capacity and simple handling are appealing for demanding shooters. The high precision permits use of the gun for centre fire shooting sports disciplines. The three effective bores and two size versions offer a selection for a policeman as well as a sports shooter.


ALFA Hunter cal. 6 mm ME Flobert
The models of this series designed to respect the low muzzle energy less than 7,5 J represent serviceability, reliability and simple handling of the revolver system in over the desk long gun version. The design and manufacturing superior quality is at the same level as those of the licensed arms. The light alloy frame contains steel casts and inserts that assure always friction of steel on steel to maintain the minimum wearing. The quality barrel and high strength heat-treated steel parts guarantee maintaining of all operation features of a new weapon. The stock design provides for comfortable aiming with both mechanical and optical sight. The ideal choice for juniors and users who require easily available and still attractive arm for leisure time. The young “snipers” and small domestic rodents will appreciate the version with the optical sight. The optical sight and installation are available as optional accessories.






ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o.

  • Zabrdovicka 11, 615 00, Brno, Czechia
  • +420 519 790 916, +420 519 790 924
  • +420 516 770 893
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