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Since its founding in 1995, AE Storhushold AS has become one of Norway’s biggest market players in the large-scale kitchen equipment industry. Since 1997, AE Storhushold AS has also had a separate department dedicated to container-based solutions for use in peace-keeping operations, supplying kitchen, sanitary, water treatment and waste incinerator systems to Norwegian military forces deployed abroad.

On 1 January 2007, this segment of AE Storhushold’s was hived off as a separate company: CAMP SUPPLY INTERNATIONAL A.S. (CSI)


To cultivate core competence in and develop the military products business area.

The company’s main focus is on container-based solutions for kitchen, sanitary, laundry, living quarters and administrative use. The company also performs technical installations of water purification systems, waste incinerator systems, power supplies, refrigerators and freezers, and air conditioning systems.

CSI has previously delivered installations to SFOR Bosnia, KFOR Kosovo/Macedonia and ISAF Afghanistan. These deliveries have included:

     • Kitchen containers
     • Sanitary containers
     • Laundry containers
     • Water treatment
     • Waste incinerator systems
     • Electrical power supplies
     • Quartering containers
     • Office containers
     • Electrical, heating, ventilation and sanitary installations subject to authorization requirements
     • Service/maintenance
     • Field hospitals
     • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
     • Air optimization and disinfection systems using filter technology and ultraviolet radiation (UVC)

The above installations have been carried out for different capacities, and dimensioned for camps comprising 250 to 1200 people.

Contact info #1

Anne Beckmann
+47 33 15 6769
Project Coordinator
+47 35 59 8161
Roraskogen 12, N-3739 Skien, Norway

Contact info #2

Stig Harald V T Andersen
+47 90 19 1953
Managing Director
+47 35 59 8161
Roraskogen 12, N-3739 Skien, Norway


CSI’s service department consists of skilled and specially trained professionals. Fixed service agreements give the customer a guarantee of reliability, ensuring that the delivered products will always deliver optimum performance. The service agreement can cover individual products, or the entire system.
Each service agreement includes inspections and adjustments in accordance with a set inspection form to ensure that all relevant functions are checked. This approach reduces the risk of unnecessary downtime. The company can also train its customers’ own staff in service and maintenance procedures.

Kitchen containers

Kitchen containers are tailor-made for rapid and flexible expansion or relocation. The standard kitchen consists of 4 container modules with the capacity to produce meals for 300-600 people. This kitchen can be expanded quickly and flexibly with 2 additional containers, increasing the meal capacity to 500-1000 people. The kitchens come in different sizes, i.e. 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-container solutions, with the largest one having a 3,000-person capacity. Set-up time for a 4-container kitchen is roughly 10 hours for two people. The containers are made for use under extreme climatic conditions. They are designed for use at temperatures ranging from -50 °C to + 50 °C.

Sanitary containers

The container is divided into two sections, one with toilets and wash basins, and another with showers. There is a separate engineering area for the water treatment system, hydrostatic system and water heater. The toilet sections contain the following fixtures: 3 toilets, 2 sinks, 1 urinal, 2 mirrors with shelves, air-conditioning, heater, bug zapper, exhaust fan and various fixture components. All of the fixtures are made of stainless steel. The shower section contains the following fixtures: 3 shower stalls, 2 wash basins, 2 mirrors with shelves, water treatment system (water softener), water heater, hydrostatic system (water pressure pump), air conditioning, heater, bug zapper, exhaust fan and various fixture components. All of the fixtures are made of stainless steel.

Laundry container

A complete container-based laundry for 250 people. The specially designed system for setting up the washing machines allows them to stand 15 cm from the rear wall (normal distance 70 cm), with just 8 cm between the machines. This allows for optimal space utilization while minimizing the volume for transport. The machines are mounted on a extendable rail system that makes it possible to pull out a machine in less than 5 minutes for service work, or so that the shipping guard can be removed.

Container-based waste incinerator systems

A waste incinerator system is built into a standard 20-foot container (NS-ISO 668). CSI’s waste incinerator concept consists of a standard 20-foot container with inbuilt personnel door, CO2 fire extinguisher, GS 500 C incinerator, which can burn solid or liquid waste, in addition to diesel tank, sludge tank (for waste oil) and top-mounted ventilation fan with 3-metre exhaust stack with cap. All pipe-laying, electrical work and exhaust stack and sludge tank insulation are included. The unit is delivered fully tested and approved in accordance with DNV regulations. All connections are run to one end of the container. The unit connects to electrical power at a single point. Power consumption: 23–27 kW. The compressed air required for incineration (at 7 bars) is supplied by an inbuilt Atlas Copco compressor. There are coupling flanges for feeding in diesel oil and sludge (waste oil).

Water purification

The company delivers complete water treatment systems designed for entire camps. We also offer integrated solutions for our different products, such as kitchen, laundry and sanitary containers. These units include: A hydrostatic system and deliming system. A UV system and an emergency chlorination system are also available as options (UV system comes standard with kitchen installations). These units are designed for continuous operation.

Camp Supply International (CSI)

  • Røraskogen 12 NO 3739, Skien, Norway
  • +47 35 59 81 60
  • +47 35 59 81 61
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