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JOTNE EPM TECHNOLOGY, specializes in products developed to fully implement the EXPRESS data modeling language which supports most international product data technology standards, including ISO 10303. Jotne EPM Technology is a leader in the development of standards-based software products specializing:

  • Product Data Exchange
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Long-term data & product OAIS archiving
  • Data validation & verification, code checking
  • Rules based data modeling
  • Cross-platform data sharing

EPM products ensure that the data is available and usable regardless of the hardware or software system being used. They also ensure that the data is accessible and stored securely for the life of the product and beyond, if necessary. Products from EPM Technology can be used for data modeling, application development, data management and quality assurance.

They are used worldwide to facilitate cost-effective business practices ranging from concurrent engineering to cost control to electronic commerce. Jotne EPM Technology is a member of the Jotne Group of mechanical engineering and production companies.


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Kjell Bengtsson
+47 2 317 1700
VP Marketing & Sales
+47 2 317 1701
Grenseveien 107, N-0663, Oslo, Norway


The suite of products, called EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM), is designed to meet the needs of engineering and manufacturing enterprises to accurately and reliably exchange and share technical data about a product with colleagues, customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other business partners. Express Data Manager™ (EDM) is a suite of tools that provides:

  • Secure multi-user access and version control
  • Direct use of standardised data models without having to re-map to a relational database
  • EXPRESS-X data manipulation language which allows the automated transformation of large (several 100 MBytes) data sets from one data structure to another • Implementing and validating business rules using built-in rule interpreter
  • Full support for STEP XML (ISO10303-28 ed. 2), Step P21, CSV and other tabular formats
  • All EDM functionality including mappings, queries and rules can be accessed via C, C++, Java, .NET bindings to EDM.


A Product Model Server capable of storing all data for complex systems, including native support for any standard data model, like IFC, STEP, PLM/PLCS or Reference Data Libraries.


Jotne EPM Technolgy offers EDMmodelServer˙ to host a Building Information Model, BIM. Either you need to archive as-built models, exchange interoperable information between trades when designing or checking BIM according to rules given by physical laws, building authorities or company-specific knowledge databases or procedures.

The EDMmodelServer˙ is where data is stored in the open buildingSMART standards. The company's solutions provide efficiency to a project or process. Based on Express and ifc, rules, queries and mappings can create validations and checks. It can be extracted and merged with partial models to find the data needed for decision-making.

If a softwareprovider to the building and construction industy, make sure software seamlessly exchanges the information the client needs to provide to the building project or maintaining process.

Product informational files


The EDMmodelMigrator™ supports a company in migrating their data from a legacy data system to a different product data support environment, such as a PLM and BIM systems.

A systems analyst application to document the gaps and requirements in migration and exchange projects.


A comprehensive package of tools for all users of EXPRESS - application developers, system integrators, data modelers, etc.


A complete tool for creating and visualizing data models based on the graphical notation EXPRESS-G.


Quickly and easily uses EXPRESS-X to convert data from one EXPRESS schema to another.


Validates a data set and ensures that it conforms to all rules and constraints defined in one or more EXPRESS schemata.

Jotne EPM Technology

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