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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

TALLER INDUSTRIAL SUPER, is a Colombian company specializing in the manufacture and repair of spare parts made of all kinds of materials for the automotive and general industry:

  • Steel parts,
  • Stainless steel parts,
  • Copper parts,
  • Brass parts,
  • Aluminum parts,
  • Industrial plastics (Empack and Teflon).

TALLER INDUSTRIAL SUPER was founded in 1991 in Cali and today has more than 30 years of experience in the general industry. The Company specializes in the design and development, as well as machining of parts, namely, maintenance parts, precision parts, serial parts and industrial accessories, among others. The Company is equipped with advanced equipment, drills, lathes, mills, hydraulic presses and special welding equipment, as well as revolver lathes that allow for the mass production of components with a maximum diameter of one inch.


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Contact info #1

Clemente Murillo Velez
+57 2 443 4349
General Manager
+57 2 381 6997
Carrera 12a #33b-10, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Contact info #2

Adolfo Murillo
+57 2 443 4349
Sales Manager
+57 2 381 6997
Carrera 12a #33b-10, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Machining Services

TALLER INDUSTRIAL SUPER offers machining services with the support of specialized machinery, namely 2 conventional lathes, 2 revolver lathes, 1 conventional milling machine and 1 Samsung CNC lathe for machining and turning up to 510mm and 290mm respectively.

• Lathe cutting services,
• Drilling services,
• Hydraulic press services,
• Welding services,
• Milling services.

Spare Parts

TALLER INDUSTRIAL SUPER specialises in the manufacture of spare parts for the general and automotive industries:

• Zinc plated steel parts,
• Zinc plated dowel pins & screws,
• Special zinc plated parts,
• Zinc & chromed bolts, nuts, pins,
• Manometer support,
• Aluminum parts (knobs, studs),
• Brass nuts (with hex allen wrench),
• Special fittings,
• Spare parts made of bronze,
• Hinges (autoparts),
• Hinges & screws in ss 316,
• General fixings in stainless steel,
• Nozzles & other concealed hinges in stainless steel,
• Special bolts,
• Plastic parts (Empack),
• Galvanized parts.


Among TALLER INDUSTRIAL SUPER’s most prominent clients are:


• DITE S.A.,


Taller Industrial Super

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