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QUIRURGICOS ESPECIALIZADOS S.A. (QUIRUTEK), after years of experience and research in the field of orthopedic and trauma implants, has developed products that meet international regulatory standards, using innovative processes and excellent quality raw materials.

QUIRUTEK has established processes and procedures following the parameters of the standards ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

The Company is committed to designing and developing devices that contribute effectively to the treatment of bone diseases. The products manufactured by QUIRUTEK are the result of the cooperative and mutual effort of the manufacturing and research team with expertise in materials, and experience in the design and development of medical devices.




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Jose Gabriel Jaimes
+57 7 645 9996
General Manager
+57 7 632 3735
Boulevar Bolivar 15-48 15-52 Colombia, Bucaramanga, Santader, Colombia

IBD Nailing System

An IBD nailing system is indicated for a long bone fracture treatment. Its design integrates a wide range of solutions into one system, reducing instruments and implant inventory:

  • Femoral Nail (Anterograde and retrograde approach),
  • Femoral Supracondylar Nail ( Retrograde approach),
  • Femoral Trochanteric Nail,
  • Tibial Nail,
  • Ankle Nail.

QUIRURGICOS ESPECIALIZADOS S.A. (QUIRUTEK)’s products have been shown to be an effective alternative in the treatment of diseases for which they are indicated. The Company is constantly monitoring their performance in the market, to ensure that they meet physicians’ and patients’ needs, providing confidence, support, assistance and positive results.

Quirurgicos Especializados S.A.

  • Boulevar Bolivar 15 48  15 52, Santader, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • (57)(7) 671 39 86
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