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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

DATA WARE SISTEMAS - DW SISTEMAS, is a Colombian company dedicated to the provision of advanced IT and IP telephony services and solutions, as well as to the sale and repair of hardware and software applications.

The Company is constantly investing in R&D using it as the source for its product development and in-house staff training to new technologies. DATA WARE - DW SISTEMAS is a fast growing company and has already developed a significant list of clients across many industries and market sectors.

DATA WARE - DW SISTEMAS is supported by an experienced team of engineers, programmers and technicians, able to provide an extensive portfolio of customized IT products and services, according to clients’ needs and requirements and using the latest technology and applied knowledge.


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Contact info #1

Juan Carlos Mejia
+57 4 409 9500
Commercial Manager
+57 4 250 1285
Calle 32F N 76-61, Medellin, Colombia

IT Services

DW SISTEMAS is offering variety of IP services:

  • Video Conference Services,
  • Data Channel Services,
  • Internet Services nationwide,
  • Back-Up and Colocation Services on their Proprietary Data Center Infrastructure.
  • Custom Software Development on any Database and Programming Languages, such as SQL, Oracle, Posgress, NET, Java, Visual Basic, C + +, C Sharp, etc.,
  • Web Hosting and Email Services,
  • Web Payment Software,
  • Virtual Appliance Development,
  • GPS Services (Positioning, Georeferencing, Geomarketing, Fleet and Route Management, Data Transmission Network Services),
  • Network, Information System and Data Transmission Design, Installation, Configuration and Commissioning,
  • Custom Mobile Applications.

Web Hosting Services

DATAWARE - DW SISTEMAS is offering advanced web hosting services, according to customers’ specific needs and requirements. The Company is equipped with servers and terminals with multiple operating systems and offers a 24/7 support to its clients, enabling a client-server environment.

IP Telephony Equipment & Solutions

DATAWARE - DW SISTEMAS is offering a variety of IP Telephony equipment and solutions, namely:

  • Asterisk Digium Cards,
  • Sangoma Cards,
  • Handy Tones,
  • Gateways,
  • Integrated IP Platforms. (Sale and Rent),
  • Data Channels,
  • IP Video Conference (using CLEARONE).

The Company is also an authorized distributor of leading IP Telephony brands, such as:

  • GRANDSTREAM (GXP-1400, GPX-2110, Gateways and ATA Models),
  • SNOM,
  • CISCO (IP Telephony based on Asterisk).

Sale & Repair of Hardware & Software

DW SISTEMAS is an authorized distributor of hardware and software:

  • Sale and Repair of Dot-Matrix, Injection, Laser and Led Printers, such as EPSON, LEXMARK, HP, PANASONIC, OKIDATA, etc.,
  • Sale and Distribution of Power Regulators, UPS, etc. and various brands, such as DYSAN, IMATION, SONY, TOKAT, MEMORIES, VERVATIM, etc.,
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services,
  • Sale and Repair of IBM and HP Equipment,


Among DATAWARE - DW SISTEMAS most distinguished clients are:


• Tennis S.A.,
• Fondo De Garantias De Antioquia,
• Cueros Velez,
• Enlace Operativo,
• Grupo Afin farmacéutica,
• Cárnicos del Pacífico (Dogger),
• Laboratorios Reumalab,
• Coninsa Ramon H,
• Microcad,
• Humax pharmaceutical,
• Celured,
• Clinica San Juan de Dios de la Ceja,
• Aerolíneas Tampa,
• Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera,
• Alcaldía De La Ceja,
• Alcaldía De Barbosa,
• Alcaldía De Fredonia,
• Arrendamientos Envigado,
• Banacol,
• Carisma E.S.E.,
• Casa De La Cultura Salgar,
• Colanta,
• Colegio Mayor De Antioquia,
• Comvel S.A.,
• Clínica Ces,
• Contraloría General,
• El Mundo,
• Empresa De Desarrollo Urbano EDU,
• Empresas Públicas De Medellín,
• Fundación EPM,
• Gobernación De Antioquia,
• Industrias Colibrí S.A.,
• Industrias Vera S.A.,
• Ingeniería Total,
• Instituto De Los Seguros Sociales,
• Hospital De Barbosa,
• Hospital De Caramanta,
• Hospital De Copacabana,
• Hospital De Concordia,
• Hospital De La Ceja,
• Hospital General De Medellín,
• Hospital Zamora,
• Hospital Rosalpi De Bello,
• Hospital San Juan De Dios De Concordia,
• Hospital San Fernando De Amagá,
• Hospital San Juan De Dios De Sonsón,
• Inmobiliaria Jaime Y Asociados,
• La Nación S.A.,
• Liceo José María Córdoba,
• Litografía Berna,
• Metroalarmas,
• Metroseguridad,
• Mueblerías Unidas LDTA,
• Municipio De Caramanta,
• Municipio De Fredonia,
• Municipio De Jericó,
• Municipio De La Ceja,
• Municipio De Medellín,
• Municipio De Rionegro,
• Municipio De Salgar,
• Premac S.A.,
• Protokímica S.A.,
• Repostería Astor,
• Secretaría De Agricultura,
• Secretaría De Educación Y Cultura,
• Secretaría De Hacienda,
• Secretaría De Recursos Humanos,
• Servicrédito S.A.,
• Sofasa S.A.,
• Tabacos Rubios De Colombia,
• Tecsel,
• Terpel,
• Transportes Cuartas,
• Transportes Trial S.A.,
• Universidad De Antioquia,
• Valorización Departamental.


Data Ware Sistemas

  • Calle 32F N 76 61, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 (4) 448-3282 / 605-2203
  • +57 (4) 409-9508
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