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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

DE LAPICES A COHETES, was established in 2006. It is a design firm, dedicated to assist clients in product development and innovation driven projects in terms of design, engineering and investigation.

The Company’s team, consists primarily of Product Design Engineers who thanks to their studies and experience in the design and engineering projects have gained the ability to manage multidisciplinary projects in the science sector.


DE LAPICES A COHETES aims to solve problems through integral design solutions with a high degree of innovation and quality from a technical, aesthetic, functional, environmental, productive and secure point of view, taking into account the client needs in national and international markets.

DE LAPICES A COHETES counts on the support of a pool of professionals that complement them with their knowledge in different design processes. Passion, compromise and responsibility are key elements that are always present and combined with team work can offer innovative and high quality solutions. Because of market competition, companies have to differentiate themselves to be successful. Innovative project development is a key strategy to achieve this.


• Project management experience,
• Creativity and innovation,
• Working together with the company as a team,
• A outside point of view,
• Interdisciplinary skills in integral projects,
• Optimisation of products by reducing production costs and applying design tools (Design for X),
• Freeing companies from having an in-house R+D department,
• Increase of sales through product improvement, having in mind the requirements of the company and the client,
• Improvement of the reputation of the client company though the provision of high quality services.

Contact info #1

Juan Ignacio Correa
+57 4 354 1813
Administrative Manager
Cra. 37 No 8A-96, Medellin, Colombia

Contact info #2

Esteban Gonzalez
+57 4 354 1813
Engineering Director
Cra. 37 No 8A-96, Medellin, Colombia

Design Services

DE LAPICES A COHETES increases companies’ sales by developing feasible products of excellent quality, high innovation and appropriate for consumers, combining the following elements:

• Material science and manufacturing processes.
• Reduction of costs and manufacturing times.
• Aesthetics – ergonomics – context – user.

In project development the company offers the following services:

• State of the art research & development.
• Design (shape, mechanic and electronic) services.
• 3D modelling using CAM/CAE software.
• Design and technical drawings.
• Manufacture of specialized prototypes for small production batches.
• Product testing (function, impact, chemical, physical characteristics, etc.).
• Exploratory market research.
• Management and setting up of products/projects.

E3 – Personal Electric Vehicle

Personal electric vehicle designed to be used as a means of transportation on the city bike-ways.


• Innovative design,
• Balanced steering,
• Great battery power (1HP and 3hours per charge at 18km/h),
• Can be manufactured entirely in Colombia.

CNC Open Source Milling Machine

  • Developed for the manufacturing company
  • Development of a CNC open source milling machine, made completely out of local materials and manufacturing processes.

The machine can be manufactured in a workshop with basic tools and is suitable for 500mm x 500mm x 500mm surfaces.

Its design implements standard materials and off-the-shelf parts, this way it can be manufactured in a workshop with less sophisticated tools. The technical drawings and software are open source and can be downloaded from the internet at no cost.

Open source software allows people who manufacture the machinery to make improvements in its design, manufacturing processes and performance.

VR Window Augmented Reality

Developed for the Eafit University, this device allows users to visualise a virtual object (in this case the human body or the Aburra Valley) using moving monitors that act as an augmented reality device.

This machine includes a “light table” with reference patterns that locate a virtual object using a camera behind the VR Window monitor.


• 1/8” steel structure with 4 monitors
• Pulleys with counterweights to give 3D movement to the monitors
• HP flat screen monitor with 6mm polycarbonate protection
•  “Light table” dimensions 2.3m x 1.7m

Rocker Buggy

Rocker Buggy is a robotic platform designed to carry sensors and components for research purposes.


  • It’s able to travel over any type of terrain (ATV),
  • Due to its articulated design, it remains balanced even when its wheels are in an unstable position,
  • Traction on all wheels,
  • Light and strong materials,
  • Aluminum chassis,
  • PVC, nitrile and polyurethane wheels.


Digital multifunctional wall switch that allows for the location of lost objects. DOV’É is a house wall switch that makes users’ lives easier, assisting them in locating objects, reminding them of appointments or important messages and activities.


• Dimensions: 145mm x 80mm,
• Space saving (integrates devices),
• Cost reduction (six devices in one),
• Activity scheduling,
• Easy installation in several home locations,
• Contrast adjustment,
• Voice recording (60sec),
• Real-time clock and electronic alarm,
• 20–60mt range 433 MHz radio frequency transmitter,
• 8Ω / 0. 5W speaker and incorporated microphone,
• Weight: 500g approximately,
• Input: 110V – 60Hz,
• ABS Μaterials.

Core Equipment & Capabilities

DE LAPICES A COHETES is equipped with advanced machinery, such as:

• MIG Welding Machinery,
• Grinding Machinery,
• CAD, CAM, CAE software, among others.

Projects & Clients

During the past years, DE LAPICES A COHETES has carried out projects for entities and companies, such as:


• Virtual Engineering,
• The Colombian Air Force,
• Industrias Estra,
• EAFIT University,
• Enmedio S.A.


The Company has also collaborated with companies abroad such as Virtual Engineering and for the development of an open source CNC milling machine, produced using local materials and processes.


De Lapices A Cohetes

  • Cll. 2 No 66–45 Barrio Mayorca, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 (4) 5 89 86 32
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