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MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS COLOMBIA S.A.S., is a world class company specialized in the production and marketing of electrical energy accumulators. The Company is recognized for its expertise and competence in the delivery of high quality energy accumulators.


MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS COLOMBIA S.A.S. aims to satisfy the requirements of the market for electrical energy accumulators in a work environment that reflects a high level of expertise, creating an added value for their clients, shareholders and suppliers.


The Company aims to be a world class company in the production and commercialization of energy accumulators, recognized for its teamwork environment, continental leadership and harmonic and integral development.

MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS COLOMBIA S.A.S., as a manufacturer and seller of electrical energy accumulators (lead-acid batteries), is committed to environmental protection and has developed its own processes and management systems so as to satisfy the requirements of its clients.

MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS COLOMBIA S.A.S., produces batteries for vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers. More than 40% of the vehicles assembled in the Andean Region come from the most important Japanese, American and European vehicle manufacturers.


• IQNET ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
• IQNET ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System,
• OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System,
• ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System,
• ISO 28000:2007 Security Management System for the Supply Chain.


MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS S.A.S. is committed to environmental protection by guaranteeing the appropriate recycling of the used batteries at the end of their life cycle. For this, the Company is equipped with a modern recycling plant for the conversion of used batteries into raw material.


• Integrity,
• Teamwork,
• Service,
• Leadership,
• Competitiveness,
• Global attitude.




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Diego Mejia Castro
+57 2 691 1800
Deputy Manager
+57 2 684 5196
Carrera 35 No 10-300, Acopi Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


MAC POWER PACK is an energy accumulator designed in accordance with the most advanced technical specifications. It is the battery with the best electrical efficiency and adaptation to climate conditions.

Each one of its materials and components are submitted to strict quality controls during the production stages resulting in batteries that fulfil all international quality regulations and automotive requirements.


• Easy installation and changing,
• Greater strength against corrosion and overcharging,
• Minimum gasification and loss of water,
• Minimum discharge and greater ability to withstand higher temperatures,
• Greater resistance to vibration,
• Reinforced lead-calcium-silver alloys,
• Increased life-cycle,
• Flame attenuator to prevent any type of explosion,
• Automatic casting system for a better sealing between the parts.

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Mac-Johnson Controls Colombia S.A.S.

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