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MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A., is a Colombian customs agency, founded in 1997 and dedicated to the import and export of goods and cargo. MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. is equipped with customs brokers and 10 warehouses, most of them located in the free zones in Bogota, Cali and Medellin. The company is a strong player in the airfreight, ocean, as well as cargo import and export and offers personalized services and expedited solutions to logistics problems, using high technology, and customer oriented practices.

The Bureau is engaged in the administration and collection of customs duties, the handling of customs duty disputes, and the taxation of international trade, offering tailor made solutions that meet customer needs and requirements.


MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. manages logistics processes with responsibility and safety, through knowledge, innovation and technology, generating growth and profitability to customers and shareholders.


The Bureau aims to be recognized in Colombia as a logistics operator and a comprehensive solutions provider with value added services to its customers.


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Contact info #1

Andres Arango
+57 5 369 4141
General Manager
+57 5 368 0671
Calle 76 N? 54-11, Oficina 406, edificio World Trade Center, Barranquilla, Colombia

Customs Services

MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. is offering international customs services tailored to customers’ needs and requirements:

  • Customs processing comprehensive management,
  • Strategic advice on import and export requirements (tariff classification, origin certificates, licenses and clearances),
  • International Physical Distribution cost analysis,
  • Special regimes administration,
  • Training services.


  • Less nationalization,
  • Tracking and other online services,
  • Import declarations available through the web,
  • Automatic alerts and term expiration notifications.

Storage Services

MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. offers additional value added services to its customers:

  • Merchandise logistics solutions,
  • Online inventory management,
  • Picking and packing (detailed order enlistment),
  • Packaging and repackaging services,
  • Labeling services,
  • Assembly services,
  • Invoice services,
  • Quality control services,
  • Cross docking services,
  • Distribution services,
  • Consulting and training services.


  • Online tracking and inventory control services,
  • Supply chain optimization,
  • Transfer of fixed to variable costs,
  • Business adaptation to customers’ needs,
  • Flexibility in using different distribution centers according to customers’ needs.

Transportation Services

MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. strives to be a leader in the management and transportation of goods, through highly trained and committed personnel:

  • Import and export air transportation,
  • Import and export sea transportation,
  • Loose cargo transportation,
  • Project cargo transportation,
  • Special freight transportation.


  • Door to door services,
  • Logistics and transport options,
  • Competitive prices.

Free Zone Regime

MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A. aims to become a leader in offering free zone transportation services:

  • Partial exits on production processes,
  • Parts integration and assembly,
  • Termination of temporary import regimes,
  • Customs transits,
  • Re-exports and Re-shipment services,
  • Logistics services.


  • Cash flow optimization,
  • Ability to maintain inventories,
  • Shipping mistakes correction,
  • No reshipment charges,
  • No reshipment policy,
  • Favorable tariff subheadings.

SOUL Software

SOUL is a logistics operating system and a comprehensive tool for the management of MAGNUM LOGISTICS S.A.’s business activities. SOUL offers additional online services, such as shipping and airfreight cargo tracking, portfolio consultation, online shipping information and customs clearance requests, as well as other general online support services (legal documentation, etc.).

Magnum Logistics S.A.

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