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GRUPO ATLAS LTDA., is a family business officially founded in 1976 and working for the footwear industry since 1937. It evolved its “know how” from the time when shoes were manufactured with handicraft methods, until it became a company known for its high technology processes.

The Company has a large experience in participating in government tenders at a local and national level, as well as in supplying industrial companies in Bogota. Nowadays, GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. is a manufacturer of military footwear for the Colombian Military Forces and also of the finest footwear in Colombia, with worldwide recognition and outstanding quality and performance, thanks to the Goodyear Welted footwear process it applies.

The Company is an active member of the Satra Footwear Technology Centre and participates in activities sponsored by the footwear industry in Colombia. GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. also manufactures work boots and specialized sports footwear (horseback riding boots, golf shoes, motocross boots, etc.).

In the military field, it manufactures low temperature boots (below 0°C), used by military forces in high mountains, as well as water proof boots for jungle and humid areas. GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. has been developing contacts in the international market, exporting to countries, such as Ecuador, Peru and Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. Besides the trademark “Calzado Atlas”, the Company also owns the trademark “Calzado York”.


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Gabriel Fonseca
+57 405 4111, +57 405 0891
General Manager
+57 1 405 4112
Calle 17 No. 68 B 68, Bogota, Colombia

Military Footwear

GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. tests its products and materials according to national and international military regulations.

It also collaborates closely with the national sector, offering these services to the footwear, leather and similar industries. Colombia has one of the military footwear manufacturing plants with the greatest technological development in Latin America, which has been internationally acknowledged.

Motorcycle Footwear

GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. manufactures high quality boots and accessories for motorcyclists, such as metal toe caps and reflective stripes, that are easy to use and of great performance.

Industrial Footwear

The Company’s industrial line has been evaluated by different companies of the Latin American industrial sector, to which GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. has contributed with the development of high quality products and processes.

Medical Footwear

GRUPO ATLAS LTDA. serves the health sector with a unique medical footwear line created with soft materials and finishes that accomplishes the requirements of the sector.

Leisure Footwear

The Company’s leisure footwear is characterised by comfort, versatility and nice appearance and is appreciated by important private and governmental entities.

Sports Collection

GRUPO ATLAS LTDA.’s elegant sports footwear is suitable for horse-riding, golf and other sports.

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LPE Testing Laboratory

The LPE Testing Laboratory offers its services to the footwear, leather and derived industries, counting on technical resources and qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

The LPE Testing Laboratory performs testing according to national and international regulations, which satisfy customers’ needs, under the strictest confidentiality.

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Grupo Atlas Ltda.

  • Calle 17 No. 68 B 68, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 405 4111, +57 405 0891
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