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TYCO ELECTRONICS NORGE A.S., is a leading global supplier of engineered electronic components, network solutions, specialty products and undersea telecommunication systems to customers in more than 150 countries.

The Aerospace, Defense & Marine Business Unit supplies components which are used in both space and deep sea applications and which are adapted to the specific environmental conditions. With the company's global sales, engineering, production and logistics network, it actively supports the development of new airplanes, ships and defense solutions for its customers and their supplier industries in a global organizational framework.

The product portfolio includes passive electronic components, such as cables, connector systems and relays as well as harness protection systems geared to match the most demanding military and civilian profiles.

Aerospace, Defense & Marinemain Product Groups: 

  • Interconnect
  • Harness Protection
  • Wire & Cable
  • Relay

Areas of application: 

  • Passive electronics inside the box
  • Box input/output and box chassis products
  • Products for environmental-controlled conditions within the platform
  • Products for hazardous areas
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Contact info #1

Terje Brathen
+47 90 97 50 10
Sales Manager/Global Aerospace, Defence & Marine
+47 66 77 88 55
P.O. Box 74 NO-1378 Nesbru, Norway


Tyco Electronics manufactures a wide variety of antennas to support applications ranging from automotive GPS and cellular telephones to RFID and aerospace/defense systems.

The company produces embedded antennas for use from 400 MHz to 6 GHz, predominantly for voice, data Bluetooth applications using stamped metal, pc board and molded plated plastic (MID) designs.

Tyco's automotive multi-band antennas combine several functions such as GPS, cellular, PCS and SDARS i none compact, attractive unit. It produced high reliability military and aerospace antennas for use from 20 MHz to 40 GHz to support applications ranging from missile guidance and electronic warfare to aviation and space.


Wire and Cable Products: The company provides highly engineered wire and cable solutions to the data transmission, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, industrial, medical, rail and marine markets.

Tyco's products are engineered to meet or exceed the most rigorous technical specifications. The company offer an axtremely broad range of cable, encompassing everything from UTP and PVC ribbon cables to fire-resistant cable, SCSI and IEEE 1394 computer styles, and NASA-spec and other space-application types. The company's products are capable of performing from -100° to +260° Celsius.

Product informational files


EMC cable glands and locknuts. Nylon cable glands are designed with anti-vibration top caps that assist in areas where vibration could be a problem. Nickel plated EMC cable glands and locknuts are designed with EMC requirements in mind.

The glands are IP68 and offer full 360° shielding and come complete with a specially designed locknut and installation instructions.


EPD Cables Tyco Electronics can quickly design cables to exact specifications, using the Computer aided design (CAD) programme. Lightweight marine cables can be built to specific configurations, with the exact number of circuits needed, and with optimised braid design. Cable jackets meet most industry standards for flammability, abrasion, and chemical resistance, and are also available in low-smoke, low-halogen materials.

C-Lite Cables Tyco Electronics materials technology and expertise in processing allows the use of thinwall insulation systems. The use of Zerohal crosslinked cable jacket completes the product offering. C-Lite cable products can offer significant size and weight reduction, when compared to conventional insulation systems, while at the same time meeting key criteria such as low fire hazard performance and mechanical robustness.

Tethers & Umilical Cables

By combining compact, concentric conductors with tough engineered polymer insulation and sheathing systems and superior high strength armour packages, Tyco/Raychem 'umbilical' cables provide higher current and voltage ratings with a smaller diameter. This enables operators to save operating costs, reduce operational downtime and perform at greater operating depths, as the winch drum and associated equipment can hold longer lengths of cable. In addition, the reduced cable size can be used to minimise the winch drum size in the first place. Similar principles can be applied to 'tether' cable designs where the reduced bundle diameter leads to less water displacement and means that the thickness of the low density outer sheath can be reduced whilst still achieving neutral bouyancy. This allows longer cable lengths to be deployed without modification to the tether management system.


Wireless communication: M/A-COM is a leading developer and manufacturer of RF and microwave semiconductors, components, and subsystems for wireless communications. M/A-COM's broad array of products has applications in cellular telephones and infrastructure networks, wireless local area networks (WLANs), telemetry and other remote data-gathering applications, radio frequency identification (RFID), interactive CATV, vehicle sensors, LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and mobile communications.

The products include semiconductor devices, RF integrated circuits, passive and control devices, antennas subsystems and systems.


Tyco Electronics is the largest manufacturer of passive electronic components worldwide. In addition, Tyco Electronics is a leader in the following active components areas:

  • Active wireless and fiber optic components and systems
  • Complete power systems
  • Premise wiring
  • High-end printed circuit board technologies


The company is a blobal power and components provider with a wide-ranging service capability, provisioning many of the world's largest, most demanding communications, computer and data networking companies.

Tyco Electronics Power Systems has the capability to engineer, supply and install power products worldwide. This service allows customers to obtain complete turnkey solutions. As a manufacturer of high- quality AC-DC and DC-DC power solutions, its products have earned a reputation for reliability and innovative technology. Tyco is uniquely positioned to help increase the efficiency of the producs or networks, and reduce operational costs.


Tyco Electronics offers a wide range of magneto-inductive sensors for non-contact detection of diverse mechanical parameters such as position, switching, angle, motor speed and rotation. The PLCD (Permanent Magnetic Linear Contactless Displacement) sensors operate on the magnetic induction principle, and hence are non-contact and wear-free.

They are especially suited for automotive and industrial applications. Thanks to their compact size, multiple control options and customized design of the magnetic circuit, the sensors can be matched to almost any requirement. The company also offers radar-based sensors which find use in automotive cruise control and parking aid/blind spot detection applications.


Tyco Electronics can provide virtually any type of switch you need. From miniature printed circuit board mounted DIP switches to rugged oil-tight switches for industrial controls, it provides reliable, cost-effective performance.

ALCOSWITCH products also include knobs, boots, caps and accessories.

Tyco Electronics Norge A.S.

  • Holmeng 24, NO 1378, Nesbru, Norway
  • +47 6 677 88 50
  • +47 6 677 88 55
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