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Arabian Light Metals, is a leading extruder of aluminium architectural profiles with 30 years of manufacturing experience. The company's plant has a monthly capacity of more than 600 tons of extruded aluminium. Its production operations consist of 13,000 square meters of manufacturing and warehouse space and machineries. This includes two extrusion presses capable of extruding any of the 6063 grade aluminium alloys from the very simple to the very complex.

In addition to its vast extrusion capacity, the company features in-house capabilities, incorporating the latest in:

  • Die Manufacturing,
  • Anodizing,
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating,
  • Wood Finish,
  • Thermal Break,
  • Aluminium Recycling and,
  • Waste Management Technologies.

From extrusion to the finished product, Arabian Light Metals ensures the quality of the entire process.

The company has a vast inventory of over 5,000 industry standard dies. Standard aluminium extrusion tolerances both old and new will apply unless specifically waived by mutual agreement. The company continues to specialize in difficult, tight tolerance applications that rival many machined features.

Arabian Light Metals Co. - الشركة العربية للمعادن الخفيفة - Pictures

Arabian Light Metals Co. - الشركة العربية للمعادن الخفيفة

  • Plot 57, Area 6 East Ahmadi Industrial, Area Ahmadi, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 398 5210
  • +965 2 398 4925
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