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The Kuwait International Advanced Industries Company K.S.C. (KAI), manufactures an extensive range of pipes and fittings for industrial and domestic fluid management. Locally manufactured with technical assistance from the international standards, the company's pipes and fittings are made of the highest quality raw materials and by means of the latest technology and machinery.

Therefore the company ensures its customers that they can rely on a product with a proven local and global record of excellence. Combined with its flexible marketing strategy, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the basic raw material for the manufacturing of KAI pipes. Over the past few decades polyethylene technology has evolved until today the company has an excellent copolymer of ethylene, with butane, pentene and hexane with a design stress improving from 5Mpa, 6.3Mpa to 8Mpa. The density is approximately 950-960 kg/m3. This improved resin has an expected lifetime of 100 years. KAI offers two kinds of pipes for advanced and integrated leak free systems:

  • KAI Corrugated Pipes for gravity networks,
  • KAI Solidwall Pipes for pressure networks,
  • KAI also offers fittings for both networks.


Kuwait International Advanced Industries Co. - الشركة الكويتية العالمية للصناعات المتطورة

  • Western Shuaiba P.O. Box 9028 Al-Ahmadi 61001 State of Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 23263047/6/2
  • +965 2 326 3043
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