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Combined Group Contracting Company (CGC), was established in 1965 in Kuwait as a limited liability company with a total paid capital of KD 7,500 (approx. $28,000 USD). With perseverance, diligent work, non-stop development and improvement, a focus on quality and customer satisfaction the company became a publicly traded shareholding company with a paid up capital of KD 10,629,366 (approx. $37 million USD).

With total revenues in 1965 KD 50,000 (approx. $185,000 USD) to over KD 110 million (approx. $480,000,000 USD) in 2010, CGC has moved from strength to strength over the last four decades. The Company's staff currently reaches over 4,000 employees in Kuwait, among whom are some of the finest names in the contracting and engineering industry in the Arab world.

The Company's activities now span in the Oil Sector as a main contractor for pipelines for companies such as Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC), the Kuwait National Petroleum Co. and the Joint Operations (JO).

"We look forward to serving you on a more permanent basis in a few more countries in the gulf region soon"


To ensure that customers receive cost effective services of the highest quality standards by preparing the required technical and economic plans employing the latest innovative technologies and management techniques. To invest in and maintain a strategic partnership with its customers that will form the cornerstone of the Company's future.


The Company's vision is to be one of the top ten contracting companies in the Gulf region over the coming decade, and to continue providing contracting services of unrivalled quality and reliability to its customers.


  • Undertaking general contracting, mechanical, sanitary and construction works projects and related services,
  • Producing asphalt and ready mix concrete locally,
  • Importing various kinds of building materials,
  • Executing painting and decoration works,
  • Practicing trade and packing of cement, sand and related materials,
  • Owning fleets of heavy & light vehicles and equipment to carry on various operations,
  • Representing other companies including its international collaborators/service providers in the public and private sector tenders,
  • Executing projects in Kuwait or abroad on its own or as part of a partnership,
  • Taking over any organization which maybe deemed fit or to acquire such companies as subsidiaries.
Combined Group Co. - شركة المجموعة المشتركة للتجارة و المقاولات - PicturesCombined Group Co. - شركة المجموعة المشتركة للتجارة و المقاولات - Pictures 2Combined Group Co. - شركة المجموعة المشتركة للتجارة و المقاولات - Pictures 3Combined Group Co. - شركة المجموعة المشتركة للتجارة و المقاولات - Pictures 4

Contact info #1

Abdullah M.T. Soukyieh
+965 2 225 4545
Financial Manager
+965 2 434 4680
Sulaibiya, Kabd, Plot 5,6,7,8, Kuwait

Contact info #2

Leena Ijhaish
+965 2 225 4545
M.A. (Leadership), USA, B.A. (Languages), Canada, Dip. Sc. Business Development Assistant Manager
+965 2 434 4680
Sulaibiya, Kabd, Plot 5,6,7,8, Kuwait

Oil Sector Services

Oil is the lifeblood of the Kuwaiti economy.. It is that singular natural resource which has allowed Kuwait to blossom into the energetic and forward looking country it is today. In Kuwait, the oil sector drives and motivates many tangential industries to support it. Combined Group Contracting Company in Kuwait diversified its activities to include contracting activities in support of the oil sector.
Today, CGC Kuwait is one of the dominant forces in pipe laying for the oil sector. The company has had several important successes in the field, perhaps the most important of which is the company safety track record, having been honored by the Joint Operations for achieving an injury free record of 2 million man-hours. The company was also recognized for its ability to bring in projects to conclusion in under the allotted time, a fact that proves the management’s commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Electrical & Mechanical Services

  • Pricing projects of various kinds and sizes both inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Implementation of electrical and mechanical works as and not limited to:
    • Supply,
    • Transport & Power distribution,
    • Street lighting,
    • Infrastructure,
    • Low current systems,
    • Renewable Energy Resource (solar system, wind system) projects and cathode protection as well as: air conditioning, Fire fighting, Plumbing, sewage & water supply works.


For the Roads & Infrastructure sector, CGC currently is executing several large projects in Kuwait and has the highest degree of specialization. In the construction sector, the company has completed the new Audit Bureau Building of Kuwait where now is executing the new campus of the applied education university.


The company has also just finished and demobilized the construction of the Jabber City government housing project in addition to a new one of Sabah Al-Ahmed City government housing project.


CGC in 2007 was able to successfully penetrate the power generation industry and was awarded a contract for the supply, erection, and 5 years operation and maintenance of a 305 Megawatts power plant in Subbiya, Kuwait. The phases of supply, erection has been completed in 2009 and now the maintenance contract is undergoing.


Supporting its contracting activities, CGC owns Asphalt Plants, Ready-Mix concrete batching plants and wide and diverse fleet ranging from heavy specialized equipment of light vehicles both in Qatar and Kuwait. While these mainly support its own operating divisions, the services center also caters to the market and supports other contractors as well.


With a dominant role in contracting in:


  • Kuwait,
  • Qatar, and
  • UAE.


CGC successfully executed projects in:


  • Iraq,
  • Oman,
  • Sudan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Indonesia,
  • Malaysia,
  • Tajikistan,
  • Georgia,
  • Magnolia and Uzbekistan.


Company's Main Clients

  • Ministry of Public Works (MPW),
  • Ministry of Electricty & Water,
  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry,
  • Ministry of Oil and Gas,
  • Kuwait Petroleum Company,
  • Kuwait National Guard,
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange,
  • Central Tenders Committee.


Combined Group Co. - شركة المجموعة المشتركة للتجارة و المقاولات

  • Block No. 2, Plot No. 284Al Ardiya Industrial, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • (965) 22254545
  • (965) 24344610 – (965) 24344686
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